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How and why to wash a member? The rules of male hygiene


Unfortunately, the rules of intimate hygiene for men in our modern society, oddly enough, are still a closed topic. Unlike feminine hygiene, very little is said about it and not much is written. But in vain.

What is hygiene in general and men's hygiene in particular? The all-knowing Wikipedia says that hygiene (from the Greek. Hygieinos - bringing health, healing) is a whole range of activities aimed at maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Hygiene of the genitals of men is part of the personal hygiene of the man, and includes hygiene rules, the implementation of which helps to preserve and strengthen the health of men, ensures the normal function of the genitals, and prevents their diseases. Hygiene of the genital organs and sexual life, depending on the age and physiological state of the body, occupies an important place, because non-compliance with hygiene requirements is fraught with various diseases and complications, up to oncology!

Hygiene of the genitals of men consists in regular care for the genitals, perineum and the anus from an early age. Keeping the genitals and perineum clean should be the norm for a boy and an adult male throughout life.

So why should this be done? To begin with, we recall that the male genital organs are equipped with many specific sweat glands, which produce their secret abundantly.

Particularly noteworthy is the area of ​​the glans penis, the surface of which is arranged and functions like normal skin, but with its own characteristics. On the surface of the head and in the skin of the foreskin there are glands that secrete a special lubricant - smegma, which does not allow the foreskin and head to stick together.

A few drops of a clear liquid are formed per day, covering the head with a thin layer. If you do not wash off this grease over several days, covering the head and the inner surface of the foreskin in the form of scanty gray-white plaque, as well as drops of urine that fall after urination, then microbes join this rich nutrient medium favorable for the multiplication of various microorganisms. inflammation develops in the preputial sac (the space between the glans penis and the inner sheet of the foreskin) - a disease called balanoposthitis.

It is accompanied by redness of the skin of the foreskin and the head itself, as well as the formation of a profuse plaque with a sharp unpleasant odor. As long as inflammation is limited to this area, the man is worried about itching and even pain in the glans penis, both at rest and during intercourse, excretion. Sometimes, around the base of the head, enlarged and reddened holes of the inflamed glands are visible. When pressed, pus can even stand out from them!

The infection can be brought into the preputial sac: in addition to an irregular toilet of the glans penis (as we have already mentioned), the use of dirty underwear and even dirty hands! Less often, a man’s disease is caused either by non-compliance with the hygienic standards of his sexual partner, or by her gynecological diseases.

Also, unprotected anal and oral-genital contacts, in which the genitals come in contact with the mucous membrane of the oral cavity or rectum, can also cause infection. We will not stop about the harmful abilities of microorganisms living in the intestines, but inflammatory processes that occur in the oral cavity (periodontal disease, caries, stomatitis and tonsillitis) can spread just as easily as sexually transmitted diseases to the glans penis and urethra and often require longer and more serious treatment.

But you should not shift all the blame onto women: the sexual health status of men and women, whether they are sexually transmitted or non-venereal diseases, is equally dependent on both partners.

All these unpleasant moments interfere with sexual life, bring into it not only psychological difficulties and discord between partners, but in the future it can lead to gross physiological changes in the foreskin and the inability to open the glans penis.

But, unfortunately, this is not all - the infection can progress in an ascending way, involving the urethra, the prostate gland in the inflammation, and later in the epididymis.

Treatment of balanoposthitis is mainly local: 2-3 times a day, the naked head and foreskin are treated with aqueous solutions of local antiseptics. In especially severe cases, antibacterial ointments have to be used. The course of treatment is from 5 to 10 days.

Often balanoposthitis accompanies such severe systemic diseases as diabetes mellitus. Moreover, the discharge is pus-like and abundant, so that, after a few months, the foreskin literally grows to the head and a more serious disease, phimosis, develops. This condition requires specific treatment, up to surgery. In the USA and Europe, it is believed that circumcision is considered the only simple and most effective method of male hygiene, and at the same time a means of preventing inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system.

It should be remembered that balanoposthitis is a disease common in men of any age, even in children in whom the head is not exposed from the moment of birth. Therefore, the parents of the boys should open the glans penis at their infants sons, starting with the first baths in the home bath. If you couldn’t do this yourself, then you should definitely turn to specialists - a pediatric surgeon or a urologist.

In order to avoid all these serious problems, it is only necessary to observe basic hygiene rules. A man in the morning and in the evening during the receptions of a common shower or bath you just need to wash the naked head with warm water without soap.

It is even better to wash the head after each urination, so that the discharge does not accumulate. Sometimes the enhanced formation of lubricant is an individual feature of a man, which requires the use of mild soap (hygienic, petroleum jelly) or special products when washing.

