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How to recognize a sociopath


At first glance, a person - as a person, is no different from the rest. Moreover, it is often smart, open, charismatic - direct, the soul of the company! There is none of him, and everyone is bored: where is our jerky jerk, buoyant handsome man who will find an approach to everyone and will not ignore anyone?

It is hard to believe that a potential patient of a psychiatrist may be hiding behind a mask woven from exceptionally positive features. Signs of a sociopath: how not to fall for his bait and how to behave with such people.

Who is a sociopath, what are the causes of pathology?

A sociopath is an individual who is completely devoid of a sense of responsibility, conscience, or shame. That is, in short. If you dig deeper, looking into the scientific jungle, you can learn something interesting about your own, that is, human development. So, there are two versions of the emergence of sociopathy:

  1. First: upbringing, social environment, children's psychological injuries are to blame.
  2. Second: the genetic defect is to blame.

Pundits speak of two forms of human existence from birth: on the one hand, it is the biological, most intelligent creature on Earth. On the other, a social being, that is, living not in the desert in splendid isolation, but in a society with its inherent material, spiritual culture.

Therefore, the sapiens genome is peculiar, sorry for the tautology, the humanity that has been planted in it for millennia.

It seemed at first an exceptional handsome man to exhibit sooner or later asocial behavior.
The rights of fellow citizens, social norms, rules for him - an empty phrase. Such a subject can transgress any feature, because they simply do not exist for him.

In the modern individual, the body and nervous system are formed by the adapted socialization. That is, there should not be rejection of the need to learn something, to live, subject to certain moral standards.

Sociopaths are people with a genetic disorder that occurred during conception. That same humanity, which was mentioned above, and which has been fixed in the human genome for centuries, does not form in a sociopath due to a genetic disorder. Therefore, it seemed at first an exceptional handsome man, will sooner or later exhibit antisocial behavior.

How to recognize an asocial individual: signs of a sociopath

  • The rights of fellow citizens, social norms, rules for him - an empty phrase. Such a subject can transgress any feature, because they simply do not exist for him. And he will never feel guilty for himself, no matter what he does! And he can accomplish a lot, including murder.
  • Narcissism, narcissism, high self-esteem. The unacceptability of criticism, thirst for praise - one of the signs of a sociopath. Recognition, admiration from others, he needs as air. That is why such people often become the “highlight of the program” in the company. They consider themselves the smartest, the most beautiful, the most talented, sometimes with a complete lack of reason.
  • We are sure that they deserve the best, that they have the right to everything - own everything you want, even people. Disrespect for laws, moral standards. Hence the frequent offenses, arrests. Lack of real friends. A lot of addicted personalities, fans - this charming manipulator has a lot, but there are no real friends.
  • Indifference, lack of empathy. Since such feelings as love, sympathy, sympathy, empathy, pity for a sociopath are unknown, then building a close relationship is difficult for him. Also, he does not care about the suffering of others.

Passion for manipulation, bullying. A characteristic sign of a sociopath: the desire to be a leader, to rule over the weak. Pushing people, destroying marriages, provoking conflict situations - pulling strings, manipulating others. Aggression, irritability, inability to control their emotions.

  • Flashing like a match for any reason - a common occurrence for the asocial type. He can torture defenseless animals, weak people or pound with anger with his feet into the wall.
  • Lack of embarrassment, embarrassment. As a result - a constant lie, betrayal, the desire to humiliate, suppress, in every way mock others.
  • Frequent change of behavior: today is the charm itself, the mountains are ready to turn, tomorrow - coldness, indifference.
  • Hypocrisy, deceit. He pretended to be a poor sheep, deceived for his own benefit - signs of a sociopath on his face.
  • Passion for undue risk, ignoring the safety of both others and their own.
  • Quick satiety, a thirst for new experiences that is hidden behind the mask of a versatile personality.
  • Submission Issues mode of operation, obligations.
  • Violence (physical, psychological, sexual, financial),
    cruelty to animals.
  • Calm in difficult situations. Where any adequate person would sweat or stupor, the sociopath remains unnaturally calm.
  • The complete lack of regret for the deed, about other harm done.
  • Inability, unwillingness to learn from their mistakes, which speaks of immaturity, cleverly hidden under the guise of charisma, charm.
  • Inappropriate Acts without thinking about the consequences.

