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How to use a smartphone


Android for beginners users of a smartphone or tablet may seem confusing or complicated. The instructions from android devices have very little information on the basics of use.

In this article, we will analyze what Google Android OS is, as well as how a novice user can quickly configure and use all the advantages of android.

What is the secret of the popularity of the Android OS?

The bulk of smartphones and tablets in the world runs on the Android operating system. According to the leading information technology company IDC (International Data Corporation), at the end of 2013, Android OS set a new record - 80% of the global market among mobile operating systems. Moreover, many other techniques are already based on Google’s OS: watches, cameras, players, and even systems such as Smart Home.

Android - An open operating system, so it is easy to adapt to any devices and needs, but the principle of use remains the same, familiar to each of us. It is enough to figure it out once and you can control any device regardless of the manufacturer. And thanks to the "cloud" storage of all data on the Internet, you can quickly and easily access your contacts, records, music, programs from another smartphone, knowing the password from your account. With the proper configuration and installation of the necessary applications, your smartphone or tablet can become a truly indispensable assistant in almost any field of activity: in business, work, farming, sports and, of course, entertainment.

Android desktops are made for the convenience of quick access to frequently used programs, functions, contacts and application widgets. You can set the number of desktops yourself. To do this, touch simultaneously with 2 fingers on the screen and bring them closer. By clicking on the "+" button you add 1 desktop, and in order to remove the desktop you need to click on its thumbnail, hold it for a few seconds until it changes color, and drag it without releasing your finger to the basket or the "Delete" button .

You yourself configure the location of the program and widget icons on the desktops, for this you need to hold for a few seconds on the element until it changes color and, without releasing your finger, move it to another area or to another desktop. If you want to remove the icon from the desktop, you need to move it to the "Delete" button. Most applications have their own widgets - mini-programs that perform, as a rule, any one function, work in the background and give basic information without launching the entire application. For example, a weather widget. In order to take the widget to the desktop, you need to click on an empty place, hold it for a few seconds and in the window (each manufacturer may have different design options for this window) select "Widgets". Here we select the widget we need and, if necessary, customize it. It is very convenient to make the main contacts on the desktop. To do this, hold your finger on an empty area and in the window that appears, select "Hot Keys" => "Contact" or it can be immediately "Contact" (more beautiful when a photo is assigned to a contact).

Here are the launch icons for all applications installed on the device. Icons can also be brought to the desktop, for this, hold your finger on the program icon, the device will automatically open your desktops, you just have to choose a place for the icon and release your finger. You can also sort the icons, for this you need to press Options => Change or immediately the Settings icon (depending on the manufacturer), then long press and drag to another location.

In order to open the notification screen, we need to swipe (called swipe) from the very top of the screen down. In Android, the notification screen is used to quickly access to turn on and off the basic functions such as Wi-Fi, Sound, Data transfer (Internet), Bluetooth, GPS, Auto-rotate screen, Data synchronization, Access point, Airplane mode, Energy saving, etc. . (the list and the possibility of customization depends on the version of Android and the manufacturer). This menu also shows missed events (calls, messages, events from social networks, etc.) and some applications that work in the background for convenient control (audio player, Skype, etc.).
Closed or accidentally deleted notifications can be viewed again.

If your tariff does not provide unlimited traffic, you must immediately turn it off in order to save money on your account. Or you can immediately configure the use of traffic by applications. Tip: for the full use of the android, immediately order yourself a certain Internet traffic. In order to turn on / off the Internet, go down the notification screen and click "Data Transfer". If your model is quite common, then you should immediately receive SMS with the settings of Internet access points and MMS, you only need to save them. If this does not happen, then you can easily and quickly configure it manually using the article: Configuring Mobile Internet.

Another tip: it’s best to do the initial setup on a Wi-Fi network, since almost all other actions need to be done using the Internet, and installed applications (or even the version of android) may want to update. And this process with a weak data transfer rate may take a long time. Where to find nearby free Wi-Fi access points and how to set it up is written in the article: How to set up Wi-Fi on an android.

Play market is an Android app store, and without registering, further use of a smartphone or tablet is simply pointless. How to do this is described in great detail in the article: How to set up Play Market

Make sure that all media files of your previous phone are saved on the memory card and after installing the card, they will be displayed in the new device.

