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The way from an ordinary player to an e-sportsman


Friends, hello everyone. The broadcast team Gamebizclub. Today you will find a very simple and interesting article without water and pathos - we will tell you how to become an e-sportsman, share our personal experience and reveal what other sites are silent about.

Since 2014, we have been writing articles about games, doing ratings and reviews, testing new products and watching Majors, trying to train our team and following trends. And eSports is now one of the main trends in the world.

The game sports market is growing very fast, according to RBC, this year its total budget will be $ 10 million. And this is only in Russia. These 10 million mean the amount spent by advertisers to promote their products during tournaments and championships. And part of these funds are received by the participants of the competition, teams and organizers.

Agree, it would be cool to win a tournament in CS: GO or Dota 2, get your million dollars in prize money and become a famous player. But one of hundreds of thousands of people succeeds. And in this guide we will talk about how to become one of the hundreds of thousands and break into the top. Everything is only a matter of business, we begin.

From this article you will learn:

ESportsmen - who are they?

From the point of view of an ordinary person who goes to work every day and makes money, an e-sportsman is a kind of person who plays on a computer day and night and it is not clear what makes a living. Most people think that way, and they think negatively and do not pay attention to arguments when it comes to big prizes.

And from the point of view of a person who actively plays in the very CS GO and Dota 2, cybersportsman is a very cool gamer who only does what he plays and does something there. But if this gamer is properly trained, he will win the tournament and earn a lot of money.

Watch this video from the 2017 Kiev Major final - it’s very cool:

The life of the esportsman is actually not so beautiful as it might seem at first glance. You have to constantly sit at the computer, spend 10 to 16 hours a day on the game, constantly train, learn and remember new information. And what in return?

While a person sits and plays, life passes by him. Others study, go to the movies, walk and have fun. Gradually, the gap widens, because real life is very different from what you have on your computer. And who will be interested to listen to how you planted Plant B there for the counter or did minus 5, giving a full cast on Invoker.

What is the result? A man closes in himself, sits at home and spoils health at the computer, does not develop and stops learning. Some kind of bleak picture, right? But many schoolchildren and students still continue to live like this, trying to become pro-players, losing their health and chance of a successful life.

According to statistics, one of hundreds of thousands becomes a successful pro-player. What to do if you want everything at once? We will give an approximate plan of action, and here is what needs to be done at the very beginning:

Sit down, think and understand yourself - do you really want to become a pro-player or do you just like to play and prove to your classmates or classmates your coolness? If the desire is serious, carefully read the pros and cons.

Is this exactly what you need?

If making a decision, you think that you only need to constantly play, google phrases like “how long does it take to become a pro cybersportsman” and watch Twitch channels - you are doing everything wrong. So you are wasting your time and you will never achieve anything.

First, try to calculate your money that you spend on improving your computer, the amount that you can earn in a year and the amount that you could earn in the same year if you got a job in the evenings.

The easiest way to calculate the first point: a powerful PC - from 60,000 rubles, excluding a chair and a desk, a widescreen monitor, a headset and license keys. The full stuffing will now be released in the region of 100-150 thousand rubles, plus add unlimited Internet at a cost of 500 to 1000 rubles per month. If your parents are willing to pay for it and support you, it’s almost profitable.

The second point is potential earnings. Let's take this situation: you lived in CS: GO for 10-12 hours a day for 1 year, got into a team with a sponsor and you were unlucky to get prizes at the FACEIT Major - London 2018. Your team takes the last 16th place and gets $ 8,750. Even if, for simplicity, this amount is divided only into players (and there is still a coach, manager, leadership, etc.), the revenue will amount to $ 1,750 for each.

Is it a lot or a little? This is an average of $ 146 or 9,928 rubles per month. So-so, the profit is actually, because in order to earn more, you need to participate in all tournaments and constantly win.

If you do not win, then there will be no profit. 146 dollars a month is quite a bit, but most semi-professional players do not earn this money either. And it still has to be lucky with the team and the sponsor - this is very important. But these 10-15 hours spent on the game could be spent better and earn more. Only for some reason no one thinks about it - playing is easier, and nothing needs to be done.

