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Although kissing a movie may not be the most romantic moment in life if you are a guy in high school, sometimes a movie theater may be your best chance to kiss. But if you want to kiss a girl during a movie, you need to be tricky about it. If you want to learn how to kiss a girl during a movie in high school without betraying yourself, then pay attention to Step 1 to start: light, camera, motor.

How to kiss a girl for the first time

Even in ancient Rome, wise people knew that one of the most important things in the life of every person is experience. This was unanimously declared not only by all prominent philosophers and thinkers, but also by the rulers of large states. Now practically nothing has changed and many people are still confident that experience is one of the most important things. And this is not surprising, because even with certain knowledge, but without experience, it can be very difficult for a person to succeed in a particular business. This applies to absolutely every area of ​​life, including love relationships.

The first relationship for every young person is always something exciting, touching, beautiful, sweet and fragile. It is because of the lack of experience that a guy can do a lot of things, which can lead to funny, funny, ridiculous and awkward situations. Young people quite often do not know how to behave in a particular situation. So, for example, many of them quite often ask themselves how to kiss a girl for the first time.

Most guys want to kiss a girl right on the first date, in order to immediately indicate all their intentions. However, this is not necessary, as an attempt to kiss on a first date can turn into a curious situation if the girl refuses. Well, and most likely it will happen, because most girls of different ages have an unwritten rule that prohibits them from kissing at the first meeting. This is especially true for those girls who previously did not kiss at all. Of course, not every one of them will wait for a third date to kiss the boy with whom she walks. Everything can happen at the second meeting. But even if there is no suitable opportunity on the third date, it’s better to postpone the first kiss next time. Indeed, in this matter not timing is important, but the relevance of the moment.

If you have serious intentions for a girl, then do not rush things too much so as not to do stupid things and unnecessary things. The fact is that only a few perfect mistakes can ruin only the nascent relationship. And if you do not want this, then there is no need to rush.

Many guys, left alone with the girl, immediately climb to kiss her. They do this for a variety of reasons, including because of a desire to bring relations to a new level as quickly as possible. In addition, some of them are very nervous before the first kiss, so they try to solve this issue as quickly as possible. But with this approach to the first kiss, nothing good will come of it. Well, much depends on how it goes.

You should not rush into the first kiss, but you should also not put it off in the long box. After all, if you tighten the process with it, then there is a chance that the girl will think about the frivolity of your intentions. Therefore, the main thing here is to choose the most suitable moment. Moreover, if on the first date everything goes so well that the girl herself wants to kiss you herself, then in no case should she bother and push the lady away, because this can really offend her. But to force her to this is not necessary.

For the first kiss, you need to choose the moment when both partners will be on an emotional lift, so that it is truly memorable.

Before you go directly to the kiss, you must necessarily prepare for it so that everything goes at the highest level. After all, if for many guys the first kiss is not so important, then for most girls it plays a huge role. Therefore, you need to carefully prepare for it, if not for yourself, then for the girl.

If you have never done this in your life, then before the first kiss with the girl you like, you need to practice this business so that you don’t miss a mistake. Having mastered the technique of kissing, you will feel more comfortable when everything is closer to business. You can practice this on your own hand or on some object. In addition, you can ask for help from your girlfriend, whom you trust, to practice with her in this matter. But keep in mind that if you really like the girl for whom you conduct such training, this will become a barrier to kissing with another person. Moreover, the girl can learn about such a practice, which will certainly upset her.

Before the first kiss with a girl you like, you must always monitor the freshness of your breath, because this moment is one of the most important points. After all, no girl wants to kiss a guy who smells badly from his mouth. Especially when it comes to the first kiss, according to which she will add up the impression of a young man.

Therefore, before going on a date, even if you are not going to kiss your chosen one on it, you must always brush your teeth. It would seem that this is such a banal thing that you should not pay attention to at all, but many guys forget about it. In addition, before a date, it is necessary to avoid eating food that for a long time leaves an unpleasant or specific smell in the mouth. We are talking about the same products as garlic, onions, dumplings with vinegar, salted fish and many others. Well, to be completely sure of the freshness of your breath, you need to stock up with chewing gum or peppermint candies.

In many ways, exactly how the first kiss will go will depend on the choice of the most suitable and appropriate moment. So it is necessary to approach this issue especially seriously.

Many guys put off a kiss to the final stage of a date when they spend the girl home. They believe that it is a tradition to kiss a girl at the very end of a date. However, this is completely untrue, because you can kiss a girl at any time. It is enough to choose the most suitable case.

If your date is to go to the cinema, then you can kiss her right there. However, for this you need to buy tickets for the back rows, which are usually called places for a kiss. But keep in mind that some ladies are not ready to kiss in a public place, even on the last row in a movie theater. An ideal option would be an almost empty cinema hall. Such a romantic setting will push the girl to a kiss herself.

If you are sitting together on a bench, and she herself hugs or touches you, then it's time to move on to the kiss. After all, with her touches the girl shows her desire to kiss you. However, she herself cannot take the first step, because a man must do it.

