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How to host multiple sites on one hosting


Greetings to everyone who opened the page of my block. Today I want to answer the question of my readers: Is it possible to have two domains on the same hosting?

This question is not asked out of curiosity; the answer to it is very important to the owners of several sites. Indeed, if the resource is visited by many users, then in order to save time and money, it is much more convenient to work on one hosting than to acquire a new one for each.

I myself have two sites on Timeweb hosting. You are on one at a time, and the other plays the role of a test. It serves to create video tutorials.

I want to say that it will be better to purchase a domain completely separate from the hosting. Thus, problems arising when transferring the site to another hosting will be eliminated.

Choosing a dedicated server and reliable hosting is a very serious task. The speed of the entire complex and the operating system depends on the reliability of the system.

Before choosing a hosting to host two domains, you need to analyze all the parameters according to your system. Full hardware and software compatibility should be observed.

Organization of several sites on one hosting

Many webmasters own domain names. They purchase them at [/ urlspan] or [urlspan] Since webmasters have several sites in their assets, they acquire several domains and register them under their name.

The only problem is the organization of collaboration sites, without a lot of money. Let's try to figure this out.

To host several sites on shared hosting, you must purchase a special package that includes additional domains, peculiar domain aliases.

Two domains are nothing! You can place 50, it all depends on the tariff.

For normal operation, you must select the main domain under which the hosting account is launched. It is with this domain name that all the main work will take place.

After registration, web hosting shows full information about the existing DNS server. In the list of domain names, you need to configure the DNS, taking into account the selected hosting.

Then you need to open the system control panel, log into your account and select the “addon feature” service. It makes it possible to enter another domain name, which will be located in a subdirectory of the main hosting.

Thus, it will be possible to register other domain names using server applications. They will be able to “hear” HTTP requests based on the main name “aka domain name”.

Each incoming HTTP request regarding additionally made domains is sent to a specific subdirectory, in other words, subfolders.

To work properly, you need to create several site files, and then send them to existing folders.

Hosting Timeweb

On this hosting you can place several domains, look at site restrictions. In my case, 2 out of 4 sites are possible.

Domains can be created unlimited, but the sites - directories under these domains on my tariff are only 4. The main thing here is not to be confused. To add another domain, go to the "domain management" tab and then "place on NS servers." If you have several sites, then they can be placed as part of a single tariff plan.

In my previous articles I talked about timeweb hosting. If you decide to open several domain names and use them at the same time, I want to advise you to open the page, where you can implement all your plans.

Some important tips

• In the case when each new domain requires additional functioning, it is worth considering buying a special reseller package designed for hosting. With the help of such packages, it will be possible, for a specific domain, to create personal hosting accounts. Such reseller packages are low cost and available to everyone.

• The purchase of hosting packages for a one-year period will give significant savings when paying for web hosting services

• When choosing a hosting, it is best to pay attention to a system that offers simultaneous work on 50 additional domains.

• The packet size must have a lot of disk space in order to maintain high throughput.

In principle, everything is very simple. Cheap web hosting means low quality with all the ensuing consequences.

No matter how reliable the web hosting seems, do not rely entirely on it. Backups of websites should always be made. Anything can happen.

Many people think that the word "unlimited" means unlimited. This is not true. Any hosting has its limits.

However, the purchase of an “unlimited” package will help to save a lot of money, especially for the first time the work days. After all, hosting is increasing in size gradually.

In conclusion, I want to offer you a free course on [urlspan] adaptive website layout [/ urlspan].

I wish you more sites and more income from them! Good luck! Natalya Krasnova.

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“Honey, let's call him Jehovah.”

- You are crazy? Why would he have such a name?

- Yes, I want to laugh at the witness at his wedding!

First thing

First of all, I went to my hosting and installed my favorite WordPress engine. Since my hosting tariff allows me to add up to five sites, I paid only for the new domain.

