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What to wear leggings with


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Leggings are a universal wardrobe for any woman, but not every woman understands how to wear them properly. Leggings must be worn in a layered outfit. It is impossible to look fashionable if you wear leggings as trousers, and not like tights with other clothes. Mixing and selecting different colors and shoes, leggings can be worn at any time of the year. Follow these tips to wear leggings in style.

Rules for the selection of clothes and shoes

  • Make sure that the thin transparent leggings on the hips are covered with other clothes. Otherwise, they will give the impression of tights.
  • Full ladies and girls with problem areas in the abdomen, buttocks and hips should wear elongated things with panties (blouses, tops, etc.).
  • Combine a cropped top only with tight, leggings that don't shine through. Slender women with a good figure can wear such products like trousers.
  • Pay attention to the choice of underwear, it should not stand out through the fabric of leggings.
  • The color is also important, avoid the skin, the so-called shade of nude. From afar, it dissolves, and you will look as if in negligee.
  • Some models have a stitched arrow that visually slender and lengthens your legs.
  • When choosing a color scheme, keep in mind: a large pattern increases the volume, a horizontal strip narrows the figure, a small pattern visually removes a couple of kilograms.
  • In terms of shoes, tight pants are very affordable. Loafers, sneakers, flip flops on the platform that is fashionable this season and without it, sandals and even with sneakers, you will feel comfortable and stylish.

How to wear leggings of different colors

To create a harmonious and holistic image, you need to consider all the pros and cons of the figure, fashion trends and color combinations. Naturally, your choice depends on personal preferences, a sense of proportion and taste.

Important! Shades should balance each other, and styles should be combined.

Choose insulated, dense or fleece options.

  • If the bottom is plain, then with a motley cardigan, a bright sweater or with a jumper connected by large braids, you will look great.
  • For leggings with print, choose a plain top, in which the emphasis is on patterned knitting.
  • For work - tight tight trousers from a jersey and we put on a blouse without a pattern + a jacket. Can be combined with a neutral polo sweater. Vests are in fashion that also diversify your bow.
  • For a thousand options for walking: bright leggings, fun prints, camouflage. The top is more democratic than for work. Successful asymmetric sweatshirts, warm tunics with a lowered shoulder, flannel shirts.

All this diversity is complemented by sports winter down jackets and knitted hats with a cheerful ornament.

Shoes - there is where to take a walk! Ugg boots, moon rovers, bright boots, winter sports sneakers.

In summer, leggings are worn with clothes that will help show the best sides of the figure.

  • Tight panties + a shortened sweater with a V-neck.
  • Trousers with locks at the ankles + openwork blouses and tunics.
  • Low landing at the elk + short skirt + shortened top.
  • The high waist is combined with a sleeveless blouse or top + wide open shirt.

Ankle boots, shoes, sandals, clogs, loafers with and without heels, on a platform or wedge heel - all perfectly fit depending on the occasion, combination and convenience and the type of your physique.

How to choose leggings according to the features of the figure

For lush volumes

Full girls should wear high-waisted leggings. The complement will be an elongated top made of dense fabric, which serves as a corset. You can choose trousers with arrows and stripes, they make the figure slimmer. Dark colors are most suitable.

For slim

What a score! All of the above combinations in color, shape, silhouette will be perfect for you. The main thing is to adhere to our advice, and you will create your own individual style.

A bit of history and differences

Leggings were originally called men's dress pants, which were sewn from elk leather, which gave them a name. Unlike modern ones, they were uncomfortable: they did not stretch well, so getting into them was problematic, and even caused skin problems.

Having disappeared in the middle of the 18th century, leggings reappeared in 1980-1990, only as an element of a female wardrobe made of well-stretched material. And then they became even more popular in 2006, after which they did not disappear from trends for a long time.

Leggings, in fact, are an exclusively female variety of leggings. They can be of various colors, have a variety of prints, patterns, different densities and decorative elements. Leggings are mostly matte, more restrained in color and are considered unisex clothing.