Ordinary soap for washing the head is not used - it dries the mucous membrane. It is mandatory to fulfill these simple requirements when traveling to hot countries.

Sometimes inflammation of the skin of the scrotum and penis can be the result of trauma to these organs with tight clothing, in this case, in addition to local medicinal effects, you should temporarily change trousers and underpants to looser and softer cotton fabrics.

A frequent factor predisposing to perineal skin irritation is excessive sweating. These men can be advised 2-3 times a day, especially in hot weather, to use the crotch toilet with cold water and use powders.

In addition to directly the genitals in men, a plentiful hairline deserves a separate word, which begins to appear under the influence of male hormones in the teenage period: on the pubis, on the legs and arms, on the face and in the armpits. Unfortunately, Russian men in relation to grooming lag behind European ones.

Short hair is much easier to rinse under any conditions, they do not contain an unpleasant odor, they are not pinched by the foreskin and underwear, they do not create an unfavorable microclimate for the testicles, they do not interfere with the partner’s intimate caresses. A man just needs to pay attention to the hairline in the genital area and armpits. Underarm hair removal will reduce perspiration and odor formation. Cutting the hair around the penis and shaping the hairline will leave a favorable impression on the man as a well-groomed man. This is especially important in situations where you have to be exposed - in the sauna, at the doctor’s appointment, and especially in intimate relationships.

Excess hair on the penis, scrotum, armpits can be shaved or depilated using special creams. The male genital organs are equipped with many specific sweat glands that produce their secret profusely. Therefore, to avoid an unpleasant odor in the perineum, it is necessary to wash it daily. In addition, daily washing will not allow the formation of diaper rash. Summarizing all of the above, the following recommendations can be highlighted for men on hygienic care of their body.

How to wash and care for the penis

To avoid dropping urine onto the underpants, immediately after urination, gently squeeze the penis at the base - this should help remove residual urine from the urethra. First, do this very carefully until you determine the required amount of force. After emptying the bladder, wipe the head of the penis to dryness. To do this, slide the foreskin toward you and wipe the head dry with toilet paper or a special sanitary napkin.

Try to change your underwear daily, and in case of drops of urine getting on it even more often, because in underwear at body temperature, after a short period of time, bacteria begin to develop, which contribute to the formation of an unpleasant odor. If you have a hard day or a long journey and you know that you will not be able to take a shower, prudently bring spare underwear with you.

Try to wear underwear made of a lightweight fabric that absorbs moisture easily. Such underwear facilitates the circulation of air and regulates the temperature in the crotch area. Cotton or cotton mixed fabrics wash well and dry quickly. Do not use synthetic underwear - it tightly fits the body and impedes air exchange, which can cause irritation on the skin. In this case, treat the skin with alcohol, as for talc, it absorbs moisture, but can clog pores even more.

If there is no way to take a shower, then at least try to properly wash your genitals. To do this, first of all, wash your hands thoroughly and dry with a clean, dry towel. Wash the penis and groin area first. Pull out the foreskin and rinse the head. Rinse the folds of the foreskin, frenulum and coronal groove especially carefully. Use warm water and a large volume of liquid soap, giving a plentiful foam. Water should be warm enough to wash away smegma containing a significant amount of sebaceous secretions. Do not use flavored soap - it can cause an allergic reaction. At the end of the procedure, thoroughly rinse the entire genital area with plenty of warm running water.

How to care for the scrotum

Too high temperature in the testicles disrupts sperm production. Testicular temperature should be 4 degrees below body temperature. Therefore, avoid everything that directly or indirectly leads to a prolonged increase in temperature in the groin and perineum. A single immersion of the testes in hot water may impair fertility for the next 6 months! Continuous hot baths give the same result.

Some experts recommend daily rinsing the scrotum with cold water. Men, by the nature of their professional activities, leading a predominantly sedentary lifestyle, have to get up and walk from time to time so that the testicles move away from the hot body. If it is hot, it is recommended to use special breathable bedding on the car seat to avoid overheating and sweating in the groin and perineum.

Try to wear loose cotton, the so-called "family" underpants. Avoid any tight-fitting clothing: elastic pants, jeans and other tight-fitting trousers. Wear loose clothing at home and wherever possible.

Try to lose weight. The extra layer of fat on the buttocks, inner thighs and lower abdomen increases not only the temperature in the inguinal region, but also the temperature of the whole body.

Hygiene of the perineum and anus

After defecation, the area of ​​the anus and perineum should be cleaned only with soft toilet paper (hard paper can damage delicate tissues of the anus) in the front to back direction until the feces are completely removed. This will help prevent particles of feces and intestinal bacteria from getting on the genitals. The best thing is to replace the "wiping" of the paper with a wash with running water.

