Useful Tips

How to talk with God


Initially, the erroneous question: "How can God hear a simple person?" Who is designated by the term “simple”? Most likely, he is an ordinary citizen, not even unchurched, but even “Our Father” who has never really learned in his whole life, sometimes even forgetting which side he should be baptized with ... Every second of them. And they still wonder how to communicate with God directly?

Skeptics and sanctuaries will cut off intentions in the bud, and people who have deep real faith will certainly cheer up. God does not know any definitions like “simple”, “difficult”, “important”, “unimportant”. For Him we are all simple, therefore, in communicating with the Almighty there is nothing complicated. It all depends on the desire and degree of faith.

The meeting place can be changed ... you can

Communion with God is accessible to everyone and everywhere - there is no need to invent that the Creator or Jesus used to hear us only in one particular place. Although if a person feels comfortable in the temple, then it is impossible to think of a better space for a conversation with the Lord: chants, burning candles, the whole atmosphere of the church sets up sincerity.

But there are people who are embarrassed to express their feelings with outsiders - sometimes, after all, turning to God breaks through a tear. But this category of parishioners was not used to crying and to demonstrate their weaknesses in public.

Another thing is God. He cannot be an outsider, He can (and must!) Open his heart so wide that He comes in and sees everything. Only then will help.

Communication with God directly can be “organized” in any quiet place: in a park, at the edge of a forest, on a lake (river, sea) shore, or maybe it will be a familiar home environment. The main thing is that no one distracts from the most important conversation in life.

And one more significant point: the Scripture says that the temple is not stone walls, but the human soul. So it is necessary to rebuild it brick by brick - after all, God needs to live somewhere.

Preparing for a conversation

Before you start full-fledged communication, you need to do a few preliminary things: to warn God that an important and, possibly, a long conversation is necessary, that it cannot begin spontaneously, because it is difficult to choose words, and households or deeds are distracting.

Without experience in how to communicate with God directly, you need to start with the simplest thing: to read a prayer, if you know, if not, it’s okay, the simplest words coming from the heart are not inferior in strength to prayer ones. Well, if it is possible to set aside a certain time for God in your schedule - from 15 to 30 minutes a day will be enough - and make this communication permanent.

You need to perceive God as your best friend (yes it is), and it would be nice to learn to represent Him and to treat you as if you had known each other for a hundred years (which is also possible). Thus, a person better understands who he is talking to, and the conversation, as they say, is “glued”.

Who is the initiator of the meeting?

Man is accustomed to thinking that it is he who assigns a rendezvous to God. To some extent, yes. However, it should be remembered that we come to the Lord only when life presses or shakes us hard. We don’t have such a habit - just to thank the Creator in the moments when we feel good, when everything is stable and fine, but these are the same 15 minutes that the patient and loving Lord has been waiting for us for years.

And while we spend time thinking about how to communicate with God directly, and whether it will be possible for us sinners, He is in full readiness to listen to everyone. He is waiting for us with our good and bad news. He waits for us to finally deign to let Him into our souls. Waiting, like parents, always.

Where to start a conversation

To rush into conversation and “load” God straight away is not a problem: first of all, you need to calm down, create an atmosphere of friendly trust. This is especially important for those who for a long time (and perhaps never in their lives) have turned to the Lord and have no idea how to communicate with God without intermediaries. After all, the creator also needs time to get used to the new interlocutor.

But the common phrases that we usually use in conversations with people will be inappropriate in this case.

The most correct way is to voice what is happening in the soul at the moment. If this is shyness, then you should say so: “God, I’ve never spoken to you before, so I’m a little lost, help me.”

If you have difficulty in phrasing, tell God about it. And that there’s not a single thought in my head now, and the conversation is so important, and that I feel a little tired, but be sure to gather all the forces for today's conversation.

After such ingenuous confessions, the heart, as a rule, opens, and further conversation flows smoothly and naturally.

Wait for an answer ... wait for an answer ...

If you could not feel the presence of the Lord immediately, here and now, you do not need to be upset: He will certainly find a way to contact. Especially if the person met the main conditions of the meeting - love and honesty.

And although some esotericists argue that communication with God directly through the subtle structures of the brain occurs, there is another opinion - that the Lord speaks to people through the sympathetic nervous system, namely: the solar plexus - the location of the soul.

It is impossible not to feel God's answer - there, in the solar field, uncontrollable joy begins to seethe. As the heroes of one play said, the “cannon” sounds. There is an unshakable confidence that everything will be fine, and out of nowhere (just from scratch) huge love and forgiveness grows for everyone in the world, even for inveterate and unsympathetic opponents.

This is how it basically feels, God's answer. There may be variations - individual for each, but always positive and optimistic.

The main ways to enter the divine connection

The first of these is prayer. Even the shortest, even composed on the go, it is of great importance. Through prayer, man becomes visible to God.

The second way is reading spiritual literature. God is manifested through His Word.

The third is a visit to the temple.

Fourth - good thoughts, words and actions.

Fifth - a constant feeling of love for all things, and therefore, for the Lord himself.

The methods are simple, but it is very difficult to make them the principles of your life, and not everyone succeeds. But the Lord is real, as is each of us, so it always makes sense to look for our own ways of communicating with God directly.

It is not in vain that truth remains at all times true: if God is in your first place, then everything else will be in its own way.