The girl’s eyes can clearly tell about the desire to kiss the guy. If you caught her eye on your lips, then this is a clear sign that it is time to get down to business.

If a girl tries to get close to you, often leans toward you or tries to hug you, this also indicates her desire. This moment needs to be caught and kissed by the girl in time. If you guessed with the moment, then she obviously will not be against this kiss.
If you have fun, laugh and play with the girl on a date, then at this time you can kiss her. In a fit of emotion, she will surely let you do it, so do not miss this moment.

How to kiss a girl for the first time?

Most often, the girls remember the first kiss best. Therefore, it is important that it is really wonderful.
During the first kiss with the girl, you do not need to make any sudden movements. Everything should go quietly. First you need to start gradually moving closer to her face. If she does not take him away, then everything is going well. It is worth noting that to approach the girl's face you need to tilt your head slightly so as not to collide with your noses. Slowing closer to the girl's face will be a great signal for her that you are going to kiss her, so this will not be a surprise for her. And if the girl is not ready for the kiss, then this will give her time to take her head to the side. Well, if you do everything quickly, without giving her time to think, then you run the risk of getting a slap in the face.

During a kiss, almost all people close their eyes. But, in no case should this be done while getting closer to the girl’s face. After all, she will see how you approach her lips with her eyes closed, which can cause her laughter. Indeed, from the outside it will look really funny. So close your eyes only when you started kissing.

Do not immediately go to the girl with the tongue in her mouth. To start, try a kiss with your mouth closed. As soon as your lips touch, you will immediately understand how to proceed. Moreover, after touching, the girl can take the initiative.

During the kiss, you need to pay due attention to the movement of your hands. In no case should they hang at the seams, as they must be involved. With one hand you can hug the girl by the waist, and the other put on the girl's face.

It's no secret that girls pay more attention to the first kiss. If it goes awesome, then the girls automatically transfer the young man to the rank of his official boyfriend. If everything goes terribly, then some ladies put an end to possible relationships.

Even if the first kiss didn’t work out, you can always translate everything as a joke. Thus, it is possible to turn an awkward situation into a funny case, which, if the relationship is established, can be remembered with a laugh in the future.

The guy should take the initiative in his own hands and be the first to kiss the girls. Thus, he will demonstrate his attitude and male leadership, which all women like.

If a girl feels uncomfortable, for example, wants to use the toilet or something hurts her, then at this moment she will not have time for romance and kisses. Also, the girl does not want to kiss even if she is very cold, because her thoughts will be occupied with how to warm up as soon as possible.

In no case should you put pressure on a girl, incline her to a kiss on a first date. Indeed, even if the lady succumbed to pressure, and everything happens, she will obviously experience disappointment, as her kiss occurred under duress. Moreover, if you come across a really modest girl who you bent to kiss on the first date, then she may be offended by this, and there will be no second date. Therefore, if you have serious plans, then do not put pressure on the girl, even if she does not kiss you during the second or third meeting.

No need to ask the girl for permission to kiss her. To the questions “Can I kiss you?” Or “Can I kiss you?” The girl can refuse, even if she really wants to. The fact is that women at any age do not want to make such decisions on their own.

Many guys drop their hands after the girl’s first refusal to kiss. They no longer attempt, because they do not want to seem intrusive. But this need not be afraid. If the girl declined to kiss for the first time, then the next time she would not. Although, of course, if such evasions continue from time to time, then for sure the girl does not want to kiss you and it is better to stop trying.

Another common mistake is a kiss without preparation. Of course, without it, everything can go well. But if you want to be sure of the successful outcome of the first kiss with a girl that you like, then it is better to prepare for it.

The question of how to kiss a girl for the first time should be taken really seriously. However, there is no need to worry, worry and worry about this.

How to kiss a girl for the first time
The first relationship for every young person is always something exciting, touching, beautiful, sweet and fragile. It is because of a lack of experience that a guy can do a lot.

How to kiss a girl in a movie theater?

Going to the movies is a traditional, one might say, legendary date. In the twilight of the auditorium, girls are lured, of course, not for the sake of wanting to show a new film: they want to kiss them! Alas, darkness does not always make women easy prey - an amorous trap must be organized wisely.

1. Select the appropriate movie. Some films have women more kissed than others. If a friend sees how the main characters of the film fight with a slime-covered alien freak, the romantic center of her brain will be paralyzed. But if she sees how handsome vampires passionately kiss mortal maidens, then her lips themselves will begin to smack with desire.

  • No matter how terrible your thirst for her sweet lips is, try not to attack forever with kisses. A few times is enough.
  • What if the girl doesn’t want to kiss in the cinema? Apparently, she doesn’t want to kiss you at all. Go over the money spent on her ticket and look for another girlfriend, more grateful and passionate.

Do you know that in some cinemas there are special “places for lovers”? The armrests can be a serious obstacle for couples who want to sit closer to each other - that's why tickets for two seats go on sale without any “obstacles”. To the delight of young people in modern cinemas, the armrests are increasingly being retracted.