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How to choose a really good plastic surgeon?


Online forums are full of requests such as: "Girls, help me find a good plastic surgeon!", "Advise who can I trust my face with?" Hundreds of published articles, private discussions, recommendations, online doctor consultations and even several blogs of plastic surgeons. The popularity and relevance of the topic of improving appearance with the help of plastic surgery is increasing all the time. Awareness of those preparing for surgery became high even before the first personal consultation with a doctor. And this is very good. But, despite all of the above, the question still remains relevant - who will be exactly your plastic surgeon? To whom do you entrust your face or body, as well as expectations associated not only with improving your appearance, but also, most importantly, with changes in your sense of self?

The choice of a plastic surgeon

What are the criteria for choosing a plastic surgeon?

According to the recommendations of friendswho have already done any surgery with this doctor. This is correct, but we must take into account that opinions can differ, the vision of even close friends often does not coincide.

According to reviews on numerous forums on the Internetdedicated to plastic surgery. True, but it must be borne in mind that such reviews are often contradictory, and sometimes they are even “custom-made” for public relations or anti-public relations.

According to the photo of the results “before and after the operation”posted on the Internet and published in magazines. Good visibility, but the “before and after photos” are images of other patients, and in any case, each person and each operation is unique.

Based on advertising. Advertising can serve as a reason for contacting the clinic, but it can hardly be a criterion for choosing a doctor.

Based on the cost of services. The difference in cost for the same operations in different clinics has nothing to do with the quality and result of the operation itself.

After a personal consultation at several plastic surgeons. Yes, this is the most reliable way to find "your" doctor. Why? Because, in spite of everything, the main and determining factor in choosing a plastic surgeon, even with the equal level of professionalism and high reputation of many, is always your personal “psychological” contact with him.

Here's what some women write on the forums:

". This can not be described. It just happens that you come in and immediately realize that you will be operated on with him. "

". You know, I have the feeling that he is a "medic from God." It sounds a little pathetic, but I don’t know how else to express an idea. Either his eyes, or all his energy, evoked the images of famous doctors in his head. Chekhov there, Pirogov. Dr. Aibolit ... I immediately believed him. "

And here is what some surgeons write on their blogs:

“The best work happens if there is some kind of positive contact between the aesthetic surgeon and his patient. Mutual human sympathy. An artist, sculptor or poet needs inspiration for a masterpiece. An aesthetic surgeon is a doctor by training, but in his soul - an artist and poet. And he also needs inspiration for a masterpiece. "

Yes, plastic surgeon for you should be not only an impeccable professional. First of all, your mutual understanding of what results you want to achieve must coincide completely. Secondly, you should “feel” that the doctor is very interested in these results. But, in addition, the doctor himself, as a person, should impress you - only then will you be able to fully open up, entrust him with all your fears, feelings, hopes, and you will not be shy to ask him a "million" of questions that interest you. It is from such psychological compatibility that complete confidence is born in the successful outcome of the operation - and this is very important.

Profession: Plastic Surgeon

Surprisingly, despite the many years of successful practice of plastic surgeons in Russia, until recently, such a specialization did not officially exist in our country. Only two years ago, the Ministry of Health included it in the register of surgical specialties, and in the near future the departments of postgraduate education of doctors will train specialists in this field.

However, many of our practicing professionals in the field of plastic surgery are known not only in Russia but also abroad. Patients from different countries come to them, they have created and implemented unique techniques in the field of plastic surgery, and valuable scientific works have been written. Who are they? As a rule, these are highly qualified surgeons who chose this specialization, because once they felt their vocation in this area, they are doctors who have an additional aesthetic talent and a delicate sense of proportion.

They exchange experience, and they believe that the more transparency there is in this profession, the higher are universal standards. They are constantly improving, hone their professional skills. And they are people like us - with their point of view, emotions, pride in victories and personal qualities.

Personal qualities of a plastic surgeon

Most patients tend to "deify" any doctor who saves his health. The same thing happens in aesthetic, and especially reconstructive surgery - a doctor who makes you more beautiful, younger, of course, performs a small “miracle”, often correcting not only your appearance, but also many aspects of your life. From here come the frequent cases of the sensation of "falling in love" with the doctor, the desire to please him. And these are normal "soul movements."

