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Fashion from the past: 18 old and truly scary costumes that will make a splash on Halloween


On the night of November 1, the whole world will celebrate Halloween or, as it is also called, the Eve of All Saints Day. It was originally known as Samhain, a Celtic festival held to mark the end of summer and the start of the colder months. In those days, people believed that the line between the two worlds that day became very thin, and the dead could walk on the ground.

Halloween's ominous atmosphere has captured the imagination of people for many centuries. This holiday continues to create intrigue and remains popular to this day.

Especially for you, we have collected 13 eerie and interesting facts about Halloween, one of the most sinister holidays.

5. Giant Rat

You can not bother with a suit at all, but wear a regular dress. And take a giant rat with you as an accessory. It will look especially cute when the rat periodically tries to drive its sharp teeth into the neck of the hostess.

Halloween Decorations & Costumes

The main symbol of Halloween is a pumpkin lantern. Buy a few medium sized ones. Cut the top of the pumpkin, scrub the flesh and seeds, cut out the eyes, mouth and nose. Then insert the candle inside and close the top cap.

How to celebrate Halloween

This lamp has received the name Jack-lantern. According to legend, an old blacksmith Jack wandered around the world with such a lantern, who could not die, since he was not taken to heaven or hell.

Place the lamps in the room in which you plan to spend your “Sabbath”. And put one pumpkin on the windowsill. Next put another candle and saucer with refreshments (meat and vegetables), this is for the departed ancestors. Halloween is celebrated on the eve of All Saints Day and is also considered the night of the commemoration of the dead.

In addition to pumpkin lights, you will need a large number of candles. Halloween electric lights are not welcome, but the room should be light enough. This will scare away evil spirits.

How to celebrate Halloween

Decorate the room at your own discretion or based on your chosen scenario. If you want to spend the "night of the living dead", transform the room into a crypt - with bats, images of coffins, spiders and bones scattered across the floor and table. And if you are planning a vampire party, then place glasses with tomato juice everywhere, remove the mirrors and tighten the furniture with a black cloth.

In general, the darker the room, the better. Therefore, you can add a couple of ghosts made from white sheets. Draw ghostly faces for the ghosts, for example, as in Edward Munch's Scream. Hang chokes on the chandelier and door handles. The rope loops soaring in the air look original - this effect can be created by tying them to helium balls of black color.

Now about how to look. It is best to have a themed costume party - ask the guests to dress in one style: witches and sorcerers, vampires and vampires, devils and demons or trolls and goblins, etc. This will be the reason for the competition for the best "outfit" in which everyone will be on an equal footing.

How to celebrate Halloween

By the way, in ancient times there were no special costumes. The Irish simply wore animal skins - so they disguised themselves as evil, so that she would take people “for their own” and not touch them.

What to cook for Halloween

How to celebrate Halloween

Evil spirits menu differs in special "sophistication": worms, heads, ears, several types of "blood": pure, as part of cocktails, warmed up. Replace the blood with tomato juice or red wine, and if one of the guests likes it hot, cook mulled wine.

You can make worms from chocolate or paste, or buy marmalade in the form of worms in the store. A “head” can be made from small hollowed pumpkins: fill the “skull” with cottage cheese, whipped with sour cream. Pig ears will easily pass for human ears - they are sold in Korean cuisine stores.

How to celebrate Halloween

For hot serve meat with blood and slightly roasted veal liver - a large, whole piece. From thin pita bread, soft cream cheese and olives, roll the roll and cut it so that you get “eyes”. Also, "eyeballs" can be made from mozzarella balls by inserting olives in them.

If you like to mess with the dough, then bake the “severed hands”. And to make them look more impressive, add finely chopped greens to the batch or, using blue food coloring, apply “corpse stains” to the finished product.

And do not forget to cook at least one pumpkin dish - This is not only a healthy dish, a tribute to tradition, but also a defense against evil spirits. To avoid bothering for a long time, boil pumpkin cream soup.

Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Take a kilogram of pumpkin pulp, 1 onion, 4 medium potatoes, 1 large carrot and 3-4 celery stalks. Cut everything into large pieces, fill with cold water and put on fire. When it boils, remove the foam, put the universal seasoning. Cook for 40 minutes over low heat, stirring occasionally. 10 minutes before cooking, add 1 teaspoon of dried marjoram (you can do without it). Then whip the soup with a blender, add 50 grams of butter, mix and let it boil again. When serving, season the servings with cream.

Halloween Scenarios

Take out the apple

Traditionally, it’s customary to play apples with Halloween, and few people know that another name for this holiday is “the night of floating apples”. Pour water into a basin, put some red fruits in it and invite guests to pull them out of the water with their tails with their teeth.

The winner says that each of the losers has to do - to crow, go for a run in the neighbors for “collecting tribute” (it’s customary to carol at Halloween). Or maybe kiss under the tail of a plush goat or make a love potion - fantasize! Better if you pre-write on the pieces of paper a kind of "forfeits", and the winner will simply get forfeits for everyone.