Tip: In order to avoid possible problems, it is advisable to transfer all the information from the old memory card to the computer, format it (select FAT32 or exFAT format), then copy the folders with music, video and photos back to the card. Only after that install it in your android.

The Internet is scary and full of dangers! We are joking, but you still have to protect yourself, because sooner or later on the Internet you can stumble upon a hoax or, even worse, on cybercriminals. They may want to access your data, listen to you, view your photos or even steal money from the card!

To secure your device and the data on it, the first thing to do is install a graphic key or unlock by fingerprint, which in case of loss of your device will not allow you to unlock the screen without entering a password. The same function will be useful if your device often remains in public places or the office without your attention, you can put passwords on all functions, applications and simply on the lock screen. And you can also see a photo of the one who wanted to unlock your device.

It will not be superfluous to install Anti-Virus with the Anti-Theft function, in which case you can independently track and return the device you lost to yourself! Using antiviruses is never superfluous, and the anti-theft function is completely priceless: you can look at the map where your lost Android is located and even remotely block it and transfer data from it.

No matter how strange it sounds - on the Internet they will follow you! But not with the aim of harming, but rather with the goal of selling you something more effective, for example: your browsing history of various sites will tell your advertising systems your interests, select products or services and actively offer you to purchase them. This is the so-called "targeted advertising" or "smart advertising", your profile is formed (no, personal data is not officially collected, your name will not be indicated next to your profile, advertising corporations and networks assure us of this) and guesses what you would like, or if you added any product to the basket - be prepared to see even more of the same products in advertising :)

You will see ads everywhere: from applications and games to websites and sometimes even system partitions. Advertising can also be harmless when it is a little and it does not interfere. But the world is not without greed, most often there is so much advertising that it starts to make you sick. Almost all ads can be blocked, this is true for games, applications and the browser. There is a very interesting way of advertising on sites: The so-called Push-subscriptions that you meet when you go to the site and see the message "Subscribe to our newsletter". "Good" sites use this technology only to send interesting materials or notifications (for example, that a letter or a personal message has arrived). The bad ones will send you dozens of notifications per day, which can piss off. It’s easy to unsubscribe from such push advertising.

The most “scary” way to monitor is to listen to your conversations, sometimes even to shoot video: to protect against this, you need to limit the access of applications to the microphone and camera with special programs.

If we prepared everything for installation from the Play Market and just go into it and choose what to install, then to install applications from external sources you will need to do a little setup, namely, allow installation from unknown sources. Such sites are considered to be any site, including this one, except for the Play Market.

Many Android games are not as easy to install as we would like, because for them to work, you need to install the cache. Cache is additional files: music, textures, video files. All that makes up the media and visual part of the game.

Removing applications is the easiest: do a long press on the program’s shortcut and transfer it to the "trash" for removal. Details about uninstallation and all ways to uninstall an application from android.

So, in this article we examined the appearance and settings of android for beginners.

If you think that some very important setting was skipped or you don’t understand everything, be sure to write in the comments below.

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Basic charging rules

It is recommended to charge the smartphone using the original power supply, which comes in the package. In an extreme case, it is allowed to use high-quality analogs, the input current of which corresponds to a certified charger from the manufacturer. Here is a detailed article with all the nuances.

Do not plug the phone into a power outlet if the cord or plug is damaged. This is fraught with battery failure, as well as spontaneous combustion and other troubles.

During charging, the temperature of the smartphone rises due to voltage from the power source. That is why it is not recommended to run heavy games and applications on a mobile device connected to the network that make the processor work at full capacity. Often this leads to overheating of the internal components of the device and its breakdown.

To keep the battery as long as possible, do not let it completely discharge. Especially fatal is the long-term storage of the device with a depleted battery to the limit, since this leads to software failures and reduced battery life. It is recommended to keep the battery charge in the range from 20 to 80%, replenishing its capacity as necessary.

Temperature and humidity

The ambient temperature plays an important role in the operation of the smartphone, so it must be taken into account both in severe frosts and in sultry heat. Using the gadget without any harm to it can be in the range from 0 to + 35 ° C, and storage is permissible in conditions from -20 to + 45 ° C.

It is recommended not to leave the phone in direct sunlight or near a heater. In the cold season, on the street, it is best to keep the device closer to the body so that the battery does not lose its charge.