Signs of a sociopath, if the personality is inadequate, sooner or later will necessarily appear. The main thing is not to be skeptical of them and not to think that asocial actions are an accident and everything will pass. Be careful if in one of your friends you saw the signs listed above. It is better to protect yourself by excluding communication with such a creature.

How to behave with a sociopath to protect yourself from its influence

One of the characteristic features of a sociopath is charm, charisma, an exceptional mind, so it is difficult to get rid of his charms and influence. But to do this, no matter how difficult, is necessary. After all, you cannot change a sociopath. You need to act like this:

  • It’s better to stay away from such people. If you realized too late with whom you are dealing, and he is already nearby, try ... stay away in the literal sense - get as far away from him as possible. Take the first opportunity and run.

In the meantime, this is impossible ...
... become the quintessential boredom.

  • A sociopath hates boredom, so he can leave you alone. Keep calm, be unemotional, it’s better to be silent at all.
  • Or speak incessantly about everything in a row, constantly changing topics, not allowing inadequate vis-a-vis to insert words. But be careful not to annoy him with your behavior.
  • Do not try to exhort, appeal to conscience, (it is not there - this is one of the main signs), soften, point to its wrong.
  • Do not fight with such a person alone. Enlist the support of a strong man in every sense - such antisocial types fear.

If you find a sign of a sociopath in someone you know, start gradually ending the relationship: avoid places where you can meet, answer calls through one, then after two, later block the number.

If the person is persistent, threaten the police. The only thing such individuals are really afraid of that they can stop them is the threat of harsh punishment.

Learn to say no. The one who has nothing to profit from is not interested in a sociopath. A special case when it is not possible to get rid of a society of an unpleasant type (for example, he is your boss or parent). In this case, you need to be guided by the following: always be on the alert, control your emotions, show indifference to his words, hide your plans, do something important for you in his absence, refuse his help (to eliminate dependence), smile. This will make it clear that you are in full control of the situation, extremely confident in yourself, you cannot be manipulated.

One of the characteristic features of a sociopath is charm, charisma, an exceptional mind, so it is difficult to get rid of his charms and influence. But to do this, no matter how difficult, is necessary. After all, you cannot change a sociopath.

It is impossible to rid the world of antisocial individuals, but you can learn to recognize and avoid them. This is in the interest of your safety.

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Six signs of a sociopath

  1. He behaves rudely and / or insultingly, but at the same time he expects that you will not react to this and will behave as if nothing had happened.
  2. Manipulates by others, either directly or indirectly.
  3. He always treats you differently, at different times or on different days, for no particular obvious reason.
  4. She can easily lie, if necessary, to save herself from trouble.
  5. Always blaming someone else. A sociopath never pleads guilty to errors or crimes.
  6. At times it seems that he truly enjoys manipulating or insulting others.

It does not matter if there is someone among your friends who fits this description or not, you would hardly want you to be treated in this way. We have some tips on how to protect yourself when dealing with someone you suspect a sociopath.

Four steps to protect yourself

  1. Always be on the lookout. Know what you can and cannot expect from a sociopath.
  2. Avoid contacting such a person for emotional support or advice. Your defenselessness will only give him a reason to hurt you.
  3. Imagine the border between yourself and the sociopath, mentally fix this picture. Imagine a wall that protects you. Everything that a sociopath says and that can offend you, just bounces off this imaginary wall.
  4. No need to justify a sociopath. Instead, make him responsible for his own actions. The harder you insist on it, the less sociopath will try to manipulate you.

If the sociopath has children

The sociopath can do the greatest harm to his own children in the process of education, making them feel unloved. And this is most often inevitable, because their dad or mother is simply not capable of parental love. But the child does not know this, so he grows up with confidence that it is he who is not worthy of love. And this is one of the most painful and traumatic sensations in life.

The problems of such children are further complicated by the fact that no one wants to believe that his mother or father is a sociopath. This gives the sociopathic parent even more power. Even as adults, a son or daughter prefers to believe that their parent acted in good faith and still loves them.

Although such a distortion of the truth is more comfortable and less painful, it can actually do harm. In general, the less we understand what our parents really are, the more power they have over us, and then you have to pay a high price for it.

Another additional step for a child sociopath: always remind yourself that your parent’s inability to love is entirely due to their inner limitations and is in no way related to you.