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How to choose makeup for the color and size of the eyes?


It is not easy to unequivocally answer this question (but you probably already tried to do it and passed the test “Determine your appearance color type”), because the color type can be affected by tan, hair dye, skin whitening and other procedures that change the appearance.

But there are certain points, knowing which, you can determine your type of appearance - this is the natural color of the hair, the internal glow of the skin, eye color and a few more characteristics.

Vladimir Kalinchev, the official makeup artist Max Factor, the founder of the school of makeup, the author of the course "Basics of beautiful makeup for yourself" on

How to choose the right makeup color according to the source data, our readers on the eve of the New Year are told by Vladimir Kalinchev, the official makeup artist Max Factor, the founder of the makeup school, the author of the course “Basics of beautiful makeup for yourself” on

We’ll specify right away that the color types “autumn” and “spring” are warm, and “summer” and “winter” are cold.

Winter girl

This is a cold, contrasting, bright type of appearance. I would call such a woman Snow White.

Your portrait

Leather: most often porcelain-transparent, light, with a bluish tint and a natural blush.

Hair: blue-black, ashen, platinum blond.

Eyes: black, blue, violet, turquoise with pure snow-white protein.

Suitable makeup

Main palette: black, white, gray, turquoise, blue, electrician, fuchsia, purple, emerald, bright blue, purple. All pure shades.

Hot winter girl

Girls of this type have a slightly less contrasting appearance than girls with the “winter” color type.

Your portrait

Leather: olive, dark, without a hint of freckles. The skin tint is gray.

Hair: black, brown, chocolate colors.

Eyes: brown, black.

Suitable makeup

Olive skin and gray undertones can change the shades of the applied makeup: white tones turn into dirty beige, blue tones turn dirty gray. It is better to use shades of champagne, bronze and gold, all colors of precious stones and metals. The shade of lemon and lavender looks good - from fuchsia to deep violet.

Makeup for blue eyes

As a rule, owners of blue eyes are blondes or girls with light brown hair and the same fair skin. Such girls in makeup are recommended to give preference to warm, not dark palettes of shadows. It can be any light shades of beige, milk, champagne and the like. To give the eye depth, you can apply contrasting tones, such as swamp, golden, light shades of brown or purple. Also, blue-eyed girls are suitable shades of pink or red flowers.

Blue eyes have several shades, the most common of which is gray-blue. In makeup, it is best to use a gray palette of eyeshadows, such colors will advantageously emphasize light eyes. But when choosing brighter or even darker shades, such as green, bright blue or dark violet, a beautiful iris turns into a faded circle and simply gets lost in an abundance of color.

Blue-eyed brown-haired women are recommended to give preference to more saturated shades. In this case, you need to focus on the clothes you have chosen, and in general, all brown shades (except for very light ones), bronze, dark green, as well as dark blue and silver colors will do.

Features of makeup for brown eyes

Often, brown-eyed girls have darkish skin and brown or black hair due to which they have pronounced eyebrows and eyelashes. This feature allows them not to think about highlighting them with makeup, which greatly simplifies the whole process. In general, in order to choose everyday makeup for the brown-eyed girl, you need to build on the chosen clothing.

However, there are colors that suit brown eyes more than others: these are predictable dark beige and brown, and all kinds of variations of blue and purple.

Brown-eyed beauties can easily experiment with the smoky-eyes that are popular in our time. However, makeup that is not familiar to everyone in black will look much more interesting, for example, it is fashionable to make a mix of blue or plum tones. Such makeup always emphasizes the eyes and creates the effect of a party or an important event.

The previous option is more appropriate for an evening out, but it is recommended to use the nude style as an everyday make-up. The choice is in his direction
can do both girls with light brown hair and brunettes. The main thing to remember, the darker the hair, the richer the makeup should be. When creating such a makeup, it is important to apply branded foundation and powder. Shadows need to be selected according to skin color, and also do not get carried away with mascara, one or two layers will be enough, no more.

Features of makeup for gray eyes

Gray eyes are very similar to blue, they are also most often found in girls with blond hair and pale skin. Many consider him boring and uninteresting, but professional makeup artists think quite the opposite. They usually take gray-eyed girls as a model, and all because of the versatility of this color, because any palette of shadows is combined with it.