Yes, a player may have a contract, that is, a fixed monthly salary, but here everything is very individual and again depends on the level of organization and its sponsors. Usually, the sponsor pays for the flight, accommodation and some expenses related to the tournament, and in return the team advertises the brand itself on clothes and / or, for example, spelling its name in a nickname.

And the Astralis team won the FACEIT Major - London 2018, whose players, again, take it rudely, each received $ 100,000. And this is completely different money that all those who dream of becoming an e-sports star dream about. But it turns out in one person out of several million - this is the competition.

Separately, we note the example of a professional player in Dota 2 among the winners of The International 2018 - Topson (Topias Taavitsainen). This guy was not known until The International 2018 from the word at all, until he was invited to the n0tail team (Johan Sundstein) - the captain of OG before the tournament. Why did he invite him? Because Topson played public day and night, and apparently did it well. As a result, OG won the tournament and earned $ 11,234,158 on the team. What do you think, how much money did Topson receive (in the photo the second after JerAx (Essay Vainikka) faces us)? Very, very much - this is a story about how you play public yesterday, and today you win The International and become a millionaire.

If you want to become a pro-player not for the sake of money and career, but for the sake of something else, it is not clear why, throw this nonsense out of your head. So you will not have enough motivation, you will just spend time on the game and ultimately remain with nothing.

Keep calm

First of all, you need to understand one of the most important thing, stop bombing! Psychos, nerves and emotions do not allow you to think sensibly, assess the situation and find the best option for victory.

You can always yell at teammates, call them crayfish, or take it out of the game, but what's the point? Learn to correctly perform your role, become better than these "crayfish" and try to stretch the rink. Did not work out? It does not matter, correctly analyze your mistakes and go to the next game.

Remember, there is no victory without defeat. You will have to lose thousands of fights, then to win that very victory at The International or another tournament. Be patient and treat the game like a job.

Analyze games about scenes

An important part of its development is the analysis of players about scenes. No need to watch fan videos on YouTube from popular streamers. Such content is designed for fun, not for learning.

Want to really improve your skill? Learn games from major tournaments, watch YouTube about players. Their content is also created for entertainment purposes, but even in ordinary games, such gamers give their all, so they have a lot to learn.

The main thing is that you do not need to turn on the vidos thoughtlessly for food and just watch it for a tick, this makes no sense. Analyze each action, write down popular assembly items, remember convenient replanting, backache and the actions of the esportsman in a specific situation.

Analysis of the victories and defeats of others is the path to their own development.

Level up your game

The most important rule for any eSportsman is regular training. Firstly, when it comes to MOVA games, determine your position and character and hone the game to the ideal. It is not necessary in each game to choose a new role and a hero, so there will be no sense.

Secondly, plan your schedule, according to which, 4-5 hours should go to training. Note that it is for training, not for the game. During this time, you should hone your skill, and not just mindlessly fancy.

Third, forget about what the timetables say. Your task is to accurately fulfill your task, and not chase fragments or appease your allies. Focus on one role and don't break into parts.

And another important point, always look for rivals one level higher. Playing with an equal opponent or a weaker one does not work out.
Team building

As soon as you raise your rating, professional level and can perceive the game as your future work, you can proceed to the choice of the team. You can create your team from scratch with the help of friends and acquaintances, or choose on a variety of services on the Internet.

One of the most popular sites for finding allies is the Dream Team. Convenient navigation can easily help you get comfortable and pick up a team according to your level. You can also look for players for the future during regular skating rinks, evaluating the most skilled ones.


By trial and error did you manage to find the perfect team? It's time to declare itself. Start applying for all the possible tournaments you find. You should not count on a large prize pool or fast popularity, you may have to play a couple of years at city competitions for free, but it is at such tournaments that agents find young talents.