The humidity level is also able to affect the operation of the smartphone, unless it has a moisture protection system. Humidity in the range of 5 to 95% without condensation is considered acceptable. It is necessary to refrain from using the device in heavy rain, as well as in the bathroom. If the phone is very wet or falls into the water, you must immediately turn it off and dry it thoroughly. Even better - immediately seek help from a service center.

Protective cover and cleaning

Most smartphones are very sensitive to mechanical damage. To prevent the possibility of breakage as a result of a fall, it is recommended to purchase a protective cover and stick the glass on the display.

Daily use of a mobile device inevitably leads to its pollution. You only need to clean the case and screen using special detergents and soft wipes, otherwise you can erase the oleophobic coating on the touch screen.

Mobile network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS

Continuous interaction with the cellular network (especially 4G) is one of the basic functions of any smartphone, allowing it to receive calls and SMS. But sometimes turning it off has certain benefits, for example, at night, when mobile Internet is not needed. This makes it possible to significantly reduce battery and Internet traffic costs, increasing the battery life of the gadget.

The advice is simple - if you do not need mobile Internet, turn it off.

When using the services of any mobile operator, you need to remember that a permanent connection to the Internet can not only drain the battery, but also cause additional costs. It is recommended to connect to the network only in situations where it is necessary, since many applications are automatically updated and perform background data synchronization, which causes large amounts of traffic to disappear.

The work of the built-in communication modules (Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth) is insignificant, but it also depletes the battery. If these functions are not needed, it is recommended to temporarily disable them.

Application management

Android users have access to thousands of different programs for every taste, which can be easily downloaded to Google Play. However, the mobile devices of many well-known manufacturers are sold with a bunch of pre-installed applications and services. Most of them are never even launched by the owner of the smartphone, but simply occupy precious memory. You can get rid of them using the standard settings section in the Android main menu.

Some programs cannot be completely removed, but they can be disabled. We recommend that you study our instructions and do so with all unnecessary applications. Thus, they will cease to constantly work in the background, reducing RAM resources.

You can find out about the number of megabytes that all programs installed on your phone consume in the settings section. By removing all unnecessary processes, you can free up RAM a bit and increase device performance.

Change display settings

The Android mobile platform allows you to customize various types of parameters, increasing the convenience of working with a smartphone. The display is a key component of the device through which not only the display of content occurs, but also its management. For this reason, it is necessary to adjust it for yourself.

It is recommended that you turn off the adaptive screen brightness so that the built-in light sensor does not automatically set the brightness. Firstly, it is not always convenient, and secondly, it requires energy. It is better to adjust the brightness manually - it takes a couple of seconds of time.

The settings of many phones allow you to choose the color temperature of the screen and the theme (dark or light). Most often, at a later time of the day it is more convenient to perceive warmer and darker tones. Don't ignore the useful option yet - the blue filter.

Personal Data Security

Even if the user's files are not of any interest to third parties, it is important to worry about the safety of their own information. Android is an open platform, which is why hackers manage to find a lot of loopholes for stealing passwords, documents, photos and bank data.

No need to install programs from unreliable and unknown sources. When downloading software even from Google Play, you always need to pay attention to the rating, reviews and requested permissions.

To protect against external threats in real time, as well as to block spam and fraudulent sites, it is recommended to install an antivirus. Today you can find many high-quality and free programs, for example, Kaspersky Internet Security, Avast Mobile Security, ESET NOD32 Mobile Security, Dr.Web Security Space, Norton Mobile Security.

Even the most low-cost smartphone models support the protection of personal data with a PIN code and a graphic password. When using this protection, it is recommended to install not the easiest combination to unlock the screen. For example, “0000” or “1234” are not suitable.

If your phone has a face or fingerprint scanner, we recommend using them for their intended purpose. В случае кражи или потери устройства его будет проще найти, а злоумышленникам сложнее получить доступ к информации.

Экономия памяти

Несмотря на то, что производители мобильных телефонов оснащают их большими объемами памяти, иногда этого оказывается недостаточно. Чтобы более рационально использовать свободное пространство, можно приобрести карту памяти (вот советы по выбору). На нее можно спокойно перенести важные фото- и видеофайлы, а также некоторые приложения.

При покупке microSD советуем выбирать только известных производителей и обращать внимание на все важные характеристики.