Therefore, the owner of a silver shade of eyes, you can choose makeup based on the future image or mood.

The only ones who should think a little over the tone of future makeup are gray-eyed blondes. You need to remember to give your eyes more color and emphasize their beauty, you need to choose shadows for a couple of tones more expressive than the eyes. If he stops at a color identical to the eyes or much brighter, they will be lost against the background of cosmetics and will seem too faded.

Features of makeup for green eyes

Green eye color is considered the rarest among the known, so its owners can be called unique. It is very easy for such girls to stand out, it’s enough to emphasize their rare feature with beautiful, and most importantly appropriate makeup. However, experiments should be abandoned, since the line between “beautiful” and “repulsive” is very small.

Well on such girls, the eye shadow palette looks, well, or the universal gray color. If you plan to create a bolder and more contrasting image, then it is recommended to apply chestnut, chocolate or golden colors.

Green-eyed beauties are advised to abandon violet, sapphire and blue-violet tones in makeup, as well as gloomy colors of lipstick. If the eye color is mixed, for example, gray-green or brown-green, then in the makeup you can add paints suitable for these eye colors.

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How to understand which makeup suits you?

The main task of makeup is to focus on the merits of appearance, to lead imperfections into the shadows, and to perfect what can look better.

  • To begin with, you should determine what exactly you would like to make more visible with the help of cosmetics: to emphasize large eyes or, perhaps, highlight sensual lips? This is the first step.

  • Be sure to consider the main characteristics of your appearance: the color of hair and skin, the shape of the face and eyebrows. These parameters largely determine which shades to choose and which makeup techniques to use.

  • The color and shape of the eyes also matter. Most shades of eye shadow, eyeliner and pencils, except black and brown, are not universal. Perhaps you also have some features (such as an overhanging eyelid) that you definitely need to consider when creating makeup.

  • Makeup artists usually do not lose sight of other nuances - for example, individual features like chiseled cheekbones or rounded cheeks, high or, conversely, low forehead, hump on the nose or wide nose.

How to choose makeup by face type?

The type of face (its shape) dictates which parts of it should be taken into the shadows, and which, on the contrary, should be emphasized.

  • The oval shape is considered close to ideal - it rarely needs adjustment. It will be enough to slightly highlight the cheekbones with a bronzer to make facial features more sculptural.

  • The square shape, as a rule, implies a rather broad face with sharp features. Possession of contouring skills with this type of person is mandatory. Your main task is to visually narrow your face. In addition, when creating a make-up, you should avoid graphic makeup and choose soft color transitions, creating a beautiful “haze”.

  • The round face also needs sculpting. In makeup, you need to focus on graphic elements - for example, draw clear arrows or draw lips around the contour with a pencil, and then paint them with matte lipstick.

  • A heart-shaped (triangular) face is characterized by a pointed chin and a wide forehead. In makeup, you need to strive to “balance” the lower and upper parts of the face. Sculpting should be done as shown in the diagram below.

How to choose makeup, given the color type?

It will be easier for you to understand which makeup suits you if you figure out your color type. You can find out whether your color type is “warm” or “cold” using one of the following methods.

Color types are also divided into four main types: “spring”, “autumn”, “summer” and “winter”.

  • “Spring” is, as a rule, “warm” skin of a pinkish tint in combination with light brown or brown hair with a reddish tint.

  • The color type “autumn” is similar to “spring”, but the skin is more likely to have a yellowish underton. Hair - also with a red tint, the eyes can be gray-green, brown, "nut" in color.

It is easy to understand that in the makeup that suits girls of the spring and autumn color types, “warm” shades should prevail.

  • A “winter” is characterized by a combination of light, even pale, skin and dark hair, as well as blue, gray-green or dark brown eyes.

  • “Summer” is “cold” skin, which is complemented by hair with a neutral ash tone and eyes of blue, gray-blue, olive-green or brown.

Accordingly, it is better for “summer” and “winter” girls to choose cosmetics of “cold” shades.

If you are still at a loss and cannot determine your color type, take the test.

Daytime makeup

Every day makeup is neutral, soft, natural. Your task is to perform it in shades (either in “warmer” or in “colder”) that suit you, given your color type. This applies primarily to eye makeup and blush selection. Examples are given below.