The main thing is perseverance. Continue to exercise regularly. If you can take prizes in low-grade competitions, you will soon be able to get a sponsor or attract the attention of larger teams, which will allow you to get into the world of eSports.

Useful links

Your sociability is the way to success. Learn to find a common language with everyone: tournament organizers, sponsors, other teams. It is not known which of them will offer you a unique opportunity to break up, perhaps it will be an invitation to a new tournament from your organizer friend, and possibly into a new team, from a player from an enemy team with whom you have a good relationship.

Useful connections in e-sports, as elsewhere, are one of the main requirements for success.

Advantages and disadvantages

Esports is the dream of any gamer who prefers multiplayer shooters. This is not surprising, because such a profession has many advantages:

  • Big money. For example, the OG team at The International 2018, which won first place, earned $ 11 million. Of course, I called the largest e-sports tournament, but it is precisely these earnings that young players expect.
  • Popularity. Having achieved success on the pro stage, you will certainly become the idol of millions around the world. In fact, even movie stars sometimes find it difficult to break records by the number of fans of e-sportsmen.
  • Favourite hobby. Spend your whole life behind your favorite game, isn’t this the ultimate dream. Also get money for it.
    With the pros, perhaps everything. If I missed any advantages, write them in the comments, and I proceed to the disadvantages of the esports profession:
  • The possibility of failure. As I already said, millions dream of becoming cybersportsmen, but only a few succeed. You can spend many years trying, and if you still fail to achieve a result, return to real life without experience and knowledge.
  • Loss of health. No matter how trite it may sound, but you can not only plant your eyesight, but also worsen your overall health. Sedentary work is not a joke. The effect will not be noticeable immediately, but only by the age of 30-40, when the body begins to age.
  • Full employment. It is necessary to spend 5 hours a day on training, but this is only at the initial level. If you get into eSports, the load doubles, so get ready to spend all the time honing one action hundreds of times at the computer. Forget about work, study and fun, just training.
  • Lack of privacy. With such employment, it is very difficult not only to find, but also to keep the girl. Few people want to live with a guy who spends all the time at the computer.

Can you stand it all? Then it's worth a try.

What awaits you ahead

Before embarking on the path of an esportsman you must understand one more truth, normal work practically does not shine for you. At the age of 30, when the scene becomes inaccessible, it will be difficult to find a worthy profession without work experience and proper education, but other horizons will be opened to you.

Most cybersportsmen from the role of players go to coaches or streamers, remaining in the same way. However, it is worth noting that this does not always work out and it is worth being prepared that a long period of unemployment awaits you by the end of your esports career.

Esports is not as fun as it seems at first glance. It is worth thinking 100 times before embarking on this path. But if you nevertheless decided, go to the end, improving every day. In this case, you will definitely achieve the desired result and in one day you can personally greet your fans from the pro scene.

That’s all, dear friends. Subscribe to the blog and share information with friends. See you soon!

Make a plan

But if you have a strong motivation to earn a lot by playing CS: GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, StarCraft, World of Tanks, Overwatch, FIFA and other e-sports disciplines, you need to make a plan and clearly follow it. Without discipline, you will not achieve anything.

First of all, select the game in which you are best versed. After that, look to see if there are championships in it, calculate how much average players from average teams earn on average. It’s pointless to look at the profit of the tops, you can never become one. But everyone can become a mediocre eSportsman.

If you're comfortable with the average income you can potentially get, go on to the daily schedule. And here you have to follow these rules:

  1. Real life should come first. Try to keep up with everything and control what you do.
  2. One game - one skill (role in the team) - many hours of gameplay - the best result.

Be sure to think about real life - go to school or college, study and develop. Because without education you will not be in demand anywhere, despite all the achievements in games.

The daily schedule should include your daily activities, be sure to 30 minutes or an hour of exercise, time to study, but most importantly allocate from 5 to 10 hours for the game. Everyone has a different schedule, but in most cases only schoolchildren and students can live in this mode.

Important: pro-e-sportsmen spend 10 hours every day on training skills and developing team skills. If you withstand such a load for at least two to three years, then it is very likely that you will become one of the tops - not yet pro, but already top.

