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How to peel a carrot


Before you cook a dish, you need to prepare the necessary vegetables, washing them in water and cleaning them from dirt. But sometimes peeling becomes lengthy and boring, especially if you need to peel a lot of fruits, today we will tell you in detail about how to quickly peel small carrots.

Orange root vegetables are often included in our diet, so all the tips described below will be completely useful to every housewife, whether she is a beginner or with experience.

How to clean carrots so as not to lose their benefits

Until we get to the methods and methods of cleaning, it will be prudent to discuss the correctness of peeling carrots from the top layer. By this concept “correctly” is meant that root crops are preferably scraped rather than pruned.

Few people know (and most do not think about this issue at all), but a lot of vitamins and micro-, macro-elements important for the body are found in the carrot peel. If it is cut off, then a huge part of the useful substances is lost.

Therefore, thinking about how to quickly clear the mountain of "red beauties", do not forget that the benefit is more important than speed, so clean it gently and properly.

How to clean carrots at home: a brush recipe

This technology is lightweight and affordable for absolutely everyone. You must admit that each hostess has a usual metal scraper in the kitchen, which we all often use if we need to tear away the remaining food from the surface of the pan or pan.

It is with this scraper that we will try to quickly clean the carrots, so that its vitamins are preserved, and the process of purification went on in one go.

Clean raw carrot with a tin brush

  1. At the very beginning, we need to thoroughly rinse the roots under running water.
  2. When the fruits are washed, take a metal sponge and go through it along the entire length of the carrots, removing the skin from all sides. You will spend only a few minutes on this lesson - quickly and conveniently.
  3. After cleaning, we rinse the carrots again, in order to remove the remaining particles of dirt, and you can use fresh root vegetables for food.

If you have young fruits available, then the above method is ideal. A thin skin can easily be washed off by itself, without much effort. But it is not always so easy to clean. For more sophisticated cleaning methods, read on.

We clean the carrots in the classic way - with a knife

  • Traditionally, carrots are first of all mine, cleaning it from adhering earth and dirt.
  • Now we pick up a small knife and begin to scrape off the thin top carrot layer from root crops. We begin to scrape at the very bottom, and we finish the procedure at the top - at the place where the stems grow.

If your fruits are sluggish and an ordinary knife does not cope with its task, you can take a housekeeper knife, which is also very convenient for peeling potatoes.

Peeler in action: a quick method for cleaning root crops

Another way you can quickly peel carrots is with a peeler. Its advantage is that it makes it possible to cut off a thick peel in the shortest possible time (in a matter of minutes), which means that not only all the benefits of a natural product are preserved in full, but also a lot of time is saved.

The cleaning scheme is the same as in the recipes above: washing vegetables, cleaning, re-washing.

How to clean boiled carrots from dirt and peel

Since there are many useful elements in the peel, many doctors advise root crops to be boiled first and then cleaned so that the vitamins get into the dish and not into the garbage. That is, first you can thoroughly wash the roots under a stream of water, and then cook them until cooked.

Already boiled carrots can be peeled from the top skin. The cleaning method can be anything: a brush, a peeler or a knife. Here you choose for yourself what is more convenient and easier for you.

From our article, you learned some simple step-by-step methods of how to quickly peel small carrots from their peels. You must admit that the methods are so banal and unpretentious that anyone can handle them, you can even involve your husband in the process.

Our detailed workshops will help you become a skilled chef and a true fairy-fancier in your family.

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How to quickly peel a carrot

Perhaps the question of how carrots are peeled seems ridiculous to someone. But there are some newcomers to cooking, in whom this process causes a number of negative emotions. Or maybe an experienced housewife, having read some secrets and recommendations on this topic, will learn something new for herself.

How to peel carrots

Traditionally, over the years, the peel from carrots has been "scraped off", in the literal sense of the word. Many even now use this method exclusively, referring to the fact that the lion's share of vitamins falls on the peel region, therefore it cannot be cut. Such a conviction, of course, is not without meaning, but alas, it will not work to quickly clean the carrots.

How to peel carrots quickly

You can quickly peel carrots not only with a special knife for peeling vegetables, although this method can also be called fast. But the least time will take peeling carrots, if you use a peeler. This device allows you to cut a very thin peel.

In order to peel a young carrot, which has virtually no peel, you can use a hard brush. Regardless of how to peel carrots, you need to do this from the thickest part to the narrowest.

How to clean carrots step by step instructions with photos:

For work, we need carrots, a knife, a cutting board, a colander, a metal brush-scraper for dishes.

Before cleaning, carrots should be washed well. Young carrots can not be peeled at all. It is enough to wash it well with a sponge and the delicate skin will be washed off with water.

It’s a bit more difficult to peel the stale carrots, as the skin becomes coarser over time. You can take a regular small knife and scrape off a thin layer of the skin, going from bottom to top, after cutting off the upper part of the carrot (the place of attachment of the stems). Also, for cleaning stale or sluggish carrots, you can use a special housekeeper knife to peel potatoes.

The most convenient option is to use a clean metal scraper sponge, which is used to clean dishes. Just sponge the root crop from all sides. After a few seconds, the carrots will be perfectly and evenly peeled and ready for further processing.

Rinse the peeled carrots again under running water and it is ready for