Unfortunately, not every smartphone has a free slot for a memory card. In this case, cloud storages come to the rescue, for example, Google Drive, Dropbox, Yandex.Disk, OneDrive, etc. They can be used both on the phone and on the computer, gaining access to the necessary files on any device. Most of them have a paid subscription function, which allows you to expand the size of available storage even up to 1 TB.

Using these recommendations for working with modern phones, you can not only extend its service life, but also increase its own comfort and safety. Despite the fact that the above rules for many may seem quite obvious, they will be useful for novice smartphone users.

Smartphone Protection

So, we offer to start with the most banal, at first glance, point, but in fact it is really very important. It is about protecting the smartphone so that it is not overtaken by damage. It seems that everyone knows about the need for a protective glass or film on the screen and the case for the case. Only not everyone uses such attributes.

You can take measures that will help increase the security of your phone. It is better to do this right away, without delaying after the purchase. In this case, it will be possible to maintain a beautiful appearance, as well as extend the life of the device. The first point is the need to purchase a cover.

This attribute allows you to reliably protect the case in the fall, and you can give the smartphone a unique look. Covers are presented in a huge variety in stores. There are different forms. It is also possible that you would like to make a case for your phone on order. The choice is entirely yours, and there are opportunities, as you see.

Immediately we offer to outline recommendations on how to choose the right case for your smartphone. Most likely, in the configuration from the manufacturer, there may already be branded protection. For example, the brands Xiaomi and Huawei Honor often pamper buyers with this addition. You can find out about the seller, where you will purchase a smartphone.

If you want to leave the phone in its original form, then give preference to simple silicone variations with a transparent base. If you can often put the device face down, then upon purchase it is better to buy a case that will have high sides. This nuance will not allow the screen to come into contact with the surface, which can damage the protective glass or the display.

Another item is a special film for the screen. Replacing it can really cost a large sum of money, and therefore it is better to worry about additional protection. Under the film should be understood an attribute that has a thin and transparent base. It will allow you to close the area of ​​the panel in front. There is also an option with shockproof glass. Even if manufacturers equip modern devices with durable glasses with anti-fall protection, in order not to collide with a broken display, it is worth getting additional protection.

Each of the options is not expensive, and if you make an order from China, it will be completely cheap. If you are not sure that you personally will be able to properly stick the protection, then you should contact the service center or acquaintances who will help you solve this problem. In the first case, you will need to pay extra for the service.

Battery saver

It is important for a beginner to understand how to manage the battery and phone settings so that the battery life is extended. Work from a single charge determines not only the properties of capacity, but also the style of use of the smartphone. We suggest learning about the main options and actions that prevent you from using the device for a long time. The screen takes a lot of energy from the charge. It is not necessary to use maximum brightness if the goal is to extend the battery life.

Using a smartphone on an android, you can refer to the option to automatically adjust the brightness of the backlight due to external lighting. If the brightness is set to a minimum, then working with the phone on a sunny day will not be difficult, but the battery will not discharge quickly.

If 10-15 percent of the charge remains, and there is no energy source nearby for a long time, then the energy saving mode will be useful. Due to it, it is possible to turn off many background processes, reduce brightness and the Internet, as well as general performance properties. As a rule, the user is able to independently set parameters that will suit him.

There is also another factor that affects battery life. This is the inclusion of the Internet and its active use. If you are always in touch with 3G / 4G, GPS, regularly use geodata, then even the largest battery in your smartphone will not please you with a long battery life. It is not recommended to leave the Internet turned on if you do not need it. Android default settings allow you to learn how much traffic is being used. If there are any programs that use the network in the background, then it is better to set restriction settings on them so that the charge is saved. But keep in mind that in this case, the flow is not only charged, but traffic. Well, you pay for your operator for it, and therefore you should be careful using the Network.

Internet: Terms of Use

It is important to talk about whether you can use a smartphone with the Internet on an ongoing basis. Best of all, properly configure system and application updates. For example, if it is an Android smartphone, then GooglePlayMarket can be updated using Wi-Fi or the mobile Internet.

Settings are not difficult to do. You need to go to the main menu of this application and go to the "Auto-update applications" item, from there and go to "Only via Wi-Fi." This will save your traffic, because updates are often large-scale, and therefore why spend the mobile Internet, which is most often limited by users' tariff plans.