That is, I installed another (separate) wordpress engine for a specific site. On my hosting, this can be done immediately in the admin by pressing a couple of buttons. But of course, you can go any other way, for example through filezilla, the main thing is to upload the latest version of Wordpress to the hosting and install it. You will also have to create a separate database manually.

For me, it’s better to do everything automatically through hosting, simply by clicking the necessary buttons and filling in simple fields.

When everything is established, and this implies by itself:

  • Installing a database (database)
  • Wordpress Installation
  • Domain Binding

Follow the link /wp-admin / install.php. only instead of indicate the address of your site. Fill in the required fields (if necessary) or go directly to the entrance to your admin account

The general meaning of all the actions for hosting sites on one hosting is that you need to install everything separately for each site, go to each WordPress admin admin to manage it as well. If there are many sites, then you can manage everything with the help of a plugin, which can be read about here.

In general, that's all on this. Congratulations. You have posted several sites on the same hosting. Happened? And I do not.

This is what appeared when I tried to go to the Wordpress admin area.

“The DNS server replied:
Refused: The name server refuses to perform the specified operation.
This means that the cache could not recognize the host name in the URL. Check the address for correctness.
Your cache administrator: webmaster. ”

Of course, since the problem is in dns, the first thing I did was check the domain settings, and since I had the domain on another hosting, I checked the addresses first.

But everything was in order, of course, the domain was created not long ago and there was a possibility that there was just something not yet updated, but something told me that, the error was different. The search on the network did not bring a solution, and I turned to my hoster for help.

We must give credit to the support service of my hosting, they responded very quickly and immediately offered solution options. The fact is that I started wandering from hosting to hosting, when my hosting provider threw me warnings about loads and constantly forced me to purchase more expensive and unnecessary me tariffs with very little site traffic.

In short, this is to the fact that I have something to compare with, and therefore I was very glad that they answer my queries and stupid questions quickly and in detail, and most importantly the site does not lie and works. Well, the cry of the soul, I'm sorry .. I continue.

Here is the solution I received

“Check the hosts file, maybe the wrong ip is listed there.
Or try clearing the cache dns with the ipconfig / flushdns command.
For this:
- click Start -> Run ... -> Run the program -> cmd -> OK,
- switch (if necessary) the keyboard layout to EN,
- after prompting C: Documents and SettingsUserName> type ipconfig / flushdns, press Enter,
- DNS resolver cache will be reset: C: Documents and Settings Admin> ipconfig / flushdns Setting IP Protocol for Windows DNS resolver cache has been reset successfully.

The hosts file is located in the following ways:

- Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / 7: WINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts
- Windows NT / 2000: WINNTsystem32driversetchosts
- Windows 95/98 / ME: WINDOWShosts
- Mac OS X 10.2+: / private / etc / hosts
- Linux: / etc / hosts

Please check the availability of your site at the following link: »

That is, the DNS cache and plus were cleared, they forcedly updated the zone for my domain.

Nothing helped.

As a result, after a series of actions, it was discovered that the site still works, but it works only from the mobile Internet or from another PC. This meant only one thing, that my problem was local. I will not write down what I just did not do, I will answer right away - the problem was in my Internet provider. After a call in support, the problem was resolved in five minutes.

But still, clearly on that day, something was not straightforward with my horoscope.

As soon as I received the long-awaited access to the Wordpress admin panel and took up the settings, one error got out that didn’t want to be fixed, although I thought I knew how to solve it. This is the inability to upload pictures to the WordPress admin.

Temporary folder not found.

This problem is well known and can be solved just as easily by setting the necessary rights. (777 full access) for the uploads folder in the admin panel on the hosting.

But not today, and not in my case. The reason for the error crept into the absence of the mod-tmp directory, which, as it turned out, disappeared due to reinstalling Wordpress when the problem with the site availability was solved above.

So in the end, when I decided to add several sites to one hosting, I decided for myself several problems at once and found out how:

  • host multiple sites on one hosting
  • solve the problem with site availability after installation
  • solve the problem with the lack of a temporary folder for images

Actually, that's it. I shared the possible errors and I hope you all succeed quickly and easily.