Room of fear

Another entertainment is the “room of fear”. In total darkness, make the guests put their hand into the “brains”, they will be successfully replaced by toothpaste, drink blood “from the throat” (pour juice or wine into an elongated balloon - let them bite and enjoy a drink). Invite your friends to fight snakes and spiders - soft toys thrown at guests can scare you if you set up your friends in advance to have all kinds of creeping reptiles living with you.

16. Costume as a story

Let the costume itself be a whole story for others. For example, you can use the costume of a butcher's butchered victim.

You can try to make masks that express such emotions as perseverance, curiosity, reverence. When people do not understand what facial expression means in a specific situation, they become scared.

18. Scary fat

Never underestimate how people are afraid of fat folds. All you need is a dozen or two tires and a bit of creativity.

In continuation of the theme on the eve of Halloween on our site, monsters carved from pumpkin. Real works of art.

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Dress like an old man

  1. 1 Remember a few key rules before you find the perfect outfit. Before you collect all the details of your outfit, there are rules that will help you achieve the right image.
  2. 2 * Do not forget about the layering, whether it be an old sweater for men, or a long cardigan for women. Old people are always cold and they like outerwear.
  3. 3 * All clothes should look as if they have been washed about a hundred times. Achieve a convincing and faded look.
  4. 4 * Any gender should have a white wig or sprinkle talcum powder on their hair to look gray. Men should think of a wig that will make them look bald. At least add gray hair to the hair roots by rubbing them with white / gray eyeshadow.
  5. 5 * Your outfit should be thought out, but look as if you just threw it.
  1. 1 Find out where to find the appropriate "old man" clothing. If you want to look like an old man, you will need to partially get dressed and know where to look. The right clothes will distinguish between people who like your outfit and those who ask who you dressed up for Halloween. Here are some suggestions:
  2. 2 * Ask your grandparents. The first and most obvious place to get the right clothes is to raid in your closet with your grandparents. Real old people will have real old clothes ..
  3. 3 * Just ask your grandparents if they have enough humor to appreciate your desire to look old. And even if they only allow you to look at their clothes, the clothes that you see will give you inspiration.
  4. 4 * Check out thrift stores or garage sales for old things. You can find a real treasure among nothing.
  5. 5 Dress like an old man. Dressing like an old man is easy, but you will need some work to find the perfect old man outfit. To find it, you will have to carefully consider everything you wear, from a hat to shoes. Here's what you need to do:
  6. 6 * Wear a thin white T-shirt or T-shirt with a mention of the retirement community or bingo league.
  7. 7 * The right knitted vest will tie the old man's outfit together.
  8. 8 * Wear short mustard, gray or brown trousers and pull them even higher with a pair of suspenders.
  9. 9 * Wear hats such as fedora, a worn baseball cap, and a straw hat. Regular loafers or orthopedic shoes will look great on their feet. Wear brown socks.
  10. 10 Dress like an old woman. To become the best old woman as possible, you must have the right outfit, shoes and accessories. Here are the things that will tie the image together:
  11. 11 * Wear pants, skirts, or dresses one size larger. The top should be a little lost and not very combined. Look for old dresses at home to see what works.
  12. 12 * Put on the tights, and do not show your legs, even if the outside is thirty-two degrees.
  13. 13 * Wear orthopedic shoes or old sneakers. Or if you are going to be a smart old woman, wear low fat heels. It would be nice to use an abundance of Velcro fasteners.
  14. 14 * If you are a woman, wear wide jewelry and an old bag of the usual size. Put food such as muffins and bananas in your bag and periodically offer them to people.
  15. 15 Do not underestimate the power of the right accessories or props. Your clothes will help to achieve similarities with the old man, but the right accessory or props will tie the outfit together and help people quickly guess your suit. Here are some tips for finding the right details and accessories:
    • Take a walker or cane if they do not annoy you.
  16. 16 * If you have big ambitions, think about getting a hearing aid, or make the earphone look like a hearing aid.
  17. 17 * Carry a jar of vitamins and offer them to people.

* Old people love gardening. Wear an empty watering can.

* When you become more advanced, take a look at latex. Latex can be applied to stretched skin, dry and if the skin is relaxed, it will make the skin even wrinkled. * Depending on what the goal is to look old, wrinkles and brightened hands may be appropriate. * The colors of the shadows and highlighter may vary depending on the lighting and where the audience is located. If it is dark or you are far away, use darker shadows and a lighter highlighter. For stage makeup, use a lot of dark purple for the shadow, and a light cream color for the highlighter.

  • Make sure that when you dress like an elderly person, it will be believable. Dress in neutral colors (not neon colors) and wear fake glasses.


* Check all makeup to make sure you are not allergic to it. Check it on the forearm or in the same sensitive place as the face. Testing on a hand or finger may be inaccurate.

  • Base, shadows and highlighter. Try Ben Nye or other theater makeup companies
  • Thin brush
  • Makeup pencil (eyeshadow and highlighter colors)
  • Makeup puff
  • Dotted Sponge
  • Puff
  • Clear powder
  • Photos of older people and older relatives.
  • senile clothes
  • old man's props