What, in your understanding, should be the personal qualities of a plastic surgeon so that you can trust him?

Should he be a kind, open person? Of course yes. It is unlikely that you expect compassion from him, but attention and kindness are the irreplaceable personal qualities of a doctor. Should he be a good psychologist? Of course, after all, this is one of the few people, if not the only one to whom you can tell without hesitation about your complexes and experiences. Should he be positive and confident? The answer to this question is obvious. From self-confident professionals comes a special energy that is transmitted to the patient and, of course, affects the result of the operation. What about a sense of humor? Education and intelligence?

If you take into account the presence of all skills, personal qualities, experience, then you will agree that not everyone can become a good plastic surgeon. And yet, they are.

What personal questions would you like, but feel free to ask a plastic surgeon

Possible question: “How do you perceive the patient at the first consultation?”

Commentary by surgeon A. Ishchenko: “Of course, plastic surgeons have their own“ classification ”of patients, and based on extensive experience, it is easy for them to determine which type of patient is in front of him -“ realist ”,“ idealist ”,“ skeptic "or" pessimist. " And it’s easy to guess that it’s easier for doctors to advise realistic-minded people with a stable psyche who have a clear understanding of what they want. ”

Possible question: “Of course, you don’t remember all your patients?”

Commentary by surgeon A. Ishchenko: “What a plastic surgeon does is never a chore. Each patient is unique in his own way. It's amazing, but plastic surgeons remember all of their patients. ”

Possible question: “Probably, after so many operations, you look at women exclusively as“ material ”, and you are not at all interested in the female gender?”

Commentary by surgeon A. Ishchenko: “Plastic surgeons are ordinary people. And they are especially partial to beauty in all its manifestations. Female beauty, both external and internal, causes us admiration. And, knowing that external beauty can be man-made, you value internal more. ”

Data analysis

Having collected the information, talking in person, make a list of candidates. Include the following items in it:

  • education,
  • specialization,
  • experience,
  • quantity and quality of reviews,
  • Your comments based on a personal meeting or online consultation,
  • cost of services.

Regarding the last paragraph. Prices for plastic vary. Too overpriced is a sign that you will pay for the name and brand. Understated should also alert. Choose a doctor in the middle price segment or slightly higher. However, cost should not be a decisive factor for you.

Evaluate the modern equipment of our clinic, portfolio and cost of services to make the right choice!

Doctor's portfolio

A surgeon with extensive experience will definitely take care of his professional portfolio. When studying it, you must carefully familiarize yourself with the details in the work, and not be limited to photographs in two or three angles. If the doctor does not show any angle, then it is worth considering, perhaps not from all sides his work looks perfect.

For example, rhinoplast surgeons should lay out not only a profile or half profile, but also a face. In addition, it is necessary to see from the photo the result of the operation from below, that is, the so-called "base". If you have a photo of all three projections, then you can be sure that the specialist deserves attention.

If you decide to enlarge the breast, then take a closer look at the shape of the breast in the photo before and after endoprosthetics. The mammary glands should be photographed from at least three different positions.

Some surgeons, with the prior consent of the patient, post pictures after the operation, when the patient is still on the operating table. This also speaks of the quality of work: the difference should be small between the operation itself and the intermediate result obtained after 2-3 months after the intervention.

Surgeon Experience and Achievements

Of course, this is one of the most important points! Knowledge of theory should be organically combined with experience. Medicine is constantly evolving, new techniques and tools appear. The doctor must keep up with the times. A good indicator is the surgeon's active participation in various congresses and conferences of international level. Prizes, awards in various competitions are another indicator of a highly qualified doctor. Moreover, in this case, a competent jury makes judgments, which understands the issues of plastic surgery.

Honest prices are the key to success

Often, clinics do not indicate the full cost of a particular plastic surgery, which leads to a mass of additional costs. You need to understand that plastic itself simply can not be cheap, so you should be wary of offers where plastic surgery prices are greatly underestimated.

For example, paying for plastic surgery, the patient receives a range of services, which include:

  • consultation of a surgeon using 3D modeling technology for appearance (for example, this is especially important when it comes to nose correction),
  • hospital stay, 24-hour nursing care, meals in the ward,
  • the work of the operating team (anesthetist, plastic surgeon, surgeon's assistants, nurses),
  • individually anesthetized for the patient,
  • all materials that are used in the operational process and during the recovery period,
  • selection of implants, compression underwear,
  • dressings, further observation and examinations of the doctor throughout the year,
  • drawing up a personal rehabilitation program.

