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Android data recovery after factory reset


Address book backup is performed by the “Export” function in the “Contacts” menu. The memory for saving should be specified external, since the internal device memory cleared up. The result of exporting is a created file with the extension .vcf or .csv, in which all contacts from the address book are stored.

Contacts are imported in the same way, with the exception of selecting the Import function instead of Export.

How to restore contacts on Android from the file system after resetting

The deleted data is stored on the physical device until it is written to these sectors other information or low level formatting will fail. File recovery is implemented by special application software.

The difference between such programs is a graphical user interface, while the algorithm in most cases uses the same thing. Programs are divided into paid, shareware, free.

The existence of applications for recovering deleted data on a physical storage provide users with the opportunity to recover lost data themselves, eliminating the need to contact specialists and service centers. Nevertheless, other technical difficulties may arise, such as problems associated with installation, obtaining superuser rights, etc.

There is a possibility of recovery both by connecting the device to a computer via a USB cable or offline by installing the corresponding application on a smartphone. Before performing offline recovery, you first need to obtain root rights.

Contact Recovery with GT Recovery for Android

Recovery by this application is possible only with superuser rights,

  • Install the application from PlayMarket or alternative methods.
  • Launch the application and select “Restore contacts”.
  • Specify the internal memory of the device.
  • Before starting the scan, a window will start asking for superuser rights.
  • The scanning process will take some time, resulting in a list of deleted data.
  • Select files and specify the folder to save.

Contact recovery with 7-Data Android Recovery

7-Data Andro> dot com / android-data-recovery /.

Step-by-step sequence of actions for using the program:

  • Download and install the software on your computer.
  • Turn on USB debugging mode in the settings of the mobile device, and connect it with a USB - MicroUSB cable to the PC.
  • After starting the program, specify the internal memory of the device, and the type of data to be recovered.

The restoration of contact information in most cases is possible, but not guaranteed, because the probability of partial or complete loss of data remains. Therefore, it is recommended to periodically synchronize data with the server, or manually backup to a flash card.

Now you know how to restore contacts on android after resetting, I hope that the information was useful to you.

How to restore contacts on android after resetting: 7 comments

Yuri, thank you, I painted everything cool, I only knew about the first option, but there are so many different possibilities! Now I know!

That’s all crap. nothing helped! 7-Data Android Recovery is free of charge, it will show what it found, but it requires money, and where is the guarantee that this wretchedness will be restored, they do not even really check it!

Can I recover data from notes?

Thank you very much))) quickly all the contacts were restored, just went into the settings, google, chose to restore the backup and that's all)

Google restored only 7 contacts. How can I restore the rest on Honor 4x

Strange all these recovery programs work. Or the creators of such articles mislead users. Neither GT Recovery nor Dr. Fone, neither EaseSU, nor 7-data Android Recovery - could not restore a single contact. They download what is already in the phone book and present this data as recovered. For a week now I’ve been trying to find information on how to return contact information that I deleted by freeing up memory for updates. While everything is past.

Thank! Everything worked out! Contacts restored!

Photo and video recovery after hard reset

  1. I have a Samsung Galaxy Duos. I forgot the pin lock code, I had to reset the phone to the factory settings. Lost photos, videos, contacts and more. Can I get them back? I tried various mobile applications, it did not work.
  2. They stole the phone. Apparently, they made a reset - although the phone was password-protected with a graphic key. After buying the phone, they found that the comrades who stole the flash drive, of course, threw it away. No backups. Basically, everything was in the phone's memory. How to recover photos and videos? Is it real at all? In complete despair.
  3. I did a factory reset on my Samsung Galaxy J5 phone. After that, he became like new. I would like to know how to restore photos, videos, music. All these applications were in the phone's memory.
  4. Accidentally deleted files on the phone using wipe reset. Please tell me how you can restore them? Phone model Alcatel One Touch Idol2 6037K. Built-in memory. The battery is not removable.
  5. Tell me, please, is it possible to return the photo if we took pictures and the photos were not saved, just were in the “camera.” The child forgot the password on the phone and just took and reset the settings via the hardware buttons. Can we return the photo?

Answer. Yes, you can, but the likelihood of recovery depends on your persistence and the time elapsed after resetting Android settings. You can use the recovery method described above (by creating an image of the internal memory).

To search for photos in a connected disk image, you can use any, even free software, such as PhotoRec or Recuva (turn on the deep scan option). How to use them, see in this video:

How to restore phone numbers after resetting

  1. If you did not configure contact synchronization before hard reset, this guide will help restore deleted contacts and phone numbers after reset.
  2. If contact synchronization has been enabled (for example, via Gmail), connect your Google account and wait for the contact list to synchronize.
  3. Check if the VCF file is on the memory card or in the phone’s internal memory.