To be pro means not just constantly playing, but working on yourself, constantly improving your skill and reaction, thinking with your head. It's like a job that people go to every day.

You have a daily schedule, you are ready to observe it - now we turn to what will make you a real pro.


There is very high competition in e-sports. Therefore, at the beginning of the article, we wrote that you should focus on only one game - Dota 2, League of Legends, Fortnite and so on. If you jump from one discipline to another, then do not learn anything.

The next step is the choice of specialization and role in the team. Now the competition is very high, and it is growing every year. Dozens or even hundreds of people mark each place. Therefore, it is very important to correctly prioritize and become a pro in one thing or another.

How to become eSportsmen:

  1. Constantly train one skill. For example, 2000 hours with SSG 08 rifle on aim cards or 5000 hours as a support in DotA.
  2. Then they train in small tournaments, solo or as a team. The main thing is that you need to play not simple Deathmatch, but something like competitions.
  3. And further, tight teamwork. Train the teamplay, where everyone knows their role and actions. At the same time, a lot depends on the trained skill and the number of hours in small tournaments.

All three types of training are very important, so you should go gradually and allocate a certain amount of time for each step. For example, at the beginning you train 500 hours for support of heroes in Dota 2, accumulate 5,000 hours in total, enter into some kind of serious team and start playing tournaments. If you play well, sooner or later you will be called by a good and well-known team. Riding tournaments, selected for Major - profit.

Проще говоря, без основы вы попросту не попадёте никуда. Крупные и известные организации, например, Virtus Pro или Astralis специально нанимают аналитиков и скаутов, которые заняты анализом соперников и поиском новичков, потенциально усиливающих команду. И если вы будете играть средне, не показывая ничего выдающегося, то вас просто никто не заметит.

И ещё кое-что

Надеемся, что в процессе чтения нашей статьи вы уже сделали следующее:

  1. Решили ввязываться в это или нет, посчитали возможную прибыль.
  2. Составили оптимальный график жизни, где есть учёба, спорт и тренировки.
  3. Выбрали лучшую игру, свою роль и скилл.
  4. Составили план тренировок.

Now add another item to this list - the experience of other people.

Now many popular players are blogging, writing guides and talking about different things that you don’t even know about. Therefore, at least 20-30 minutes a day, before the game or on the road, you should pay attention to watching videos, reading guides and forums, as well as thesis keeping your diary or blog, in which you should write down your thoughts and ideas.

The algorithm of actions here is simple - read, realized, written down and put into practice. If it worked fine, then add other people's tricks to your playing style and make it even better.

Adopt other people's experience, analyze, learn and improve your gameplay - this is also important if you want to become a real pro.

If you don’t know how tops play, then you can never be one of them. Therefore, you need to learn from other people, learn and become better every day.

Self-improvement is the basis for future victories. Watch videos on YouTube, streams from major competitions, read forums and guides, chat with other people. Constantly think about how to improve your gameplay and which of all viewed / read you will come in handy.

Best of all - watch eSports competitions that take place several times a year. Just follow them not from the point of view of the fan, but analyze the actions of players and teams.

In theory, this could put an end to. We shared our experience, gave all the necessary information. And now it's time to talk about what other sites are silent about.

How to become a professional CS: GO player?

First, select the role and skill. There are several options here:

  • Attack aircraft with automatic weapons. Suitable for those who like to rush and be the first to join the battle.
  • Support with automatic weapons. The second-line fighter covering the attack aircraft.
  • Support with a sniper rifle. A fighter of the third line, insuring partners and covering the possible paths of the enemy’s approach.

Choose the appropriate option, now make a list of weapons with which you will play. For example, one or two pistols (1-4 or 1-5), one shotgun (2-1, 2-2), one submachine gun (3-1, 3-4), one automatic rifle (4-1, 4-2).

Now start training with each type of weapon on Deatchmatch servers for several hours a day. Improve reaction and aim in Mission Red or on Deatchmatch cards in FFA mode.