You trust the surgeon your health and personality! Therefore, do not save on quality work and all subsequent procedures. Your new image will be with you throughout your future life, and so that you really enjoy it, work only with reliable professionals.

Patient opinion

Finally, the final, but no less important criterion is the opinion of the plastic surgeon's patients. Recall of a grateful client is a high indicator of the doctor’s work.

A surgeon specializing in plastic and aesthetic operations is always in contact with patients, helping at various stages - from consultation, the surgery itself and after it. At least a year after the manipulation, the responsible specialist will observe his patient and be promptly invited for examinations. Sometimes such a relationship develops into a strong friendship, which stretches for years!

Choose some surgeons

Yes, of course, on the Internet you will find a million and one story about the operation that you want to do. You will surely find friends who also would not mind sharing their experiences. And thanks to electronic encyclopedias, you will delve into the history of the issue, it would seem, no worse than a doctor. However, the difference between a professional and an amateur is that only a doctor can tell which treatment or correction option is necessary in a particular case. Only a specialist knows whether cosmetic repairs can cope with your wrinkles or whether it’s time to get on a surgeon’s table, only a good doctor will see the size of a breast implant that fits perfectly into your body’s parameters, and finally, only a surgeon with many years of experience will dissuade you from the procedure if it is for you absolutely not needed (yes, there are such cases!). Therefore, do not be afraid to ask questions to the master, even the most ridiculous: to calm, but at the same time tell the whole truth - this is the doctor’s task. We recommend visiting at least three surgeons. If you are preparing for one specific operation, then find the best specialists in this area and stop at that very one. And do not be afraid to follow your intuition: personal contact is no less important than diplomas and certificates that adorn the wall of the office. After all, before, during and after the operation, you should feel comfortable.

Check the cost

Pay attention to the price of the operation. While you will communicate with surgeons and learn about the topic, processing tons of information from the Web, you will have a concept about the average price of an operation. Nobody wants to overpay, but to give less money and suffer because of this is also not an option. Why are some doctors overpricing, while others are willing to do everything at a meager cost? The main reason is the inexperience of the surgeon. The novice doctor does not have a name, and an impressive list of successfully performed operations, so he is ready to hone his skills on newly arrived patients. This, of course, does not mean that all his clients are dissatisfied with the result, but the risk of errors of such a master is great. So before you go for correction, study the entire track record of the doctor and try to find his real patients. Professional surgeons rarely reduce the cost of their operations, but the 300 Expert portal specifically negotiates with doctors who are willing to make concessions and make discounts on their services.

Find out how long the operation will last.

Another sign of a doctor’s inexperience is too long an operation. Any operation should take a minimum amount of time, otherwise your body will long and painfully move away from anesthesia. It is clear that an experienced surgeon is more likely to cope with the task than his less skilled colleague. Another important point is the doctor’s readiness to perform an operation “even tomorrow”. Doctors who are popular have, at best, the option to schedule an operation for you in a month (remember also that you need time to get all the tests done and make sure that you have no serious infectious or chronic diseases). The one who is ready to operate you the day after the consultation raises too many suspicions.

Inspect the clinic

Do not be shy during the consultation to find out where the operation will be performed, and most importantly, where you will be after the operation (you may have to spend several days in the clinic). Many surgeons who save on operating room rents may hesitate to answer - this is also a beacon, indicating that it is better not to choose such a doctor. During the reception, pay attention to the staff working in the clinic. Even a call to the reception will tell a lot about the work of the doctor: if you are ready to cooperate with patients, then at this first stage of communication with you they will be polite and courteous.

Ask for a discount

Yes, you should not look for the cheapest option, but it makes sense to follow up on special promotions from trusted surgeons. Our portal, in addition to detailed information about operations and truthful feedback from patients, provides a "Favorable offer". Leaving an electronic application, you will receive a call from our operator, who will provide you with a list of the best plastic surgeons in Moscow - just for your case. We have been working with surgeons for more than 7 years and value our reputation, so helping you is one of our priorities.