How to restore applications

After resetting the settings, Instagram and another program are not installed. What to do to get the application installed?

Answer. Restoring applications after hard reset, as a rule, does not cause difficulties.

Some Android applications require a later version of the OS on your phone. After hard reset, you roll back the Android version to the one that was installed by the supplier. Therefore, for good, you need to download the latest firmware updates to your phone. You can do this through the settings.

To reinstall all the applications, just connect the user's Google account. Applications will be downloaded and installed on the phone automatically - in their latest version.

What to do if after hard reset the phone does not work

  1. I have a HTC One V phone, and after resetting the phone stopped working. The screen turns on, the HTC logo appears and nothing else happens. What to do?
  2. I clicked on the reset to factory settings. Now the phone says Secure Fail: Recovery and the yellow triangle. inside there is a black exclamation mark and again neither here nor here. The phone does not turn on for quite some time, what should I do?


Method 1. Reset the settings again - with the deletion of all data from the internal memory of the phone.

Since you do not have access to the Android OS, you can make a hard reset via hardware buttons. For this:

  1. Remove the battery and insert it back into the phone.
  2. Press and hold the volume up button
  3. In addition to this, press and hold the power button

After which you will enter the recovery mode to the factory settings.

Note. The hard reset execution method is different on many android devices. For details, see the manual for your smartphone.

Method 2. If repeated hard reset does not help, install alternative - unofficial - firmware. We advise you to search for instructions on the forum

Account reset lost access to account

  1. Lost the phone. When they returned, I realized that they tried to reset the settings, but could not, because the Google Account prevented it. How do I get on the phone now, given that I do not remember either the password or login?
  2. I accidentally reset the settings on the phone and thereby lost my Google account. I tried to restore it, but it popped up: not enough evidence. What should I do?

Answer. The problem is solved quite simply. You need to go to this Google page and answer the questions. If the account belonged to you and at the same time you had data for recovery (for example, backup Email or phone), you will be able to restore access and again “bind” the account to the mobile device.

File Name Recovery

I had a problem with the phone: if someone calls while using it, a message appears that the Phone application is stopped. I asked on the forum and they said that you need to reset the phone. After the reset, the problem was resolved, but here the music, it turns out, was in the phone's memory. Is it possible to restore it, or at least find out what kind of music was?

Answer. You cannot restore music. Find out the names of the files - yes, but only if they are saved in the file table. To do this, use the recovery method from internal memory, which we described in this guide. This procedure is rather complicated and time consuming.

Phone memory full

I had an automatic reset to the factory settings on my tablet with Android v4.0.3. After that I can’t download the application, writes: the internal memory is full, free up space. But the memory is clear. What should I do?

Answer. Although Hard Reset erases user data, the phone’s memory is not completely erased unless you have specified the corresponding item in the menu.

Try manually deleting the files. This is most conveniently done through the Root Explorer file manager or the Storage Analyzer utility for Android.

Internet does not work when setting up the phone

  1. I forgot the password for unlocking the Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 phone. After resetting to the factory settings and after the greeting, only the Wi-Fi connection search is turned on, the "Next" button does not work. What to do?
  2. Recently, I reset my factory settings. Everything was fine, I turned on the phone, selected the language, connected to the Internet, then went on to download “connection check”. This download is already on its second day; I don’t know what to do.


1. Try setting up your phone through another wifi network (there may be a problem with the wifi router).

2. Enable usb debugging on the phone 3. Download and install the custom Android firmware for your device (quite an unsafe method, suitable only for experienced users!)

After resetting, notes on the phone were deleted

Restored factory settings to Android, but forgot to transfer phone notes to another phone. What to do in this case? Is it possible to somehow restore text notes?

Answer. If you previously stored text notes in a standard Google notebook application, recovery is unlikely: after hard reset, all application settings are deleted.

However, if you set up synchronization with Samsung Cloud, you can easily restore notes in the Samsung Notes application by re-synchronizing them with your account.

Answers to other questions

Please ask any questions regarding recovery after Hard reset, through the feedback form. We kindly request: formulate the question in detail and preferably without errors.

Did encryption, a failure occurred. There was nothing left to do but click on the "reset" button. But I had a bunch of photos before the dump, there are photos of my parents, travels, etc. I really need these photos, I’m already fighting in hysterics and don’t know how to continue to live when your whole life was on the smartphone.

I accidentally turned the android back to the factory settings, i.e. dropped, respectively, all the photos were deleted, can I restore them using the application and which one?

Answer. After resetting to factory settings, all data in the internal memory of your phone was deleted, including photos. There are two ways to solve your problem.