In addition to the aima and the reaction, you need control of the spray - control of the spread of bullets, in other words, control of the accuracy of shooting and compensation for the return of each weapon. This can be done on the Recoil Master - Spray Training map at CS GO.

Such training should take from 2 to 4 hours a day. After training, only MatchMaking mode with random partners. Here you will learn how to play against boosters, cheaters and other exotic "animals", which are rare in normal modes.
Raise the rank to the maximum possible, preferably to the Legendary Eagle Master. As soon as you reach (it can take six months or more), go into a more serious league:

  • FACEIT - suitable for the CIS and Europe, professionals and semi-professionals play here, it costs 400 rubles per month. But almost no cheaters, tournaments and championships are held.
  • ESEA - here they play pro from the USA and Canada, a more prestigious and thoughtful league than FACEIT.

The main eSports events in CS: GO take place in these leagues, teams are assembled here and prestigious tournaments are held here, so you should get here and prove yourself in the best possible way. If everything works out, wait for the invitation to the team and start playing in tournaments - now you are an e-sportsman.

I dream of becoming a star eSportsman, what do I need for this?

Alexander Glazkov: First of all, you need to perfectly play the game that you like. You must not only be good, but better than everyone else. Next come personal qualities - reaction, stress resistance - sometimes luck helps.

Alexander Glazkov (PvPStejos). Albus NOX Luna Team

Egor Medvedev: It’s hard to say what needs to be done to make it work, because most of us do it all by themselves. If you start to play the same League of Legends at a high level, then everything depends on how much you are ready to devote yourself to it. If you don’t leave everything halfway, continue to improve and train hard, then the chances of success will increase markedly.

Ilya Melkumov: To become a star e-sportsman, you need to be able to think quickly and quickly press keys - these are the two most important skills.

Konstantin Chanchikov: We need a computer that allows you to run the game on the necessary settings. We need a stable internet with good ping to game servers. And correctly selected devices - a mouse, a rug, a keyboard. A table, a chair, after all.

How many hours a day is supposed to spend on a game? Is there any recommended timing, schedule?

A.G .: On average, I spend about 8 hours of “clean time” or 11 hours of “dirty” in a game. What I mean - a feature of a high rating in League of Legends is that you have been looking for a game for a long time, in the region of 10-20 minutes for one 1 match. As a result, I spend part of the day technically not playing, but being in the LoL client. As for timing or schedules: in my opinion, this does not work that way. If you play “League of Legends” in a bad mood or “burned out”, then you will play worse. Accordingly, the effectiveness of such training is lower. You need to play rested and concentrated, and an accurate schedule does not always guarantee this. Adapting to a specific plan is not always possible, but in principle, having it is not so bad.

EAT: In preparation for tournaments, it takes almost all the time, but if there are no tournaments on the horizon, then a few hours a day is enough.

THEM: About 10-12 hours a day. There is no weekend for me. I believe that every day you need to train to show your maximum result.

Is professional e-sports compatible with work, for example, in an office or a meat processing plant?

A.G .: I did not work, playing in parallel, but studied at the university. For some time you can do everything in parallel, but as soon as it starts to work out in the League, it absorbs more and more time, as a result of which you either start to forget about one thing or become a mid-level professional in everything you do .

EAT: If you do this professionally, then there is hardly any time for anything other than a game, so I doubt that you can combine this with work in the office or at the meat factory.

K.Ch .: Professional e-sports is the job. It requires almost all of your time, and the more results you achieve, the more time you need to invest.

From personal experience I can tell you about the period in my life when I worked as a game designer and simultaneously played with the team in WoW. I tried to combine both classes, but coming home after work and starting to train with the team, I realized that I could not play even 60% of my usual form due to fatigue.

I was constantly lacking sleep and as a result my gaming skills suffered. At each training session, I lost motivation more and more, since I could not even get the simplest actions to perform. My results in work, which required a strong inclusion in the process, also worsened. In the end, I chose a job that I left a few years later. And a few months after the dismissal, I began to train in a single stage of the League of Legends.