Sporty style

Although leggings are ideally combined with sports and sport-chic style, this is a rather boring and banal option, which managed to pretty much bother everyone.

An alternative to sports shoes can be more feminine options: sandals, open or closed heeled shoes, etc. And if you add an elegant top, you get a ready-made bow for an event or party.

A sports jacket (sweatshirt, hoodie and bomber jacket) should be replaced with a denim oversized jacket or jacket made of thin denim, to complement the image with shoes or high heel shoes. The combination with oversized large-knit sweaters looks actual.

The last caveat is accessories. If a baseball cap remains in trend and is no longer considered a purely sports headgear, then sports and baggy bags should be hung in a closet. For leggings and leggings it is better to take a small accessory that will not catch the eye, but will emphasize the femininity of the image.

Tight top

A tight-fitting top, t-shirt or dress looks disharmonious with leggings. Leggings themselves are a very sexy and frank wardrobe item, and an additional accent of this kind will be excessive and even vulgar.

Ideal options:

  • a long shirt or oversized t-shirt, and brutal boots complete the image,
  • a tunic of a direct silhouette and asymmetric cut, on the feet - sandals or chelsea,
  • a dress that is not tight-fitting, but not necessarily oversized, to the middle of the thigh, with white sneakers or oxfords.

Important point
Leggings and leggings are not pants in the full sense of the word. In no case should this be forgotten. Therefore, with most models, it is recommended to wear a rather long top covering the hips. An exception can be made for very dense, for example, leather, leggings, but for this, the figure must be perfectly slim and fit.

Such models are very similar to leather pants and have completely different textures, and sometimes interesting details like lacing or lace. Shiny leather leggings are the perfect choice for slim and slim girls.

Stylist's advice
Even when the hips are covered, the linen under the leggings or leggings should be as smooth and invisible as possible, matched in color.


It used to be that wearing sports tights and leggings in everyday life was not quite appropriate, but today designers confidently refute this opinion. In the season 2018/2019, sports style can be combined with almost any bow. Sports tights have long turned into a real work of art. There is even a separate style - sport chic, which is confidently kept in trend and is actively exploited by many celebrities.

Everyday Tips on Wearing and Combining Sports Leggings:

  1. Matte ones will always look better than glossy ones and attract less attention to the style of leggings themselves, which will allow them to be combined more effectively with a lot of things.
  2. As already mentioned, it is worth looking for more interesting and effective combinations than total sport look.
  3. Sports leggings are suitable for shoes with a flat sole, a platform with a slight rise or with a stable thick and small heel. For example, sneakers, ballet shoes, gym shoes or creepers.
  4. If you choose a jacket or jacket in the color of leggings, the image will become much more solid and interesting, the silhouette will stretch, and the emphasis will shift from leggings to a T-shirt / blouse or accessories.
  5. An effective and feminine image will turn out if, within the framework of one image, a transparent tunic or dress with sports leggings and a jacket is combined. Multilayer options always look more attractive.

Very comfortable, and most importantly, useful clothes - compression leggings and tights. They help to better tolerate sports loads and maintain muscles, but they are indispensable in daily wear:

  • for people whose activities are related to flights,
  • when working "on my feet"
  • people with varicose veins (supporting linen is even prescribed according to prescriptions).

Compression tights look like regular sports leggings, and therefore wear them according to the same recommendations.

With such leggings and tights there is only one rule: the brighter and more unusual the print, the more restrained all the other details of the image should be. It is advisable to choose a simple solid top, the color of which will be on leggings, and the same accessories.

It must be remembered that visually colored leggings with print significantly increase the volume, especially if the fabric is shiny. Accordingly, such a model should not be chosen by full girls.

Although leggings and leggings suit many, they are not recommended to wear fat girls, ladies with strong cellulite or other noticeable problems with the figure - tight pants emphasize the flaws. Glossy leggings or with prints are more suitable for owners of very thin legs - such a model visually adds volume. Otherwise, leggings and leggings have long ceased to be considered purely sportswear and fit perfectly into almost any style.