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How to cut roller blinds in width yourself


In some cases, the roller blinds you purchased may not be suitable for your window. For example, if the window is of complex shape, or you didn’t initially correctly measure the window opening, or if you decided to move the curtains from one window to another ...

As you can see, there are different cases. And few people want to call the master for such a simple procedure as shortening roller blinds.

So let's figure out how to trim rolled curtains.

Bright roller blinds on the balcony

How to shorten the width of the roller blind yourself

Fortunately, the design of roller blinds is simple, so you can quite shorten them to the right size at home.

To shorten the curtains, take the following tools: A pencil, a ruler, an office knife or scissors, a hacksaw for metal (required!), Sandpaper or a file.

How to trim rolled curtains:

  1. Lay the curtains on a flat surface.
  2. Unroll the fabric from the roll.
  3. Remove the weighting agent from the bottom of the curtain (it’s easy to find at the very bottom).
  4. Mark out exactly how you want to cut the curtain and cut the fabric.
  5. Cut the shaft to the desired width using a hacksaw or similar tool. File the edge with files or sandpaper to remove nicks.

IMPORTANT! The shaft should be 8-10 mm wider than the web.

  • Cut the weighting compound (10-15 mm narrower than the curtain fabric!)
  • Now assemble the curtain: fasten the plug, insert the weighting agent into the lower edge of the fabric.
  • It remains to wind the curtain back onto the roll, leaving 40-50 mm of free edge - and you're done!
  • We shorten the curtain in length in 6 simple steps:

    1. We carry out the preparation in the same way as for changing the width of the curtain.
    2. We note how long it is necessary to shorten the fabric cloth.
    3. We take out the weighting agent and cut the fabric.

    IMPORTANT! Be sure to give an allowance of 40-50 mm to create a new pocket for the weighting compound.

  • We sew the fabric “pipe” at the bottom of the curtain according to the size of the weighting agent (the easiest way is to wrap it in a curtain and see how much fabric you need for it).
  • Insert the weighting agent into the resulting pocket.
  • Congratulations! Now your roller blind is the right length.
  • How to shorten roller blinds on rails

    Such curtains are shortened in the same way as ordinary curtains, with the only difference being that they must first be pulled out of the guides that hold the fabric near the glass with the curtains lowered.

    The guides are mounted so that the fabric does not sag during vertical ventilation. Then the curtains better cover the sun, and the window looks neater.

    It is very simple to remove the fabric from the guides, as it can deform slightly and then restore shape. You need to be especially careful with rattan and bamboo curtains so as not to damage the edge.

    In all other respects, the process of shortening the curtains is no different from what we described above in this article.

    We select tools

    In order to cut the curtains in width independently, the following tools will be needed:

    • soap or a special pencil for fabric,
    • household scissors or a sharp clerical knife,
    • needles, threads,
    • tape measure.

    If the curtains are too wide, which goes beyond the size of the window, you need to narrow them. Initially, you need to deploy the canvas, after removing the plugs. Please note that the rolls are equipped with special weights, which also need to be removed and cut to fit the size of the new window.


    Using soap and a centimeter tape, apply the appropriate marking on the curtain fabric. Before you cut the shaft of the roller blinds and bring it to the required length, you need to measure the width of the window, retreating 2-3 cm from the length of the bracket.

    Then you need to install the plugs and saw off the excess part of the rail, which in the end should be equal to the length of the shaft.

    The curtains are also marked with soap and a centimeter tape. With a sharp clerical knife or ordinary household scissors, the curtain sheet is cut to the width of the bottom of the rail.

    After the material is attached to the shaft. To do this, it must be wound tightly, after gluing the protective tape with a self-adhesive base. The cloth must be wound carefully and adhere to a strictly horizontal position with respect to the shaft. Avoid the slightest distortions, as in this case all the work will be done in vain.

    Bend 5 cm of the canvas so that a fold forms where the shaft with the tape glued will be installed. Do not indent too much, as the shaft will slip in this case and will not be able to tightly lock in position.

    After you need to ride along the top of the curtains and roll it up to 3/4 of the length. Install the lower rail into the hole in the curtain. Insert the bracket at the very end of the control mechanism, then insert the other end in the same way. At the end of the work, all the parts that hold the system in place must be assembled, and the roller blind shorter in width should be hung in the place intended for it.

    As you can see, it is not difficult to cut the curtains in width by yourself. Here the main attention and diligence, as well as an hour of free time and the availability at hand of the necessary working tools.

    Sizes of curtains

    Roman (rolled) curtains can be of various sizes, so they look perfect both on panoramic and on ordinary windows. Compared to traditional blinds, such curtains are equipped with a blackout system and completely cover the window opening, creating a light twilight in the room. Products can be sewn to order and purchased ready-made, at the same time, in order to choose the latter, you need to know the exact dimensions of the windows. The sizes of curtains, as a rule, depend on what system they are equipped with.

    The following models are most often found on sale.

    • Open. They are usually selected for standard windows, since the maximum width of the canvas is 180 cm, and the height is 2 meters. Curtains can be mounted on plastic windows in the opening and on top of the slope.

    • Minicassette. Their height reaches 220 cm, and the width can be minimal - 70 cm. The sides of the canvas are provided with special guides, thanks to this the fabric takes on a beautiful shape and does not sag.

    • Big ones. Such curtains are equipped with a shaft with a diameter of 35 to 79 mm, they are produced with a width of 3.5 m and a length of 4.5 m. For the paintings to look stylish, they must fully correspond to the size of the window openings. To reduce them, pruning is used. It is easy to shorten the roller blind in width with your own hands.

    • Attic. Equipped with a spring mechanism by which the guides smoothly open and close the canvas. Their height can be 200 cm, and the minimum width is 70 cm.