Performance indicators

The instruction is not sufficient to learn how to use the gadget correctly. It is necessary to monitor the order on the device throughout the entire application period. As a result of your irresponsibility, you may encounter freezes, errors when you need to install the application, or cases of unplanned reboots or other troubles that will upset you. For performance in real time, the answer is OP. In the RAM are concentrated those applications that have already been launched, as well as those processes that are observed in the phone. You can switch to them at any time.

The more running programs, the less memory that will be free for the operating system. Those. the user himself has to go to the menu from time to time and clean the RAM in order to remove those applications that are not used by him.

Thanks to the Android system, you can clean using a specific button. It can be in the area under the screen or be built into the interface. In the window that opened, you can remove unnecessary applications due to swipe to the side or there is a cross icon. Also do not forget about cache files and cookies. Very often they accumulate in browsers and instant messengers.

It is also worth noting that battery consumption and performance may be affected by factors such as the operation of several heavy applications at once. The browser will have a dozen tabs, games, etc. Widgets and the functioning of 3D wallpapers on the desktop, an addition in the form of visual effects, etc. will also affect.

Users who set themselves the goal of pumping the gadget through third-party visual enhancements may encounter battery problems. It will become much faster to discharge than in the case of those who use standard presets and themes.

Temperature mode

We suggest considering a moment that not everyone attaches importance to. This concerns the environmental impact on the operation of the smartphone. In fact, tablets and other gadgets will not be an exception. There are restrictions that apply to temperature with a “-” sign, as well as extreme heat.

Whatever the case, the battery will seriously suffer. You most likely noticed that in severe frosts the smartphone starts to discharge much faster, even if you do not need to use it too actively.

You must be prepared for this. And if there is no strong need, it is better not to get it at all. But in the heat, remember that the device was not near a heat source, was not in direct sunlight.

Screen in the cold

It is also important to talk about how inconvenient to use a touch screen gadget in the winter. Due to the fact that you cannot do without gloves, you may encounter a lack of the ability to click on the screen. The problem is completely solvable. You can buy a stylus for the sensor or buy special gloves. But keep in mind that for women with long nails, the second option is not particularly appropriate.

The opinion of experts about a special spray that makes the surface of any gloves suitable for pressing a sensor boils down to the fact that you can buy it, but you need to find a tool that will not only be a PR move, but will really work.

Algorithm for a beginner who is faced with the task of how to use a Samsung smartphone or another brand

So, first of all, you should read the instructions for action on the gadget. Most likely, this will help you find out the answers to many questions that will arise as the device is used. For example, the instructions may talk about how to enter the system cloud, bypass locks and other nuances. This is information that will benefit you and will be interesting to read. For this reason, do not neglect this paragraph.

After turning on the device with a mobile network operator card, the settings will be sent to you. They will relate to the Internet, MMS, and other functions that the SIM provides. If you neglect them, then the use of the Internet will be accompanied by considerable waste. But after setting the settings, you can safely apply all the options of the smartphone.

It’s better to connect to Wi-Fi so that you can download the necessary applications. It is not necessary to use mobile Internet. You can save your traffic.

Test your gadget. Take a photo, shoot a video, play games, and you can try several at once. All this will make it possible to understand how your phone shows itself in work. In the event that something is wrong with him, it is better to immediately return to the store to make a replacement. It is possible in accordance with 14 days by law from the date of purchase. You can return the phone even if you do not like it. There are a lot of reasons.

Close all applications if you are not using them. This will remove all running programs that slow down the OS. You need to open the list of applications and click on the "close all" button. Thus, you can save battery power for a long time.

How to use applications on a smartphone: help for beginners

Learning to use modern gadgets should be carried out, because it is difficult to deal with all the subtleties of the device for the first time.

When you read the instructions, do not rush to press all the buttons in a row. It is worthwhile to figure out how to control the sensor. As a rule, the base is presented in the instructions. She teaches you how to install a SIM card, how to start a phone, and how to configure it at first.

Smartphone setup

When you turn on your Android smartphone for the first time, you’ll be faced with the need to create a unique Google account, which will be used in the application store and is also the main email for the user. Be sure to remember the data that is needed for authorization. This will be the password and address. You can transfer them to your account if you purchase a new device. You can also get authorization from it after restoring the old one. A Google account provides access to services: in the GoogleChrome browser, a profile, access to your personal account in PlayMarket, as well as through additional services from Google. It can be cards, YouTube, disk, etc.

