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If you want to have a kitten, most likely you are very scared to ask your parents for permission. You may be worried that your parents will get angry and refuse you. But, if you approach this issue correctly, it is quite possible that the parents will agree. Find some information about cats to keep in mind how to properly care for them. Calmly and friendlyly ask your parents for permission. If your parents still refused, do not be disappointed. Perhaps your parents just need a little time to discuss this decision. If you calmly accept their answer, perhaps in the future they will change their mind.

Parents are not allowed to have a kitten?

It often happens that moms and dads are categorically against living creatures in the house. It seems such a pleasant trifle, why do they not understand this? The cat does not take up much space, you do not need to walk with it, and when you are in a bad mood, it will lie nearby, it will regret it.

But there are reasons for everything, and they must have been voiced by you. Parents are likely fear that:

  1. Animal ruin the furniture in the house and other things. Feline ones need to sharpen their claws. Usually they choose wallpaper or the edges of sofas, after which they turn into rags,
  2. No one will care for the pet. It is necessary to feed him, comb out, cut his claws, clean the toilet. Cats don't seem to require as much attention as dogs. But no, they also need to be dealt with,
  3. Favorite will mark territoryleaving behind small puddles with an expressive and persistent smell. And it's true, furry friends sometimes do this, and it’s very difficult to get rid of the smell.

Try to solve some problems yourself

It’s important for you now to demonstrate serious intentions so that it becomes clear - this is not another whim. Take the initiative, think about how to solve the problems associated with the appearance of the pet.

This information will help you when you talk with family members about the animal and how to care for it:

  • If it comes to furniture, say that you can buy special bollards. A mustachioed friend will get used to using them and interior items will remain unharmed. Or there are special plastic paw pads,
  • Be sure to explain that you will take care of the animal. You have the strength and remove the filler in the tray and feed. The main thing is to say that this will not affect your studies in any way, but on the contrary will accustom you to discipline,
  • If the fluffy lump accidentally leaves a puddle on the carpet or bed, then you already know that there are good remedies for removing odor. They will relieve dirt and aroma, wean the cat to write in the wrong places. In such liquids add not harmful, but effective essential oils and flavors that irritate the delicate sense of smell Barsikov and Murok.

The more information you collect, the more productive the conversation with your elders will go. They will see that you are serious about the issue and they just have nothing to object to.

How to beg a kitten from parents?

Select suitable time for conversation and act. It is better if it is a day off and not an early morning. Let mom rest, wash and have breakfast:

  • You should start directly, do not walk in circles. So say: “I wanted to ask you if we can get a kitten at home?”,
  • Then say that you understand what responsibility it is, that you don’t want to shoulder additional troubles on their shoulders, and you will do it yourself,
  • Before you have time to object, explain how you came up with to solve the problematic moments of the animal in the family. What did you learn about scratching posts and detergents
  • Now hear what they say.

What if you are not allowed to have a kitten?

You will want to object, it will be insulting, but don't argue. Better think about why you are not allowed. Perhaps you are not serious about studying or you cannot even look after yourself. For example, there is a mess in the room, clothes are lying on the floor or you are not following hygiene rules. Of course, a living creature will not trust you to bring up if this happens.

Your loved ones may want to hold you accountable in this way. Then you need to take up school, put yourself in order.

If the problems are related to money, you can offer for a while to give you less for pocket money.

The main thing is to behave correctly:

  • Do not pester mom every day with this question,
  • Temporarily reconcile with the decision made, perhaps it will change soon,
  • Show your respect: “I understand. Thank you for listening".

And then you will definitely have a chance to return to the conversation.

Tell us about the benefits of living with a cat.

A mustachioed friend can not only get dirty at home or spoil furniture. You can bring such facts against which it will be difficult to object:

  • These animals feel when the owner is sick. If you let the cat lie down in a sore spot, it will become easier,
  • A kitten is the best remedy for stress. American scientists have proven that those who have a cat at home are 30% less likely to have heart problems,
  • In summer, a pet can be taken to the country, it will help get rid of mice, flies and snakes,
  • Cats perfectly predict the weather. If they climb to sleep higher, on a cupboard or on a refrigerator, to the cold,
  • If mom is a superstitious person, tell her that these pets are friends with brownies. Mystical creatures respect these animals and better protect the house from troubles and evil spirits, if it has a fluffy pet,
  • A purr that these animals are capable of publishing is a real phenomenon. It is believed that the frequency at which sound comes out is very beneficial to humans and acts like physiotherapy. Let your pet purr on your lap for 20-30 minutes - your bones and immunity will strengthen.

Surely, even if these facts turn out to be inconclusive, the parents will be surprised at your knowledge and well-readness and, possibly, change their mind.

So, we tried very hard to help you, considered different options for how to persuade parents to buy a kitten. Surely they themselves think what to do in this situation. You need to give them some time to think and show their willingness to answer for someone else's life.

Take care of everything

It should be promised to parents that the child will solve all domestic problems in the form of cleaning the toilet, replacing water, organizing feeding, independently. The intention to completely free mom and dad from worries about the animal can be confirmed in writing for persuasiveness. To do this, you need to make a plan of how the animal care will be carried out and what measures will be taken. Particular attention of parents should be paid to solving the problem with furniture, as often the argument against buying a cat is the possible damage to its animals. In the plan of first-priority measures, the purchase of special claw pads should be indicated.

Solve the financial side of the issue

Parents will be especially impressed by their full willingness to pay for all future expenses. Feed, toilet filler and veterinary services can be purchased on their own at the expense of accumulated pocket money. If these funds are clearly not enough and the parents know about it, you can promise to get a job or start saving. The presence of grandparents and other relatives who periodically give money is a powerful argument. You can enlist their financial support and talk about this mom and dad.

Suggest something in return

You can promise your parents that in the event of a positive decision, any request will be guaranteed. For example, ending a quarter without triples, recording in the swimming section, conducting weekly cleaning in the room, etc. If parents express concern that the promise may not be fulfilled after the purchase of the kitten, you can draw up your obligation on paper. Willingness to give a written guarantee will convince them of the seriousness of the intentions of the child.

Put pressure on pity

This method is suitable for parents who are kind-hearted. You can show a photograph of the kitten, which is sold by its owners, and talk about the unenviable fate of the animal in the absence of demand for it. For example, that the owners are going to give the kitten to the shelter or throw it on the street.

All these tips will certainly help convince parents to buy a cat, if you successfully choose the moment to talk, act carefully and thoughtfully.