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The worst types of bosses


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One of the best ways to consolidate your place and create a positive atmosphere at work is to make your boss happy. Coming to work, it is important to be able to combine your duties with things that make you smile on the face of your boss. If you want to please the boss, you must be a model employee, demonstrating your zeal for work.

When the boss is greedy

It is well known that the boss, no matter what nationality he is, is reluctant to part with money. Therefore, employees often work on old computers and use outdated software. In some offices, the boss creaks out paper money. But one man broke all possible records of stinginess.

The boss counted every penny, and one employee watched him take out plastic cups from the garbage bin and put them back in the dispenser by the office cooler. The absurdity of the situation is that some of the cups were stained with lipstick, but the boss was not interested in that. He had one goal - to save. The boss is so prudent that he’s even ready to stake his reputation at stake, if only to spend less.

How to please several employees at once, or a life hack for bosses

How many birthdays do we remember ironically? Usually we don’t remember too many dates. The exception is historians: they have such a profession. Yes, and you can remember when the Second World War began, but at the same time some important date will surely fly out of my head, for example, a friend’s birthday. Well, it happens. But new, modern devices allow avoiding such an annoying oversight, we just put a reminder on this or that day - and it's in the hat.

But one boss is so cunning that he went even further. For example, a manager knows for sure that today is the birthday of his employee, or maybe two. Let's call one John and the other Paul. Therefore, the chief gives the card to John, and then asks him to transfer the same card to Paul. And the boss pleased two people at once (there may be more), without too much wasting. But did you please?

When a boss likes to fool around

No, nothing like that. At least nothing commonplace. Imagine that Harry works with a chef in a newspaper and, as always, answers calls with him until late in the evening. After one such call, the chef changes his face and says to Harry: “I need to urgently run away from here!” When Harry looks at him in bewilderment, he starts to explain: “You see, my girlfriend’s husband is a dangerous biker from the gang. He learned about us and is now heading here. ” Harry’s boss also adds that the girl’s husband never saw him in person, but knows that he works until late in the newspaper. And then he gives a valuable instruction: "And you continue to answer calls." Harry wants to please the boss and stays. But then it comes to the zealous employee that he was framed! The husband will come and think that he is the chef, that is, the one he needs! So Harry rips off his coat from the hanger and flies out into the street with a bullet.

When the principles of data distribution do not coincide with the boss

Think a trifle? This is how to look. For example, if it comes to money or some reports, then such a mismatch can greatly ruin interactions with higher ones, and the lower ones must courageously take on the consequences, as it usually happens.

However, to the point. The accountant goes on vacation, but she does not have time to draw up documents on the increase in the salary of one of the employees. When the accountant left the leave, she did not find any documents that would concern the employee. She called the boss and asked what to do with that employee. The boss said he did everything. She asked him where the documents were, because she did not find anything in the folders on “C” and “B” (the initials of the employee). He said that he had put his documents in folder “D”. After all, it comes to money.

We will continue to convince you not to miss today's holiday and not pretend that it is a completely ordinary day. Here are some more great options for neighing your colleagues.

We believe that you simply have to do something like that today. Therefore, in addition to how companies laugh at their customers, we decided to talk about how you can mock a little colleagues. True, we advise you first to make sure that with a sense of humor they are more or less within the normal range. How to check this for sure, we honestly do not know. But if suddenly one of your colleagues shared a touching story with you about how he punched five colleagues last year trying to play a trick on him, you better not direct your humor towards him. Well, just in case. In general, while you are puzzling how to make sure that your colleagues are ready to take your humor painlessly, we will tell you and even demonstrate the jokes already implemented by office characters. All of them require some preparation, so you have to try to manage to implement something similar today. But, even if you don’t have time, it's okay - we hope you’ll just be entertained by the video.

When a gentleman, but not always

And it also happens that a girl comes to work. The chef with her is invariably gallant, helpful. And so it continues for some time, but all manners are thrown aside when a check is coming or large clients are expected to arrive, and the office is in poor condition, and most importantly, the lawn in front of the company building is indecent. And then the boss, by order, asks the entire female part of the company’s population to tear the room to a shine and mow the lawn. Although this is not such a rare occurrence in our country. In Russia, employees, as a rule, play several roles. Men turn into movers when necessary, women into cleaners, so probably not to surprise anyone with this.

1. Office disappearance

To cover all the neighborhoods of the workplace of a brutal colleague with pictures of touching cats or Justin Bieber posters - all this, of course, is permissible, but, damn, it is banal. You must admit that it would be much cooler if a colleague comes to work one fine April Fools day, but there is no work. That is, there is work, but no office. Instead of it - a blank wall. Here is a whole master class on this topic. It will not be easy, but it seems to us that it is worth it.

When a boss doesn't think about employees at all

The distribution sometimes includes not only adults, but also adolescents. In America, it is a widespread practice that adolescents earn extra money and thus earn their pocket money. But the law is not always respected in the USA, and the employer thinks about the employee.

This story happened to Jane. As a teenager, she worked in a restaurant with a huge glass showcase all over the wall. Once there was a strong wind outside, and the temperature dropped to -10 Celsius. But the manager still forced her to go outside and wash the glass. When she said that the water could freeze, he ordered her to add some alcohol to the water. When the girl asked, what about her, because she too can freeze? The manager replied: "But it's too early for you to drink."

2. Bathing day

Here is a great option for you to neigh and make a clean colleague happy - just re-equip his workplace in a shared bathroom. He will be happy. The heroes of the video even ventured to please their boss like that. We will not advise you of this, because we are not going to be responsible for your sudden dismissal, if your boss is completely deprived of a sense of humor. But you can try it with your colleagues. Here, by the way, is a cooler version of this joke.

When the boss is tyrant

This type of leader is well known: he is international. It’s not customary for us to argue with higher ones, because “the boss is always right.” But this is not done in all countries. And so the person represents the team in conversation with the boss, who does not consider it necessary to restrain himself. He talks to his subordinate like a servitor. And does not want to accept the terms of the team. And when an employee calls for prudence and refers to the law, he receives almost a quote from Louis XIV: “The law has nothing to do with everything that happens in this office!” A little more and the boss would say: “The law here is I am". Russians are familiar with such a policy. Of all the characters presented in the gallery, "tyrant" is the most disgusting: it is very difficult to work with him.

When the boss loves to have a drink during the working day

This is probably the best place to tell in person. So imagine a small marketing company. An employee, let's call him John, has been with her for two years. One day, the boss called him and said that John is getting promoted. John, of course, was delighted. On he went to the chef to inquire about new duties and other details. The boss unlocked as best he could. Therefore, John reminded him of yesterday's meeting with him, to which the leader calmly responded: “You have been working for a long time and should know that after dinner I am always drunk.”

It is probably not very pleasant to obey a person with such a "weakness", but the story itself is funny.

Scientists have found that emoticons are simply necessary in business correspondence

We sincerely believe that this is a winner. What could be better than some weird creature in the office? For example, a big and scary spider or a cute little dachshund. And better both that and another at once. Like this? You look here. If you have a fee, you must sew her such a suit, as in the video. If you don’t have a dachshund or any dog ​​similar to it, urgently buy, borrow, steal. You urgently need a fee! And us too. Therefore, we went to look for her and you rather go in search of.

A boss who does not want to understand the essence of the matter, but wants the employee to work faster

Also quite an international type. Immediately pops up the ancient image of slaves in the galleys and the drover with a whip. Such a leader in opposition can compete with "tyrant" and it is not yet known who is worse.

A life example is quite easy to give. A man gets a job and on the first day undergoes instruction. His alleged boss says literally the following: “I'm not sure what exactly your work will be, but you have to do it faster!” It’s familiar, right? Both sad and funny.

In our gallery there are quite harmless characters, but there are those who are better to be avoided. In any case, someone else's experience will come in handy. Suddenly you will meet the same or similar types, and you are already fully equipped. Moreover, information now is the main force.

5. Bad example

All the terrible jokes (well, except for the spider dog) we would advise you to postpone until the next Halloween. And even when it comes, practice tough jokes only when everyone takes information about the state of mental health and the absence of problems with the heart and other vital organs. Anyway, if you really decided to joke - joke kindly. But this is not necessary. Bring someone for a heart attack and then answer.

If you suddenly do not have time today - it does not matter. But you will definitely know how to prepare for the next April Fool's Day. In a year, you will definitely grow a beautiful dachshund, learn how to cook jelly and find a couple of specially trained people who can block the door to a colleague’s office.