Useful apps for user

Here you can identify a number of services and programs that may be useful for the smartphone user. It can be instant messengers, social networks, taxi applications and other interesting features. They will allow the beginner to quickly become an active user of the gadget. All examples presented can be downloaded for free from PlayMarket.

Social networks

Social networks have become part of our communication. Modern people install such applications on their smartphone. You can use 1 or 2 options at once, which are used by your friends, relatives and comrades. Almost all applications have the same nature and functionality. Dealing with them is not so difficult. The most popular are: Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki. Many people use them not just for communication on the network, but for access to browsers, applications and games. If you move away from standard social networks, then you should learn how to use the Instagram service. It is worth recognizing that now it is incredibly in demand. Here it is customary to publish posts with photos and short-lived video clips. It is possible to conduct online broadcasts, publish Stories, you can also communicate in personal correspondence, leave comments.

You can also learn special services for meeting other people if the above applications seem to be small. Popular today are Mamba and Friend Around, Tinder. You can find new people to talk to, make acquaintances, and even meet a soul mate.

Instant messengers

Here is a special group of applications that were developed in order to exchange multimedia group files and correspondence between people. This set of applications differs in that it is simple in practice. There are not many options that are inherent in popular social networks.

Whatsapp This is the first messenger that many modern people choose. An account is created when accounting for the use of a mobile number, and therefore, restoring it if necessary will not be accompanied by complexity. You can transfer your smartphone’s notebook to the list of contacts, which is also very convenient. The application will allow you to correspond, share media files, create chats for communication with several users at the same time.

You can immediately identify the messengers Viber, Facebook, Telegram. All of them are heard by many of us. They really simplify communication between people and are useful for business users.

Video calling

From now on, you can call your loved one or comrade not only through the mobile operator, but also via the Internet. In the latter case, you can use an application called Skype. It has recently been very popular. But it is better, of course, if the program is launched on a PC, it will be more convenient. There are other services for smartphones. This is GoogleDuo, the same Viber, WhatsApp, as well as many others. Most instant messengers have a video call option. This is very convenient, you can always stay in touch with your relatives, keep in touch with them and, importantly, see them.

Automatic cleaning and antivirus

Without the use of special tools to clean the smartphone and monitor its safety, you may encounter a low level of device performance. It is important to constantly clean the device so that it is not cluttered. Also check the system so that it is not contaminated with antiviruses. You can recommend one of the programs for use: CCleaner, PowerClean, CleanMaster, AVL and Sheetah CM Security. These are applications tested on the experience of other users that are easy to use and always in demand.

Managing files and information on a smartphone

If you need to store a lot of information on the internal memory of the device, use it in the form of a flash drive, be sure to install the file manager for yourself. The application will allow you to properly manage disk space. Pay attention to such programs as TotalCommander, ES Explorer and DVGet. They have already been able to please many users of modern gadgets, and therefore you can safely trust them.

Additional software

You can install applications on your smartphone at your discretion. Rely on your needs. For example, if you spend a lot of time behind the wheel, a navigator will be useful in your case. It may also be an appropriate assistant to Google Maps, special services called Navitel, Yandex.Maps and TomTom. Don't be afraid to take pictures with your mobile camera. You can install a couple of editors and special programs. For those who value good music, the Shazam service would be appropriate. This app is unique. At his expense, you can open a number of songs that are not so popular on the waves of radio and TV, but worthy of your attention.

It will also be appropriate to order yourself Uber or Yandex.Taxi applications. Make yourself a list of those applications that are popular in the conditions of your city. Undoubtedly, they can be useful to you in practice.

If you need an Internet wallet on hand, then the proprietary application is recommended for downloading as well. Речь идет о WebMoney, Яндекс.Деньги или QIWI. Если применять телефон в качестве платформы для просмотра медиа, то нужно скачать плеер. К примеру, это может быть Kodi. Чтобы организовать или же запланировать события, встречи и даже звонки, обратите внимание на органайзер. Сегодня на самом деле очень много интересных и полезных приложений, а потому для каждого случая вы найдете уместный вариант.

В GooglePlayMarket вам доступен современный календарь с рядом опций, шагомер, электронные книги, ТВ-интернет, а также переводчик, компас, диктофон, сторонние браузеры. You can track public transport in your city, parking lots in the capital and other important points that will always be at your fingertips.

