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How to change the volume of music on iPhone with accuracy to a percentage


If you're used to using the iPhone volume buttons to change the ringer volume, you may have found that the default behavior of the buttons has changed in iOS 11. Now they adjust the overall sound volume of the iPhone regardless of where you are in the game or player.

For people who prefer the old option, I have some good news. You can easily return the “old” volume control. Here's how to do it.

How to restore iPhone sound control

Although the iPhone volume buttons control the volume level of the entire system by default, you can set them to control the volume on the phone when the device does not play sound.

Step 1. Open Settings on iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Click Sounds (or Sounds, Tactile Signals ”).

Step 3. Switch the Change button with the buttons.

Now you can change the ringer volume using the volume buttons. These buttons will control the volume of the system whenever it plays some kind of sound, such as music or audio from video.

Let us know in the comments if you still have any questions about managing your iPhone's call using the volume buttons.

How to change the volume of music on iPhone with accuracy to a percentage

In order to change the volume of music playback on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in the most accurate way, you just need to call Siri and ask her the command:

For example, in order to set the volume level to 15% of the maximum, you need to ask to execute the command "Change the volume by 15%." Siri changes the volume instantly and automatically continues playing music. The increase in volume level works in a similar way, for example, with the query “Change the volume by 82%”.

An important point - these commands will only work if the music is currently playing on the mobile device. If the music does not play, then Siri will not be able to change the volume.

This feature will be especially useful to users who are used to listening to music from the iPhone in the car, connecting it to a multimedia system. The driver will not have to be distracted from driving in order to change the playback volume, in particular, if the Siri activation option is activated on the iPhone by the command “Hello, Siri”.

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1. Set up playback in “Music”

In the menu "Settings"> "Music"> "Play" you can work with three items:

"Equalizer" - You can experiment with this item, depending on the equipment that you use with the iPhone:

  • "More low" is great if you use AirPods.
  • Late Night will increase the playback volume through the speakers.
  • Loudness equalizes the sound along the equal-volume curve, and this improves it at low volume.

"Volume Limit" should be used if the source you use most often does not cope with maximum playback. Otherwise, disconnect.

"Volume correction" aligns the level of the current song with the previous one. To make each song more emotional, this setting is best turned off.

2. Choose high quality Apple Music

By default, in the menu "Settings"> "Music"> "Cellular Data" the item "High Quality" is disabled. This makes it possible to listen to music from Apple Music even in conditions of unstable mobile Internet and consume a minimum amount of traffic.

However, if we are talking about improving sound quality, then all users of Apple Music should definitely try to enable the same “High quality”.

Even less stable 3G is enough to play tracks from a streaming service, LTE generally with a head. But here the traffic in this case will fly away almost 3-4 times faster, so it’s better to think about unlimited.

3. Listen to uncompressed audio. Yes, you can

In 2018, users are still divided into two types: the first souls do not like streaming services following the example of Apple Music, but the latter continue to advocate for audio recordings without compression.

If you are thinking about improving the sound quality from your iPhone and it’s not critical for you to use Apple Music, try the Flacbox app (free + shopping).

With this program, you can open almost any music file on your iPhone. You don’t even need to download it for this - you can use cloud storage, a computer connected to Wi-Fi and Flash drives PowerDrive.

Use FLAC Filesto get maximum playback quality. Some argue that today the difference between compressed and uncompressed music is almost impossible to hear, but this is by no means the case.

4. Adjust the equalizer for the headphones

Many third-party applications (the same Flacbox) will give you access not to simple, but to a multi-band equalizer for 10 “tracks” with a preamp and a whole fan from pre-prepared preset settings.

It will help you tweak the sound according to your personal sense of beauty: squeeze out of their headphone or iPhone speaker maximum.

The only pity is that Flacbox and similar applications can not access Apple Music.

5. Mix the recordings into the music set

If it is not about personal listening to musical compositions, but about group, in this case, not just high-quality sound comes to the first place, but reproduction, which is not interrupted by pauses.

Next time you make friends and have a party, be sure to try the apps that mix selected songs without pauses.

The most famous of these programs is djay Pro for iPhone (749 rubles). A free analogue is Pacemaker Music.

Simply create a playlist of your favorite recordings, connect your iPhone to the speakers louder and turn on the automix.

Such applications are especially relevant for the holidays, and before the New Year they need to learn how to use at 100%.

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