Is there a tradition of changing discipline if an athlete succeeds in one game and then goes on to learn to play another, successfully learns and becomes a champion?

A.G .: I think that theoretically a transition from one game to another is possible if they are of similar genres. I know a lot of "loilers" who switched to Heroes of The Storm, but, in any case, you have to rebuild and learn a new game.

EAT: My career began with League of Legends. If we talk about the tradition of changing the discipline, then this, in my opinion, is rather difficult, one might even say, an impossible thing. If it seems that the games are similar, then in the game plan everything will be 90% different in them, and you will have to invest a huge amount of time just to master the base, not to mention the competitive level. It's just not worth it.

THEM: I would say, as in any career, every game needs its own skills. That is, if you win in LoL, you can try to play Dota. On the other hand, why is this necessary if you are already winning?

How do you spend time at major events? Parties, unexpected erotic adventures with strangers, casinos? Is it appropriate to compare e-sports with rock and roll? How does the community work, are there real fans, groupies, adventures on the road?

K.Ch .: At major events, I’m always busy, the schedule on trips is very tight, and after an emotionally busy day I always want to sleep. But in part, such a comparison is appropriate. We have everything: both fans and groupies - popularity is attractive.

EAT: After tournaments, we usually have a party during which you meet a beautiful stranger and go with her to the casino.

THEM: Usually at large events I try to focus on the game, and after the game I communicate with the fans and get ready for the next gaming day. Of course, there are interesting stories, but, alas, I have no right to talk about them, otherwise they will immediately end.

EAT: In Russia, e-sports is not as developed as, for example, in Korea, and there is much less public attention to it. Despite this, there are a lot of fans at each tournament, and there is always a fan base at the finals, for which it’s nice to play.

Instead of totals - for parents

If you are not mom and dad, whose son or child wants to become an e-sportsman - you can skip this part and go to discuss the article in the comments. This part is intended only for moms and dads.

The chief editor of Gamebizclub, Vladimir, writes to you.

Children love to play, but some are too addicted. And it may happen that someday he (or she) comes up to you and says, “Mom / Dad, I'm invited to Kazakhstan for the Dota 2 tournament, can I go?” How to react here?

I believe that children should be supported. He wants to let him go. Ride with him, cheer for him and support him if he loses. This is one of the forms of self-expression, the main thing is to keep the hobby under control and not bring to extremes.

And extremes happen very often. When the child is left alone at home, there is a computer and food, then what are the lessons, sports and so on. He or she will sit at the keyboard until blue in the face, or until driven away.

We are not in vain writing about the regime of the day, the importance of study and sports. And if your child really wants to become a professional cybersportsman, then he must follow the established schedule. And you should not scold him when he sits late at night behind the monitor screen, if he had finished the lessons before, done exercises and ate a light dinner.

Extremes, when it’s not just possible, but also necessary to intervene - when a child begins to study at school much worse, ceases to study in the evening and, after the end of lessons, runs for the computer. And so do 90% of all children. And that is why few of them become the very pro that everyone dreams of.

Control the situation, and if your son or daughter decided to follow this path and seriously carry out everything that you ask - support them, praise and be interested in achievements. It is very important for them.

The main thing is that a child can really earn as much as you get at work in one year. The winners of large tournaments earn a lot, but they become units of millions of people. Only in Russia there are more than 20 million active players, and serious organizations, Virtus Pro level, no more than 10 pieces. Players of these organizations regularly receive good money. In addition to them, there are several more separate teams with sponsorship contracts, performing more or less stable at a worse level.

As a result, approximately 100-200 players with a stable salary and good fees for 20 million people. Here is the statistics. Therefore, if the child really becomes one of them, then he is a genius.

Appreciate your children, love them and let us express ourselves as they want. But without fanaticism, make sure that they do not turn into obsessed gamblers who are not interested in anything else.

Something like that. If you still have questions or want to add something on the topic - write in the comments. Bye everyone.