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TOP 5 best laptops for DJ ev and sound producers


A professional sound card, a powerful latest-generation 4-core processor from Intel, a graphics card integrated into the chip and a bunch of two large SSD disks that allow you to interact with any information at the speed of light - a list of requirements for a portable computer that can record, process and edit music is not too extensive.

There are only a few really important nuances, and even these can be changed using specialized assistance in the service center (we are talking primarily about changing drives, additional accessories and adding RAM). Alternative connectors can be obtained using adapters, well, and the lack of space and money can be dealt with using cloud storage. However, about all the nuances in order!

  • The basis. First of all, you should take care of a high-quality display, 13-14-15 inches in size, Full HD resolution and a matte surface that does not collect fingerprints or glare. The second important nuance is the processor. There are tons of options. Either Intel’s super-productive chip (i7) or younger brother represented by i The difference is, of course, tangible, but you can also save.

The lower threshold for “enough RAM” is 8 gigabytes. Below is already frivolous, above is too expensive, and even pointless. There are not so many programs capable of loading this amount of memory.

Internal storage is required in the face of a solid state drive! It is from the SSD disk that the operating system loads in ten seconds, and information in music editors is processed without delay.

The video card is not important at all. Enough and integrated chip - Intel HD Graphics (a similar choice for all dandies is only beneficial - the laptop does not overheat, weighs less, and also saves a lot of money).

  • Interfaces You should immediately prepare a bunch of USB ports for potential connection of instruments and additional sound recorders. If at the start in the laptop there is not even half of the required quantity, then you will have to order everything on the side. In addition, HDMI, VGA and several audio outputs are useful. But then you have to choose from the available options that fall under a potential set of characteristics.
  • Sizes. Of course, it’s not at all necessary to keep a barely noticeable baby on hand, which fits easily in a backpack, and yet you should not overdo it. A 3 kilogram monster will definitely not be the perfect assistant both at home and at work.

    It is better to take hours of battery life with a margin of at least 7 hours, no less. Otherwise, the gained progress will be lost somewhere in the middle and will have to run to the outlet.

    Briefly about applicants

    Different laptop models fall into the categories (you can safely make a whole list with devices for every taste), and therefore - a set of sample options:

      Apple MacBook Pro. Where without a bitten apple. Portable computers of the specified brand weigh a little more than a kilogram, a few centimeters thick, work without recharging for 12 hours, and even do not slow down under load. You can not speak about impressive characteristics once again - the filling is always transcendental. I7, a sea of ​​RAM, a bunch of SSDs, and also the advanced MacOS X operating system, which allows you to safely run programs that are not available on Windows. Retina screen, resolution - a little more than 2K. Therefore, the picture is as juicy and bright as possible. It is impossible to tear yourself away from the display!

    Of the disadvantages of the device is the high price (and in some cases - prohibitively high, it all depends on the chosen modification). Become the owner of the bullseye can only true connoisseurs of music, earning a prohibitive amount! In addition, sometimes the system overheats and forces you to move to a sitting position, closer to the table.

  • Dell Latitude E5470. A good helper in solving any type of problem. Suitable for programmers and graphic designers and musicians working in the studio or on the basis of any group. Performance is high - the filling, of course, is behind Apple's competitor, but the price is half as much. Of the nice features - Full HD display, 14 inches, the latest generation i5, 256 gigabyte hard drive type SSD. Work quickly and conveniently. Although, of course, there were some minuses.
  • Firstly, the battery lasts only 4-5 hours of stable operation. Battery capacity is too small. Accordingly, you will either have to look for a place near the outlet, or plan a day in advance, which is completely impractical if it comes to a seemingly portable work platform.

    Secondly, the cooling system is extremely loud. Fans literally take off and never stop. However, you can get used to this too - you can, for example, throw headphones on top ...

    The proposed options are just a drop in the bucket. At the moment, the niche of powerful devices is practically not occupied and everyone will find the perfect assistant to their liking. The main thing is to determine the price in advance, and there it is already possible to build on offers ...

    List of the best laptops for DJs for 2017.

    • Beautiful design,
    • Good performance
    • Only one USB-C port,
    • High price.

    The new Apple Macbook is the thinnest, lightest and most beautiful Macbook Apple has ever created, and it is one of the most popular and best-selling laptops on the planet. It, along with the excellent music creation software available on the Mac, is a great option for musicians and DJ’s. This super slim and lightweight Macbook that you can carry anywhere gives you great performance.

    2. Apple Macbook Pro with touchpad

    • Super high performance,
    • High price,
    • Not a very long time.

    If you're looking for Apple's latest and largest laptop, welcome! In stores, you can buy a 13-inch Macbook Pro with touchpad. This is the best laptop Apple has ever made; it has new features in a classic design. The Macbook Pro also offers more features than a Macbook, which means that this laptop is right for you. It easily copes with several audio tracks, which is especially true for music mastering.

    • Brilliant screen
    • Superior graphic display
    • Long battery life
    • Easy to buy a suitable keyboard.

    Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is one of the best laptops of 2017 if you're looking for the perfect fit between a nimble Windows tablet and a full-featured laptop. Again, this is a great notebook for writers who can use the stylus to record their notes. Surface Pro 4 launches the full version of Windows 10, which means it is an extremely portable device that can run any music mixing and editing software available for Windows.

    • Very fast,
    • Has a long lasting battery
    • Awesome screen.

    Thin, lightweight, powerful and majestic flagship laptop XPS 13 from Dell - one of the best laptops for DJs and music in the world. If you are looking for a versatile model with powerful performance, an excellent screen and extremely thin dimensions, then it is definitely worth considering. This laptop compresses the 13.3-inch Infinity Edge screen into an 11-inch frame, which means it is the smallest and thinnest 13-inch laptop, with the screen stretching almost to the edge of the device. It has the latest Intel Kaby Lake Core i7 and Core i5 processors, as well as a multifunctional USB-C port, a standard USB 3.0 connector and SD.

    • Extremely thin and bright
    • Great display
    • Very cheap.

    Like all Yoga devices, the screen bends, so you can use it either as a tablet or laptop. To add more versatility, Lenovo has now added the ability to buy it with either Windows 10 or Android 6.0. It has a low price. Maybe its settings will be a little insufficient for music production, but if you are a DJ who is looking for the best portable laptop for playing and mixing music, this laptop would be a great choice.

    Essential Equipment:

    • Microphone: it is he who is needed to capture sound. Microphone quality will matter for the final result.
    • Headphones: necessary to be able to listen to the material.
    • Microphone stand: a microphone is mounted on it for easy operation.
    • Anti-vibration mount reduces vibration and shaking the microphone.
    • Pop Filter: Often a microphone picks up a large stream of air from explosive consonants like “B” and “P”, which can overload the signal. The pop-filter cuts this stream and these problems disappear.
    • Acoustic environment: in the room where the recording will take place, there should not be any unnecessary sources of noise, otherwise they will all be recorded together with the voice. Accordingly, you need to take care of acoustics in advance.

    There are several types of microphones:

    • USB microphone. Such a microphone is connected directly to the computer via a USB port. For beginners, this is one of the best options, characterized by low cost. As a capsule, such microphones are usually condenser.
    • Dynamic microphone for broadcasting. In most cases it is used in broadcasting. They have a warm sound and less sensitivity. Because of this, the recording level of ambient noise is lower, but they also have to speak directly to the microphone, from the closest possible distance.
    • Condenser studio microphone with a large membrane. Often such microphones are used in recording studios for recording vocals and instruments, as they have rich and detailed mid and high frequencies.

    Advantages and disadvantages of USB microphones

    • USB microphone connects to a standard USB port on a computer
    • It is possible to record directly to a computer without additional equipment
    • Relatively low cost

    • It can not be used as a professional microphone, as it is a USB device, and, accordingly, does not always have ASIO support.
    • For the most part, such microphones are computer-dependent, and therefore they cannot be called universal.

    Advantages and disadvantages of a dynamic Broadcasting microphone

    • Compared to microphones with a large membrane, a dynamic microphone is more convenient to use, as it tends to smooth out explosive sounds when recording.
    • Broadcasting microphone does not require phantom power to operate. (About phantom power will be discussed later).

    • Despite the warm sound, the dynamic microphone has a low detail high and mid frequencies.
    • Due to the lower sensitivity, you will have to speak into the microphone from the closest possible distance.
    • When working with a computer, additional equipment is required.

    Advantages and disadvantages of a large-diaphragm condenser microphone

    • Detailed sound with rich treble.
    • With the right microphone settings, you can record great sound quality.

    • The ultra-sensitive capsule of such a microphone is more susceptible to vibration and unwanted noise.
    • To work with a computer, additional equipment is required.
    • Phantom power is required to work.

    How to connect a microphone to the computer without a USB interface?

    An audio interface is the best way to connect a professional 3-pin XLR microphone to your computer. An audio interface is a device that connects to a computer via a PCI, USB, FireWire, or Thunderbolt bus. Most audio interfaces are equipped with assignable XLR microphone inputs, headphone outputs, and some other connectors and controls for convenient operation.

    What additional equipment should I use for recording?

    There are many external devices that can be used: microphone preamps, dynamic processors, mixers, etc. A high-quality microphone preamplifier will provide clear sound and help to identify the best sound characteristics of the microphone. Dynamic processors (compressors, expanders and limiters) will help smooth the audio signal so that it sounds smooth and clean in the track. Mixer settings mean controlling the microphone preamp and the dynamic processor. Some of them are designed specifically for vocals and have special instruments (de-essers) that make them indispensable.

    Pop filter - what is it?

    Microphones for recording are very sensitive, they pick up all the nuances, including whistling and explosive sounds. Words starting with the letters “B”, “P” create such sharp sounds that they can overload the capsule. Words with the letter “C” sometimes create whistling sounds. The most effective way to prevent them from appearing on a record is to use a pop filter.

    The pop filter is a small screen that attaches to the microphone stand or even to the surface of the table with a special clothespin. The position of the pop filter can be changed thanks to the flexible gooseneck.