It is important to pay attention to the players for playing video and music. SMPlayer will work smoothly if used for its intended purpose, otherwise you will need to constantly change it to a new variation. The download method will be simple. You don’t even need to download the installation file, download the application in Google Market, and it will go on its own to direct installation into the system. This is done through the installation wizard, which greatly simplifies the process of introducing the program into the operating system. You do not even need to specify the interface language, download location, additional parameters. The program will do everything on its own.

Orbot will set up a proxy connection, and Androrat will allow you to create a spy for smartphones, Netmonitor will track the GPS location and much more. It is also worth noting the ability to control home devices through voice commands. For example, this stage is possible when working with the Alice service, which is inherent to Yandex. Many applications are installed including in Russian. Do not be alarmed that their name may be in English. There is also a tutorial on the first launch of the application, help about it. So everything is aimed at ensuring that the user does not have problems using the programs on the smartphone.

Applications with trading floors will be useful. For example, AliExpress. If this is the first time you have encountered this site, then familiarize yourself with it, determine your country and currency.

Of course, do not forget about the games. It is likely that you will have a desire to play something. You can find entertainment to your liking. There are a lot of offers in Google Market. There are free games, and there are at a certain cost.

You can download the Opera browser, which also has a built-in VPN. This is an absolutely free program that has many services and functions in order to surf the Internet. This is a very practical and easy-to-use browser. There is nothing complicated in it, everything is basically the same as in ordinary ones, but there is a difference in the interface and the location of any functions. Among them, one can single out mail, which is very useful and needed today. You can also conduct electronic contacts, store a fairly large number of numbers. Opera, according to experts, is one of the fastest browser systems, it works flawlessly and quickly, no problems arise. In this browser, you can perform many actions in one window, this is a big plus and, of course, a hallmark of the application. The program is being improved, and every year it’s getting better and, given the criticism of users.

Equally popular is GoogleChrome. It's a free browser that helps you surf the web. It has a very interesting interface, quite simple, but at the same time it looks very original. The main principle is minimalism. There is nothing superfluous in this browser, since even the icon is completely ordinary. The program is convenient and quite popular, of course, popularity came quite recently compared to other analogues, but it deserved this status.

Choosing a tariff plan for a smartphone

In addition to the question, which smartphones are used by our compatriots, interest may arise, what kind of tariff plans are also in demand by mobile network operators. In our country, the following companies are popular: MTS, Megafon, TELE2, Beeline and Yota. It should be noted that tariffs are different everywhere, they provide for a fixed payment for 1 month. As a result, the user independently configures the service package, choosing the number of SMS, minutes, as well as GB of the Internet.

In order to understand in detail this issue, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the terms of the operators on the site. Very many appreciated the convenience of a smartphone with 2 cards. In this case, you can fill it with two SIM cards and communicate even more economically, without denying yourself conversations.

It will be useful to learn about promotions that are regularly held by operators. For example, Megafon offers customers New Year's rates, as well as games where you need to shake your smartphone, receiving certain gifts for this. True, entertaining! But first, you need to download a specific application.

Warm screen mode

Using a smartphone at night, working with texts, or just spending time on social networks, it is worth turning on the “night” application mode. It works so that the image on the screen takes on a hue of yellowness. Due to this, the load on the eyes is reduced, and indeed it is more convenient to use the phone in the dark.

Initially, the mode may not seem quite convenient, but as you use it constantly, your opinion will change.

The option is not present in all devices, as it is necessary for a smartphone to have a special chip for making contactless payments. But the option is really convenient. At its expense, it is possible to attach one or a pair of bank cards to the AndroidPau, SamsungPay or ApplePay system in view of your gadget. Dealing with this is easy. There is a special setup wizard that will take care of all the necessary tasks for proper functioning. Also, your gadget may have a tutorial, which greatly simplify the task. In many stores, you can pay for goods using your phone. This is very convenient, you don’t even need to get a wallet with a bank card that you use constantly.

NFC can be used for contactless data transfer between devices that are next to each other. There is an AndroidBeam option for this.

QR code scanning

Due to the main camera of the smartphone in many applications that are associated with the purchase of goods, there is an option to scan a QR code. It will provide an opportunity to instantly receive information about equipment, clothing, products in the store. The AliExpress application mentioned above also has this option. Those. You can quickly buy goods at discounts, as quickly as possible switching to goods from a PC to a smartphone screen.

There is another example of using codes. This is work with AlcoScanner, which allows you to scan the bar code on a bottle of alcoholic beverage, and then verify the authenticity of the products in accordance with the general application database.

The fingerprint scanner

This is a very popular innovation that allows you to configure and activate it even when you first start the phone. For convenience, add fingerprints from the right and left hands immediately.

To confirm payment via NFC, you will need to scan the fingerprint or recognize the face of the owner, if there is such an option.

Manage Third Party Gadgets

Please note that your device will be equipped with a Bluetooth module and Wi-Fi. This gives great opportunities for connecting it to third-party devices. You can control an external endoscope, stabilizer and video camera, as well as smart TV, audio systems, smart devices, display the image on the projector screen and even change pictures on the interactive whiteboard.

You can use the wireless capabilities of your phone to its full potential. To do this, install branded applications from third-party device brands on the gadget. For example, Sony has a SecondScreen program, which makes it possible to configure the management of the PS4 console, guided by its mobile phone. As a rule, such services and devices have instructions for beginners on how to configure them, and also helps to familiarize themselves fully with the available functionality.

It is also worth mentioning professional software that is designed to work with surveillance cameras. This could be IVMS 4500, car diagnostics - Pyren for Renault, for example, or car security management - StarLine. Really a lot of options.

Cloud storage

Quite a lot of users forget that data storage is possible not only on a physical drive. If the smartphone acts as a flash drive, then you should think about connecting a cloud storage, where there are photos, videos. Using any of the clouds is convenient. It is only 1 time to configure the synchronization and you can apply all the options at your discretion. It can be Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, Yandex.Disk. This option is relevant for devices that do not have a large amount of internal disk or memory card support.

The nuances of teaching older people how to use smartphones

You need to start by familiarizing yourself with the basic options of the device. There is no need to mention third-party applications, games, the Internet and browsers. Only when a person learns to use the basic functions can you move on to the rest of the options.

It’s worth choosing the right smartphone. If it will be used mainly at home, then do not worry about excessive protection of the gadget's body, moisture, etc. Note that you should choose a smartphone with a good battery so that the elderly owner does not forget to charge it in the evenings every day.

Another nuance is that the display is as large as possible. The more interface elements or the screen area, the more convenient it will be for you to use the phone. The shell of the system should also be simple. Of course, it can be reflashed, but in the first stages of training it is important to simply deal with everything.

After analyzing the market, relying on the above parameters, we came to the conclusion that several manufacturers have simple, but high-quality devices at an affordable price. Samsung Galaxy J3 (O330A), J5 and J6, Honor 6a, 7a and 7c, 8a, 8C, HuaweiAscendG620S, Y3 Prime and Y5, Y5c, Y6, Y9, Fly, LenovoC2, VertexImpress and Highscreen brand models.

In the middle price segment, Honor 9, 10 Lite, 8X and 9, Vivo and HTC, Asus, Xiaomi, LG G6, Meizu, Huawei P Smart, Oukitel C13 Pro, as well as many other brands have good phones. Those. Almost all budget news from previous years by manufacturers with a well-known name will cope with the basic task and will not bring discomfort to a novice user in the world of smartphones.

Familiarity with the interface

To begin with, it is worth exploring the controls of the smartphone. It can be power keys, volume, additional items. A person must understand how to reboot the device in an emergency.

Look in the menu, study the Android desktop. There will be all the necessary icons. Take the call sign and messages to the main screen, as well as those applications that you will use.

It is important to remember the conventions that appear on the top of the phone bar. These can be notifications about muted sound, application news, missed calls and incoming messages. It is also worth remembering the battery icon, where it will be shown that it can soon be discharged.

System navigation is equally important. A beginner will not even need help in mastering new options, if you master it.

Calls: receive incoming and outgoing calls

It is important. You need to learn how to receive incoming calls, and even call yourself. Here you need to study the phone book and call log. From there, the user will be able to learn how to call up relatives, despite the fact that you will not try to dial the number manually.

And remember, it's never too late to learn! Of course, learning takes time and patience. Do not break down on an elderly person, over time he will understand how to use a smartphone, but an offense for your nerves will not be easy to forgive. Yes, and disputes about this may become the reason for a person to completely abandon a smartphone.

Check the number where you called