The most hygienic method of perineal care with a bidet has now become available. Young children should be washed with running water in the bathtub or above the sink.

Hygiene and sex

It is necessary to take a general shower and thoroughly wash the penis, perineum and anus before and after having sex. Adolescents, given their shyness, must be informed about the rules of hygiene after pollutions and masturbation.

All these medical details are provided solely for one purpose - to show the need for hygiene.

Andrey Selivanov, candidate of medical sciences, associate professor of the Department of Surgical Diseases of the Medical Institute "REAVIZ", urologist andrologist at City Clinical Hospital No. 31 of St. Petersburg.

Why wash a dick?

Absolutely every man from the penis has natural discharge having physiological characteristics. Such secretions include:

  • Libidosis is the secretion of the urethral gland that occurs with sexual arousal. The number of secretions largely depends on the individual, someone has more, someone less. Also, this secretion may be released during bowel movements. Along with this secretion, a certain amount of sperm is secreted. It should be noted that although the amount of discharge in particular depends on the man himself and the regularity of his sexual intercourse, if you notice a clear increase in the volume of discharge, then this may be a deviation from the norm and it is advisable to consult a doctor.
  • Isolation of smegma. Smegma is a mixture of natural secretions of the sebaceous glands of the foreskin of the penis, dead epithelial tissues and moisture, and there is no escape from it. When a man does not pay due attention to hygiene and does not wash his penis, an excessive amount of smegma can contribute to the development of inflammatory processes. Although smegma has some bactericidal properties, but with stagnation it has an irritating effect and can lead to diseases such as balanitis, balanoplastitis and even contribute to penile cancer.

As you can see, men need to wash their penis, otherwise consequences may occur.

How to wash a member?

With the fact that it is simply necessary to wash the penis, we decided. Now let's find out how to wash it. It would seem that it can be complicated? - soaped and washed. Actually not quite so, there are still some features in washing the penis. There is a kind of penis washing instruction.

Let's divide this process into stages:

  • A member needs to be washed with clean hands, so first of all, wash your hands well with soap. You do not need to wipe them with a towel, since the towel also contains many different bacteria
  • The second step is rinsing the penis with warm water
  • Before washing the penis itself, first wash the perineum, testicles and groin
  • Now we pass to pisyun. You need to start from the base towards the head
  • Then rinse the head itself and the areas under the foreskin well. Pay special attention to the bridle, a very large number of bacteria accumulate in these areas.

Make sure that you have washed the penis well from the soap, otherwise there may be irritation and burns, the head and skin of the foreskin are very sensitive.

How to wash a member?

It is better not to wash the penis with ordinary soap, as it dries the skin. To do this, use moisturizing gels. But they are also not ideal. There are special products for intimate areas, but it is worth noting that men and women have some features, so a product designed for women is not quite suitable for male dignity. Although manufacturers produce unisex gels, which they claim are suitable for both men and women.

If you do not want to bother with the selection and search for a suitable gel, then baby soap is a great option.

How often to wash a member?

The penis must be washed at least 1 time per day. It is advisable before bedtime. Ideally, hygiene procedures are recommended after each urination, as well as before and after sexual intercourse. In real life conditions, this is almost impossible. Therefore, it is recommended to have wet wipes with which to wipe your wealth. Use neutral Ph.

Why don't all men wash their penis?

The main reason why many men do not pay attention to their genitals is that parents do not accustom them to this from childhood. As a result of growing up, they do not even realize that it is necessary to regularly wash a member. Это опять же приводит к тому, что в момент полового созревания у юношей начинаются проблемы и некоторые заболевания, связанные как раз-таки с нарушением гигиены полового члена. Они попросту не знают, что за пенисом нужно ухаживать и отчищать его от выделений. Но незнание не освобождает от ответственности и тут. Так что будьте внимательнее.If you have a son, then teach him from early childhood that you need to wash pisyun.

If you have not regularly washed pisyun before, we hope that our article will arouse the desire to pay due attention to your member. Believe me, this will not take much time, but only significantly reduce the risk of possible diseases and as a result you will save time and money on treatment. Hygiene is one of the easiest ways to prevent many diseases.

The site is about poop, we are always happy to see you and wish you good health!

Pull the foreskin as far as possible from the head, with a damp cloth, thoroughly wipe the edge of the head, in the region of the bridle, the head itself and the inside of the drawn foreskin. It is convenient to carry out hygiene procedures with the penis after shit - after wiping (washing) the anus.

After circumcision, all this is irrelevant. No smegma-schmegma, everything is sterile, which I also wish you.

After the circumcision, everything is sterile only if the circumcision is “tight” and the foreskin is completely absent, the head of the penis protrudes, the genital organ resembles a bolt or mushroom. In other types of circumcision, the remaining part of the foreskin covers part of the loop, under which there may be remnants of smegma, urine, sperm - hygiene techniques will not be superfluous here either.
Instead of circumcision, you can simply keep the penis head constantly open. Urinate - fully fill the penis, open the head as much as possible. Each time, after urinating, I return the penis with an open head to my underpants / shorts / swimming trunks / trousers. Then the head may close itself. I also go to bed with a pinched penis.
Some guys who wear thin-fitting swimming trunks on the sea specially fill up the heads of the penises so that the relief of the head is visible under the trunks.

It is not pleasant, in my opinion, to walk with an open loop: I already tried, I almost finished, and the risk of getting unwanted bacteria increases at times, because the instructions say: do not wipe your hands on a towel, there may be harmful bacteria. As for circumcision of the foreskin, do not spoil it yourself, then I am generally an opponent of this bacchanalia, I am an adherent of the more natural state of my sexual friend.

In my opinion, it’s not nice to walk with a bulldozer: it’s somehow unnatural, I already tried and almost finished, it rubs in jeans, especially, but what about harmful bacteria, they’re easier to penetrate the glans penis. To be honest, I am against the circumcision of the foreskin at the most I can not.

I didn’t wash pisyun under the hood until I was 24 years old, only then I found out that I had to bathe in the bathroom and wash his head. And nothing, I’m alive and well. The truth is now that I often pound my head too.

Thanks damn, and then mine, and I think whether everything is right, everything looked OK. Thank you especially than me!

I was carried away by your article and began to actively wash the penis with baby soap from the penis, the skin began to roll off, there was a replenishment of a kind of pain on the head of the penis and in the testicles, I had never washed the head of the penis and was healthy, now there are some problems after washing. Tell me how to cure this?

Skin is off? Perhaps you have dead skin particles that you can observe if you wash any part of the body with soap. Inflammation of the head is possible irritation. Perhaps you keep it soapy for too long or do not wash the soap well.

I wash my penis and testicles, after I poke, my ass, and then the testicles and penis. Swimming trunks are always clean.

Men do not suit

Indeed, this is a common opinion in our society. If the fair sex meticulously chooses shower gels for general and special purposes, then men prefer to use soap, or a means from the all-in-one series. That is, means that are both shampoo and shower gel. For many men, penile hygiene comes down to a general shower. As a result, a failure in the acid-base balance is possible, and there it is not far from the spread of pathogenic bacteria. All these are unpleasant consequences of neglecting penile hygiene.

Anatomical features

Not for nothing that it was customary for some nations to carry out the circumcision procedure. Natural secretions, sweat and smegma, all this is collected under the skin folds and is a breeding ground for microorganisms. Therefore, in hot climates, where water was in short supply, such a practice was introduced. Otherwise, the waste products of bacteria quickly become a cause of irritation. In urban settings, there are no barriers to penile hygiene. Therefore, the cause of inflammatory processes in the inguinal region can be banal laziness or neglect of the need for special care for the delicate areas of your body.

Care products

You do not need to litter your shelf with a lot of personal care products. Just make the right choice. If we turn to world history, then hundreds of years ago, herbal decoctions were widely used to care for the most delicate parts of the body. From the time of ancient civilization to the present day, a man is considered a formidable and serious creature who has no time for such nonsense.

And only modern doctors began to talk about the structure of the skin and mucous membranes of special places. Proper penile hygiene is the key to well-being and attractiveness for a partner. Conventional body washes are not suitable for this purpose. The substances contained in them contribute to the appearance of irritation, which means that they provide conditions for the penetration of infection. Therefore, special products are released that do not contain alcohol and do not include perfume fragrances.

Perfect makeup

Hygiene of the male penis is, first of all, the right choice of care products, as well as their regular use as intended. Therefore, pay close attention to the composition:

  • Lactic acid.
  • Herbal extracts.
  • Vegetable oils.

It is very good if the composition of the selected product will include all of these components. This will provide gentle cleansing and hydration.

What do manufacturers offer?

In fact, the culture of male intimate hygiene in our country is still in its infancy. But Russian companies have already taken a step forward. Today, domestic cosmetics manufacturers are forming a line of products for the care of the genitals of men. Of the positive aspects, more affordable prices can be noted in comparison with the products of Western firms. Moreover, they are in no way inferior to them in quality. Cosmetics are made different, designed for all segments of the population. It remains only to choose a tool that would suit you in terms of quality and cost. Let's look at the main groups of tools, their advantages and disadvantages.

Shower soap alone is not enough

This concept is difficult to fit into the head of a man. The fact is that ordinary soap is not suitable for the genitals. It dries the mucous membranes. Especially dangerous is an antibacterial soap that kills the entire microflora indiscriminately. What is the difference between male intimate hygiene products? Soap for intimate hygiene has a completely different nature, because it is based on lactic acid.

In addition, one can note the absence of perfume fragrances, which representatives of the strong half of humanity do not like so much. Some manufacturers include substances that inhibit the development of fungal infections. But if you have sensitive skin, then this soap can also cause dryness and irritation.

Gels and foams

This is the most popular form in which all funds from this series are produced. And most often it is about the gel. It gently affects the delicate skin of the groin and is better perceived by it. At the same time, the moisturizing ability is higher than that of soap. The liquid formula allows you to save the beneficial properties of natural components, which play an important role. Auxiliary components will vary greatly from each manufacturer, so you need to study the composition of each tool that you plan to use.

Gels have a lot of advantages. Tools are convenient to use. They are very economical. At the same time, they are able to gently cleanse the skin. But in the first place you need to put foam. Their formulas are similar to gel formulas, but their ability to preserve the natural properties of oils and herbal extracts is much higher. Such products are perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

Wet wipes

It is important to remember that ordinary napkins for these purposes should not be used. A special series for intimate hygiene is perfect for hiking or traveling when other products are not available. They are usually saturated with a cleansing lotion. In their production, alcohol and aromatic fragrances, to which there may be an allergic reaction, are completely eliminated.

Of course, wipes are only a temporary solution in conditions when other means are not available. They cannot replace a full-fledged shower. Therefore, it is advisable to leave them in an emergency, to take with you on the road and to work.


Among them are those that are used for the body, and there is also a special series for intimate hygiene. Is it difficult to imagine a man who will use both? No, today there are already quite a lot of them. These products are designed to eliminate odors. If you wear tight clothes or spend all day at the computer, the inguinal area is blocked from airflow. The remains of sweat accumulate during the day and do not have time to evaporate. The result is an unpleasant odor that is absorbed into clothing. Of course, we don’t want to wash a business suit or jeans every day, so it’s better to use special means.

Decoctions and tinctures

If you have a lot of free time and want to save money, you can not purchase special tools, but cook them at home yourself. To do this, use herbal preparations. For penile hygiene, this is a real find. Widely used chamomile broth. A liter of boiling water will require 2 - 3 tablespoons of dried flowers of the plant. Strain the resulting infusion and rinse the penis with it after each wash. This will soften the effects of the detergent and make it possible to use ordinary soap.

In addition to chamomile, you can use a decoction of calendula and nettle, burdock and plantain. The only negative, herbs need to be collected and brewed, while the foam or gel you just buy in the store and can begin to use. Therefore, the second option is the choice of the majority.

Basic hygiene and disease prevention

A morning shower is a wonderful habit that needs to be cultivated and maintained. But proper male intimate hygiene is a broader concept. The morning shower is not enough to maintain the purity and freshness of the intimate area for a long time:

  • Restroom. All problems begin with this. Dirty hands cause genitals to infect bacteria. Hands must be washed twice: before and after visiting the toilet. Usually they forget about this, and this causes problems. Engaged in daily business or work, you can not vouch for clean hands. In order to prevent residual urine from falling onto the laundry, you can use wet wipes or toilet paper.
  • Water treatments. Men's intimate hygiene includes mandatory washing of the inguinal areas at least twice a day. In addition, the procedure must be repeated before and after intercourse. Especially need to monitor the cleanliness of the head. It is required to move the foreskin, rinse the folds and remove the plaque, and then return the skin to its original place.
  • Examine your genitals regularly. Any redness, inflammation, suppuration - this is an occasion to seek medical advice.

Another important point is the prevention of diseases that can lead to dysfunction of the genital organ and other unpleasant diseases. To avoid such ailments, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • Refrain from promiscuous sexual intercourse.
  • Use barrier contraceptives (condom).
  • Visit your doctor regularly for preventive examinations.
  • Use caution in the public baths and pool.

The rules of male intimate hygiene are very simple. You just need to get used to doing them regularly.

Instead of a conclusion

Personal hygiene is very important. Confidence in oneself, self-esteem, communication with the opposite sex depends on following simple rules. Especially when it comes to the intimate area, cleanliness here becomes a guarantee of health. Today we examined a number of rules that should be followed by all men. This will save you from discomfort, the need for a consultation with a doctor and treatment.