    What rack is needed for recording?

    If during work you are going to sit at a table, then a pantograph or a desk stand will be a good solution. The last option is a smaller version of a regular microphone stand. The pantograph is more balanced, it is attached to the edge of the table with a special screw. The pantograph is convenient in that it is flexible in use and can be installed at almost any angle.

    For those who want to work standing, there are floor microphone stands. Their height can be adjusted, which is very convenient.

    Why do I need an anti-vibration mount (Spider, Shock Mount)?

    Anti-vibration mount is a special system to which the microphone is attached, as a result of which the occurrence of noise and vibration is reduced to zero. The mount is mounted on a microphone stand. The type of anti-vibration mount depends on which microphone you are going to use. Sometimes such mounts come with a microphone.

    How to organize a room?

    Professional recording studios are usually equipped with a special vocal camera, which allows you to record without unnecessary noise. It is known that hard surfaces (floor, ceiling, walls, tables) reflect sound throughout the space of a room. Rooms with high ceilings and unusual shapes are especially prone to this problem. In everyday life, you may not notice such sounds, but a sensitive microphone will definitely recognize them.

    The best way to create a good atmosphere for recording sound indoors is to use sound-absorbing material. You can use an isolation filter. This is a kind of wall covered with absorbent material, which is installed behind and on the sides of the microphone. Most of these filters are very heavy, so you need to take care of the stability of the rack in advance.

    There is another way to minimize noise - the use of acoustic panels. They come in different shapes and sizes, which is quite convenient.

    Why should I use headphones?

    When recording voice, headphones are necessary so that the microphone does not pick up sound from your speakers. It is important to record in a quiet room, and headphones will allow listening without the aid of speakers. If you record with the speaker turned on, the sound quality will deteriorate and an unpleasant whistle may occur due to feedback. In addition, there is a high probability of hearing loss and the equipment itself.

    Is it possible to provide several people with headphones?

    Yes, but for this you need a headphone splitter amplifier, which allows you to direct one headphone jack from the audio interface or computer to several headphones. One of the advantages of working with a splitter-amplifier for headphones is the ability to independently lower or increase the volume on different headphones. That is, if three people work, then they will be able to build the necessary volume level for each separately.

    How to monitor sound without headphones?

    Instead of connecting the computer to a computer or home speaker, it is better to use studio monitors. A pair of good studio monitors will provide you with a good idea of ​​the sound quality while editing your recording. Classic speakers change sound very much, making it more attractive, while studio monitors guarantee even frequencies, reproducing the sound as it is.

    How to use software?

    Of course, first of all, it is worth starting from your own preferences. Most programs have specialized tools for working with voice. There are also programs that import video files.

    It is best to use the software, the work in which does not raise your questions. That is, if there is no need to create a complex mix, then it is absolutely not necessary to start a fight with complex software.

    How do plugins affect the sound?

    When mixing plugins are necessary, they must be considered as external equipment. Professionals use virtual processor plug-ins for post-production and perfect sound. Интересная фишка такого подхода заключается в том, что вы сможете экспериментировать до тех пор, пока не получится идеальный вариант.

    Кроме того, существует много функций, которые могут быть реализованы через плагины, не считая настройки эквалайзера и динамической обработки. Плагины предлагают огромный выбор интересных эффектов, одни из наиболее востребованных эффектов – реверберация и эхо.

    Зачем нужно использовать эффекты?

    Adding effects and sounds can significantly transform the mix, especially if you are working on a project yourself and do not plan to resort to the help of professionals. Using commercial music, you should not forget about copyrights. This can lead to some difficulties if you plan to post tracks on the network, especially on Youtube. A way to avoid this situation is to use free music. Sound effects can be used to accentuate some moments to make the sound the way you imagined it. There are large libraries of sounds, many of them include sound samples that allow you to create the atmosphere of being in the city, on the beach and any other place.

    Is there any other way to record?

    Of course, you can record in other ways. For example, use a digital recorder. These devices have built-in condenser microphones. Some models also have additional inputs for connecting external microphones. This is a great option for those who travel often, but at the same time want to get a quality result. Pocket recorder can also be used to create your own collection of sounds.

    The best laptop for music production and DJs

    If you are a DJ or are looking for the best laptop for recording music, then you have come to the right place, since we have chosen the best laptops for creating music.

    To record music, you are looking for a machine with a lot of processing power and RAM, for processing several music tracks.

    A large and fast hard drive or SSD (solid state drive) is also necessary, since you are going to work with large file sizes.

    Excellent speakers, or at least the ability to connect to external speakers, are also important.

    If you are a DJ and are looking for the best laptop for your needs, then you will need something reliable so that it can withstand the occasional blow when you travel from concert to concert.

    Since you are going to travel a lot, a laptop that is thin and light will be preferable to other devices. The best laptop for DJs will also have a large hard drive or SSD to store all your tracks.

    At the moment, the choice is large and, although Apple products are the main choice for music masters, there are many excellent Windows laptops available for DJs and music production.

    The best laptops for producing music and DJs: