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How to choose a girl for a relationship


Choose a girl for a serious relationship hard enough. Moreover, having sex with the first ten girls you meet is much easier than fulfilling the first condition.

Indeed, in order to communicate with a girl through life, it is necessary that a lot of both of you coincide. Starting with sexual compatibility and ending with a sense of humor and common interests. But in fact, there are much more nuances.

And in order to have sex with a girl, you just need to seduce her. Simply put, follow the instructions based on your own experience.

To find your girlfriend, experience and some skills will be required only at the very initial stages. And then you just have to see in it that person with whom it will be interesting in life. And here, little depends on you or on her. Either you fit together or not.

And if you don’t have a girlfriend yet, that’s why it’s so important to communicate with them in large numbers. Because the more girls you recognize, the easier it is for you to find yourselves among them.

How to choose a girl for a relationship

  1. In relation to the girl you should have a strong, non-fading sexual attraction.
  2. You should like her externally, since this is one of the most important aspects of sexual attraction, as well as the desire to be with a girl and appear with her in public for a long period of time.
  3. She must have a character that will meet your requirements. Her behavior should not correspond to the concepts of a bitch, a fool or a bitch, I do not want you to have a mercantile young lady with a bulging nose, which puts her own interests above yours. If you are not a slobber and not a rag, but a self-sufficient and purposeful man, you will understand this point.
  4. You and the girl should not have different sexual temperaments. You are tormented to wait until she adjusts to you, and to adapt to a girl in sex is the lot of people from the first part of the last sentence of the third paragraph of this classification.
  5. You and her should be interested not only in bed, but also in the process of verbal communication, therefore after all, but the bias in the level of intelligence should not be significant.
  6. It should be economic, clean, able and love to cook.
  7. She must love children.
  8. If you are still young enough and do not have children, choose a girl without experience of marriage, and also avoid women with children.
  9. You should be on your guard if you communicate with girls from inferior families, since the absence of a father in the family is the reason for the undeveloped model of behavior towards men. It is possible that the girl will not appreciate you, and you will become one of the options, as happened in the life of her mother, and it does not matter how she treats you well at the moment.
  10. In the hierarchy of her family, her father should take the lead. The characteristics of her behavior and attitude towards you directly depend on the way of life in her family.

I met a girl, talked, you feel that you are beginning to miss her, ask yourself the two most important questions, go through the above classification, and if the mind is shrouded in a veil of doubt, look for another, this is not your option. Do not get used to unloved people, then you will regret it.

Search for positive qualities

With a chosen one it should be comfortable in any situation, if you have to strain, play someone else's role or hide your real "I" - such relationships will not last long. If you can choose between girls, you should stay with the one with which it is easier.

To win a beauty is an interesting thing, it is excitement and a test of oneself for strength. But if there is no emotional connection and a spectacular young lady is not at all interesting as a person, then this relationship is doomed and can only be justified if they think for one night. To do this, you can go to places where girls choose guys and have a good time. If you need a girlfriend for a longer period - it is better to look for her in places where he is most interested and have a chance to meet a lady who shares interests and tastes.

The same sense of humor is the key to successful communication. And even if you do not agree on other issues, romantic meetings can develop into friendship.

The fullness of the personality and the presence of one's own interests is very important. Such a friend will not only be interesting in communication, but will also perfectly understand that you need to give your companion time for yourself and your affairs.

You must also decide for yourself what is unacceptable in a relationship and what to avoid. It is impossible to summarize here, because each has its own priorities and tastes. But mostly mercantile persons, too demanding and constantly dissatisfied with a partner, unable to keep their mouth shut, are hysterical. You should not start a relationship if any of the signs is already apparent at the initial stage - then it will only get worse.

Match Goals

To achieve what you want, it’s worth understanding how girls choose guys. First of all, you need the same view on the relationship. Nothing good will come of it if one of the partners is planning a wedding and the other wants freedom in choosing partners. It is necessary to initially clarify the situation and discuss plans and prospects. And do not bustle here - contrary to popular belief, not all girls want constancy and family life. Basically, on the contrary, when they choose young girls, they are afraid of their windiness. And if the young lady is set up for a fascinating romance without obligations, then she will only be scared off by declarations of love to the grave.

But if she wants to be together all her life, and a man is looking only for entertainment - it is also worth warning about this so as not to destroy the world of a girl who has hope.

How to get attention

It is difficult to classify the reasons why the girl chose a guy and what exactly he attracted her to. Even the ladies themselves often find it difficult to answer the question. There can be many reasons - from pity to admiration for talent. It depends on the individual and her tastes. Of course, more often girls choose tall, confident and charming young people. But after a closer acquaintance, these signs become insignificant. And it happens that appearing in a new company with one satellite, later the girl chose a friend who initially did not attract outwardly, but when communicating proved to be more interesting.

For success with the opposite sex, the harmonious development of the inner world and appearance is preferable. But focusing on a figure is not necessary - it is understandable why girls choose enough ordinary-looking men, the point is their intelligence, manners, and the ability to be attentive and caring. But it is extremely rare for a woman to remain long with a mountain of muscles without a glimpse of the mind in her eyes. As for appearance, the main thing is to monitor the accuracy of skin and hair, to be neat, clean, adhere to personal hygiene standards, smell good, choose the right clothes according to your figure - such a guy will always be attractive and desirable, even without the makings of Apollo.

Past relationship

Before starting a new relationship, it is important to draw conclusions from the previous ones, take into account mistakes, honestly admit mistakes to yourself, understand what was wrong on both sides. And if the new passion is similar to the former, then the problems may be the same. Here it is necessary to leave your past, analyze it thoroughly so as not to step on the same rake and look only forward.

Also, if possible, learn about the past experience of her chosen one - why the girl chose the former at one time, why their relationship ended. This can be important when building mutual understanding, trust. If her former partner chose another girl, this could be a serious injury and resentment, which will lead to distrust of men. With such a lady you need to be sincere and attentive in order to win over and regain your former self-esteem.

If a girl herself all the time left her guys at once for others, not trying to fix everything or at least take a break, then there is no guarantee that this will not happen again. Too enthusiastic and amorous nature can change over time, at a more mature age, but there is no need to harbor the illusion that this will happen precisely in your relationship.

The success of a couple depends on working together on mutual understanding, compromises and respect. This is a work for two, which, with the perseverance and equal desire of the parties, will lead to truly remarkable results, harmony, happiness and pleasure.

All attention is only appearance

If you want a cool relationship with a girl, don’t be fooled only by appearances and don’t make other sacrifices for her. Because some guys, having met a very beautiful girl, find themselves under the heel. Only because of her appearance the value of a girl grows very much, although, as a rule, they cannot boast of anything special except her appearance.

Therefore, if you liked the girl outwardly, do not fall into euphoria, but carefully look at what she is like in life. Does she have goals, what interests, is there a sense of humor. What does she value most in men.

If you see that she expects from you, that you will buy something, give her something, do something pleasant, and she is not ready to give you anything, then you do not need such a girl. Because if she has sincere feelings for you, she will also want to do something for you.

How to choose the right girl

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Starting a relationship with the girl of your dreams is not an easy decision, but on the other hand, a sea of ​​amazing opportunities opens up before you. It goes without saying that you need to choose a girl very carefully, because any serious relationship requires an emotional investment from you. Fortunately, with wikiHow, you can solve this problem easily and simply. To get started, read the first step.

Distorted concept of love

The concept of love in modern people has been very distorted.

There are several types of love. And the most common, which is promoted in series and magazines, has little to do with true love. This is when two people start to sausage from each other, they stop paying attention to what is happening, what surrounds them, and is more like a drug addiction. Which, however, will not last long. And most people are striving for this kind of love. Although, in my opinion, this comes from lack of enlightenment.

If you want to know more about this, watch the video of the famous psychotherapist Sergei Kovalev. He paints everything very interesting.

So, we already figured out a little what to look for when choosing a girl for a relationship. And here the question arises:

Where to find a girl for a relationship

In principle, place restrictions do not exist. You can meet her anywhere. For example, you will take out the trash in the evening and meet her on the way 🙂 The main thing here is not to get lost.

But if you approach the issue more carefully, then make a list of what qualities you most pay attention to. For example, you want the girl to be smart, educated, with whom you could talk not only about parties or trips to Turkey.

It is more logical to look for such a girl not in night clubs, but in a theater, in a library, or at intellectual games.

If you want to find a girl who looks after herself and is fond of sports, then definitely go to the gym, pool, or some sporting events that take place in your city.

There is one place that is completely universal. This is the street. On the street you can meet a girl from any social group. About how to get acquainted in real life, read here. You can, of course, mention dating in VK. But it seems to me much more interesting and effective to do this in real life.

Now you know, how to choose a girl for a relationship.

As a rule, meeting a girl who really suits you happens easily and naturally, because if two people converge in life, then they definitely have a lot in common. And if communication does not go on, then this is also experience, obtaining statistics, working out options. Good luck!