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Copywriter cheat sheet: template and examples of selling texts


Tips for writing text are used to help writers start writing. This allows you to find inspiration for writing a story, poem or essay. Many writers regularly have difficulty writing, and a hint can help them overcome this problem. If you are a teacher and teach writing lessons, then you probably had to come up with clues. If you do not know how to do this, do not worry, writing tips is not difficult. You just need to think outside the box. Take time to brainstorm before writing tips for writing text.

Template example of selling text

So, what would we sell this today? Let it be a glamorous dog poncho. We start the text with a heading that contains the name of the product or service.

Great dog poncho for your pet

Next, we denote the problem.

Does your dog freeze on a walk? Have to carry it in your arms? Is the dog sneezing at home?

While the unlucky owner of a sensitive animal nods his head in dismay, we propose a solution.

It's time to warm your pet and give him comfort and good mood! In our store you will find a wonderful assortment of warm, comfortable and fashionable ponchos suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages.

The site visitor rejoiced and believed in the power of the poncho. Now you need to persuade him to make a purchase right here and now. To do this, we paint the benefits of the product, praise the range and promise low prices.

Our ponchos are the most poncho! They are sewn from the skins of elite krakozyabry and subjected to a three-stage quality certification. In addition, your pet will never have an allergy, since all ponchos are hypoallergenic and safe for human and animal health. The catalog presents models of all kinds of colors and styles. Recently arrived a poncho from the new collection: hurry to make a purchase at a bargain price!

But what if the reader doesn’t need a poncho? Well, all of a sudden! We must offer an alternative.

Also on sale is a professional pet food. Possible home delivery.

In the end I recommend mentioning the excellent service and one of the advantages of the company - for example, free delivery.

In the Poncho Plus company, you and your pet are waiting for an exceptionally attentive service. We offer free door-to-door poncho delivery throughout the Moscow Region.

And an invitation / call to action.

Call and order! We are glad to every customer!

Basic requirements for selling texts

Despite the fact that the purpose of any advertising text is to praise and sell the goods, each client has his own ideas on how to do this. Someone appreciates humor and creativity, while someone a hypocrite considers only business style ethical. Therefore, before undertaking to write the text, check with the customer the following points (if there is little or no information in the terms of reference):

  • from which person to write the text (from the first or third),
  • which style is preferred (strict, playful, friendly, aggressively selling),
  • company name and its advantages.

Ask the customer if possible to send an example of the text that he likes. Sometimes it’s easier to adapt to a certain style than to reinvent the wheel in a vague TK.

Vivid examples of selling texts

The template is good. But in order to truly learn how to write advertising texts, they need to be read more often. I bring to your attention several examples of selling content that you should focus on. Only my own production, but in the future I plan to give links to good texts from the open spaces of the network.

Example 1. Sex sells. Always.

One of my selling texts that I really like very much.

Example 2. How movie stars are tormented by crooked teeth.

Each inhabitant is interested in the inside of Hollywood. Why not use gossip for advertising?

Example 3. Death in poverty. Reason: lack of copywriter.

My favorite trick: a cool story with a selling ending :)

As you may have guessed, if we are talking about a real selling text, then all the recommendations listed at the beginning of the post can be safely flushed down the toilet. Thousands of advertising articles written on this template on the Internet have become boring to users for a long time and do not cause much interest among site visitors. A true selling text is a masterpiece created contrary to standards and stereotypes, based on the psychology of the reader and motivating not just to make a purchase, but to change your life.

But, as I said, there are almost no customers on the Internet who need an advertising masterpiece. They all expect from the copywriter the most ordinary, but high-quality selling text, made according to the rules described above.

Therefore, do not be afraid to take orders for advertising articles into work - they are no more complicated than usual, only with their own specific writing. Use the template if you want to write high-quality selling texts. Examples it can be infinite, but nothing can replace practice. Go ahead for a new order! Good luck

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