Day makeup for the "cold" color type

Day makeup for a “warm” color type

evening make-up

What makeup to choose if you have a special evening? In the “exit” make-up, you will have to consider not only the color scheme, but also the most suitable beauty tricks.

  • Chubby, for example, it makes sense to perform contouring to make facial features more subtle, girls with a square face shape is better to draw attention to the eyes. This can be done with Smokey Ice Makeup.
  • Depending on the appearance, additional beauty manipulations may be necessary: ​​hide the overhang of the eyelid, narrow the nose or make the contours of the lips more clear.

Look for examples of beautiful evening makeup in our video tutorials. Shining makeup in terracotta tones is perfect for a "cold" color type.

A spectacular make-up using shining shades of a deep plum shade will emphasize the dignity of a girl of a "warm" color type.

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Color or chromatic circle

And here you are again mistaken in the choice of makeup or clothing. Why did it happen? Surely, the basic principle was violated: the easiest way to select the desired contrast shade is to use the special “Color Circle” or “Chromatic Circle”.

Each of us is individual, and what suits one girl is completely different for the other. And the chromatic circle is made up so that any representative of the fair sex can, without further ado, pick up the optimal color scheme in clothes and makeup.

The chromatic circle was invented by the artist Johannes Itten.

• First level - in the center are 3 primary colors: red, yellow, blue.

• The second level is obtained by mixing the primary colors: red and yellow give orange, yellow and blue - green, red and blue - purple.

• The third level is obtained by mixing primary and secondary colors and shades.

To enhance one hue, you need to select the opposite color in the circle. If you combine the colors located next door, they will absorb each other. In addition, when choosing shades, you need to pay attention to their "warmth" or "coldness."

Warm tones - from yellow to red-violet.

Cold tones - from purple to yellow-green.

If you combine chromatic shades with white, they become more voluminous and deeper. By combining chromatic tones with black, you achieve their saturation.

With a chromatic circle, everything seems to be clear. But what color is usually taken as a basis? What to start with when choosing the right shade? It turns out that there are 2 options for the approach:

- choice of shade according to eye color,
- choice of shade according to the color of clothes.

The selection of colors for makeup

Before you start choosing a palette, you should study your own eye color and determine how to better emphasize it. The easiest way to explain this is with an example: women with blue eyes can use peach and coral shades of shade with a beige skin tone or beige-brown color if the skin is ivory. Just look at the chromatic circle to select makeup and choose your favorite shade.

The most suitable shades for a particular eye color are presented in the image. Cold and warm colors depend on skin tone.

By the way, to select a suitable, additional shade, it is not necessary to use only the principle of contrast. You can combine colors of 3 and 4, using the principles presented in the figure. This will allow you to combine not 2, but more colors in makeup or in clothes.

To determine your color type, consider the main characteristics of the method of "4 seasons".

• Winter - skin is white with a bluish tint or olive cold, hair is black with a dark chestnut tint, eyes are gray, blue, dark brown or black.

• Autumn - skin is beige or yellowish-golden, hair is red or honey-brown, eyes are light blue, amber, golden brown, amber.

• Spring - peach or yellowish-golden skin, straw-blond hair, light red, eyes green, turquoise, golden brown.

• Summer - milk skin with a bluish tint, hair with an ashy shade, eyes gray-blue, gray-green, hazel-brown.

Combination of makeup with selected clothing

If the clothes are dominated by a certain color scheme, it must be taken into account that the shade of lipstick, blush and nail polish should be combined with it.

It is believed that the brighter the palette in clothes, the brighter the lipstick should be. This rule does not apply to women with fair skin and blond hair, who should choose a lipstick of a calmer shade.

If the clothing is dominated by black or white, the makeup can be both calm and bright - it all depends on the event you are going to.

Choosing red clothes, makeup shades should be selected depending on whether the costume is cold or warm. Red-violet dresses are in harmony with plum flowers, red-orange with yellow, brown, orange and their shades.

Soft brown tones in clothes go well with different warm shades from light apricot to yellow-brown. Gray-brown shades are in harmony with the cold pink-purple and plum palette.