  1. Look for photos on a memory card, on the Internet (if you stored backups there).
  2. To restore data in internal memory, we recommend the simple DiskDigger program for Android. You can download it on Google Play. In addition, there is a more complex method, and it is described here

My friend caught a blocking virus on a Microlab phone. Naturally, nobody wanted to pay hackers for unlocking. I reset the phone to him completely and now the language selection screen appears and after searching for wi-fi. It does not go further. I inserted a SIM card, but still does not let it go further. What became of him now and how to fix it?

Answer. So the problem is precisely that the phone cannot connect to the wifi network. Find a public network and try to connect. If it doesn’t work anyway, change the firmware to custom.

On the phone (samsung a5) the glass was replaced and the phone was reset, photos and videos were gone. It is possible to recover and how? I tried through your program - it did not work.

Answer. I’m curious to know which recovery programs you have used. The question also arises, where did you look for deleted data - in the internal memory or on the sd card. As described above, a factory reset erases the internal memory, so you will need utilities such as DiskDigger for Android. Another recovery method is to create a snapshot of the internal memory and then search for files on it. Read the instructions here:

Android 5.1 Lenovo A2010. I wanted to update, but I clicked on the factory settings and all the necessary photos and videos disappeared. I downloaded the Tenorshare Data Recovery recovery program, but it is impossible to open, i.e. It doesn’t come off in the phone. What to do to recover deleted photos and videos?

Answer. Really. Tenorshare Data Recovery runs only on a computer. Not the fact that with its help you will be able to return data after a hard reset’s (that is, reset to factory settings). You need a way to recover from internal memory. See the answers above for a similar question.

I made a hard reset on the lg D724 phone, having previously synchronized everything. But I missed the most important thing - notes from the notebook application. The wife had a lot of important information in a notebook. Tell me, please, how can I restore this?

Answer. Try the EaseUS MobiSaver program. We did not check, but the developers claim that MobiSaver can recover notes. However, it is important to note that after hard reset the internal memory is erased, and not all applications can work with it. So, frankly speaking, the chances of returning text notes after a reset are very few.

I have a samsung galaxy s7 edge. The problem is that when she went into the camera, she gave me such a notification “Warning camera error”, after which each time the camera entered the camera, it issued such an error. I reset the phone to the factory settings, but it didn’t help. Clearing the cache in the camera’s settings and reset it the data, but all my efforts were even, nothing helped, I went to the service center and said that they don’t have the equipment to make out and see what was wrong with the phone, and in return they can send it to Moscow for repair, but it will take I don’t need weeks or more. but is it that if you roll back the phone to a previous version of the OS, that is, 6.0, since I have 7.0. Or just reflash the phone. Tell me, will it help? If not, help and tell me a couple of ways to fix this error .

Answer. Go into Android safe mode and check if the camera is working. This will help to determine if additional applications installed by you or with the firmware affect the camera.

Perhaps you are using custom firmware - if so, we recommend that you find alternative versions or upgrade the phone to official firmware.

If resetting to factory settings really did not help, you need to contact a Samsung service center or, as you mentioned, send it to Moscow for repair.

Phone reset to factory settings, how to recover data from the phone? I tried it through applications with Google Play, almost all of them require root. What is it and how to get it?

Answer. Root access (or superuser rights) give resuscitators access to the Android file system with complete control, including deleting and overwriting files. Although, in fact, recovery programs only need read access.

Even if you find an application that does not require root, the likelihood of recovery will be extremely small. Try installing KingoRoot applications (installing root in a few steps) and DiskDigger for Android should work.

After resetting the Prestigio NK3, the system writes that the sd card is not supported and suggests formatting. The reset was carried out with the card removed. There is a lot of necessary data, tell me if there is a solution?

Answer. Most likely, hard reset in no way affected the safety of data on the memory card. If you removed the memory card while writing other files from the phone to it, the file table of the sd card could be damaged. You need to connect it to a computer or laptop through a card reader, check for reading errors with the standard Windows utility. Если ошибки будут исправлены, sd карта должна открываться на телефоне. Если нет - программа Recuva или DiskDigger с режимом Dig Deep должны найти все файлы.

Жена сделала hard reset на телефоне Samsung Grand 2 Duo при этом не сделав резервную копию. Фото и музыка не так важны, были утеряны все телефонные контакты и не удалось восстановить данные приложений с Play Market. Во всех приложениях все пришлось начинать сначала. Please tell me, is there any way to restore this?

Answer. The probability of recovering user data from applications depends on each application individually. So, if user data was stored on an sd card, then you can restore the data. Otherwise, after hard reset, you need to scan the internal memory in an attempt to find each individual application file (the probability of doing this is quite small).

Phone contacts can be imported from a SIM card - of course, if you have taken care of backing up your contacts in advance. Check if the contacts are synchronized with your Google account and the Contacts service assigned to it.