    Before you install roll products, you need to make accurate calculations. This will help in the future to simplify the installation and reduce the cost of the product. For this, the width of the opening is measured, and a small margin of 10 mm is added to each side of it. 50 mm must be added to the opening height.

    How to crop yourself?

    Roller blinds, as a rule, are cut when it is necessary to change the decor of the room or if they do not correspond to the size of the window openings, which often happens when moving and changing places of residence. Any housewife will be able to shorten the rolls. Initially, the fabric should be hung on the ledge, after it has straightened out and takes its final shape, measurements are taken. In this case, the decorative processing of the product below will depend on the type of fabric. The simplest way to reduce the canvas is a double hem, with which you can hide up to 30 cm of fabric without trimming.

    In the case when the curtains are sewn from silk or organza, then you can not mark them, otherwise traces may remain. To prevent this, apply universal adhesive strips. They are pre-ironed with an iron, and then the fabric and the folded piece are fastened together. It is necessary to iron the strips through cheesecloth, laying the fabric on a soft towel.

    The edges of the roller blinds can also be treated with a fringing, which is a fabric tape. It is first secured with pins, then built up. It is not necessary to shorten the curtains from the bottom, there is a way to reduce the length from the top edge.

    Regardless of the type of trimming, you will need tailoring soap, scissors, an iron, threads, needles and a centimeter tape to work.

    The shortening process itself consists of several stages.

    • The edge is cut first. This should be done carefully, otherwise rushing can lead to the formation of deformation and damage to the fabric. Initially, the edges are processed on the sides, then the curtain is bent, ironed and sewn well.
    • Next, a braid is attached to the top of the future curtain, bending the edges of the canvas by 2-3 cm. The tape is applied from the wrong side of the product and sewn. The number of seams in this case depends on the width of the braid. The bottom of the roller blind should be double-hemmed.
    • The completion is considered drapery.

    How to reduce the width of horizontal blinds

    If horizontal blinds do not correspond to the width of the opening, they can be reduced by sawing off one or two sides at once (for symmetry) of a part of the structure. It is better to shorten from the side where the control mechanism is located:

    • remove the plugs and the protective cover from the cornice,
    • slide the cord system and control mechanism over the pin,
    • measure the desired size, put a mark,
    • carefully fold all the lamellas into one multilayer strip, clamp them with clamps or an elastic band so that they do not crumble,
    • saw off the excess with a hacksaw with small teeth,
    • finish off the edge with a file or sandpaper so that there is no burr, slightly round the edges,
    • reassemble the structure in the reverse order and you can install the blinds on the window.

    It is better to modify metal and wooden horizontal blinds on a milling machine, so the edges will be much more accurate. The slice must be treated with a protective compound and tinted if necessary.

    Graphic instruction on how to take measurements of the opening in order to properly cut the blinds

    The task of how to shorten the blinds with horizontal slats in height is simpler:

    • open the bottom bar
    • untie the knots on the restrictive cords, remove the clips,
    • remove excess lamellas, cut the lace to size and reassemble the blinds in the reverse order.

    In order not to make mistakes in the process, be sure to watch the video tips on how to properly shorten the blinds.

    Roller blinds unwind from the roller, remove the canvas. The roller is trimmed identically with a cornice, a hacksaw. The fabric itself is laid out on a table, carefully drawn into the size of the opening, plus an allowance for the hem from the sides, cut with scissors and hemmed. Next, install the lower plumb rail. So that after the end edge is again glued to the shaft, the curtain is not short, it is important not to forget about the allowance, which is equal to the circumference of the tube, usually 50 mm.

    Scheme of how to trim rolled curtains

    Tips for reducing vertical blinds

    Vertical blinds usually protrude 15-40 cm behind the opening, this looks aesthetically pleasing and therefore there are no problems with the width of the curtains.

    Even if such a need arose, this process is very simple:

    • remove the plugs, open the box,
    • remove excess runners and distance elements,
    • carefully remove the laces, chains and gears without breaking the petals,
    • move the remaining parts on the pin so that they do not interfere,
    • saw off the cornice with a hacksaw
    • carefully check that there is no debris inside, file the edge with a file,
    • put the gear into place
    • pass the chain through the chain and gears,
    • assemble the blinds.

    If you do not want to bother with winding the lace, just have a bite of the runners topple the nippers. See the video for more detailed instructions; the video shows step-by-step how to cut the cornice correctly.

    When indoor ceilings are low or openings are non-standard, the question arises: how to shorten vertical blinds? If short curtains to the windowsill are planned, it is optimal if the curtains are 50 mm lower than the opening. It is advisable to make long blinds 10-20 mm elevated above the floor.

    In order not to disturb the geometry of the vertical, be sure to leave a small gap between the bottom edge of the lamella and the floor

    The process is not so much complicated as painstaking:

    • remove the lamellas from the hooks, how to do it right, look at the video, the wizard gives useful tips on how to do the work and not spoil the structure.

    • gently pull the plastic straps with the eyelet under the hook,
    • cut with sharp scissors, or you can use a clerical knife on a ruler, stripes in length plus 20-30 mm in size for a turn,
    • work the edges so that they do not sprinkle, synthetic fabrics are well fixed by fire,

    It is recommended to iron the fold of the strip

    • tuck the edge of the lamella, carefully make a hole in the middle under the ear,
    • insert the plastic bar,

    The bend of the part can be fixed with Moment glue, but it can appear on the front side and spoil the appearance of the curtains

    • hem or glue the fold of the strip, then it can be hung on the cornice.

    To trim expensive blinds, it is better to turn to specialists, especially for metal alloys and precious wood.