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How to rekindle a girl's passion


Often, after many years of living together, the couple’s sexual life almost comes to naught. Sex, if it happens, is simply a necessary physiological discharge for a man, and a woman does not bring that pleasure that she wanted and could receive.

Over the years, grievances accumulated, expressed and not expressed, unresolved problems, fatigue from almost round-the-clock communication with each other, household and household routine, in general, all that least contributes to both passion and tenderness - two integral components of a harmonious sexual life.

I do not think that it is possible to return the former attraction to each other in all cases. I think good relationships are based on good relationships. And first of all, it is necessary to establish them.

Unfortunately, it happens that people live for years, in fact, barely tolerating each other. It is difficult to talk about good sex here, and it is better to dissolve such “rotten” marriages - they gradually and imperceptibly kill both. But if the couple’s relations are good, people respect each other, miss each other, are drawn to each other - just what’s called ... a “routine stuck” - then we women need to take matters into our own hands.

It is believed that male sexual activity also involves initiative in sex - therefore, many women simply “wait silently” when a man takes this initiative, but since over the years this happens less often, the quality of sexual contacts is far from up to par.

The woman’s sexuality is growing over the years, and deep dissatisfaction with her intimate life is also. But she was used to the fact that the man always took the initiative, and it simply did not occur to her, which could be somehow different.

But if a man sees a woman next to him who does not show interest in sex, the last thing that comes to his mind is what she expects initiatives from him.

No, everything is much simpler - it will occur to him that she simply does not need sex (this is in the best case, and in the worst - that she doesn’t want it him) The consequences of such a male decision can be the most unpleasant for a woman, as you know. And therefore, do not be surprised at anything ...

What can we women do in order to at least revitalize our sex life in a long-term marriage, and as a maximum - to fully establish it, to make it harmonious and bringing joy to both?

Please - do not "think" about anything. Doubting, analyzing, perplexing, afraid Sex is not an area where you need to think. This is a territory where a woman needs to relax and open up.

Add some romance. Change of scenery

Romance is not only a family vacation on vacation at a “resort”, romance is unexpected pleasant emotions that you deliver to a man and which come back to you in double size. Buying an expensive birthday tie is great, but ... expected!

From time to time, give him some pleasant little things just like that, for no reason, for no reason. Something that he will like or make him laugh. Just because you love him, because you are together, because he is simply there. Go to a small cozy restaurant only together - without children, without friends and relatives. Cover and serve dinner not where it always is, but in a different, unusual place - on a small table in the bedroom, for example - and in the flirty maid's apron.

Invite a man to dinner at the restaurant at the hotel, having pre-booked a room there for the night, but do not tell him about it - let this be a surprise to him, and for you the unusual and romantic atmosphere will become a catalyst for enhancing sexual attraction to a partner.

He will not refuse, I assure you, and you do not need to spare money for this - you both will receive much more. “Change the scenery” at least once a month - you can always come up with something, and it does not have to be expensive and difficult. And, of course, we remember that you can and should have sex not only in the matrimonial bed ...


I already wrote that good sex is a continuation of a good relationship. Do not forget and do not hesitate to thank your man for everything that he does for you. Whatever it is - it is impossible to overdo it in this matter. It is very important for men to feel their need, their value. I put a plate on the table - thank me with a lovely, slight smile, called and said that I would be a little late - do not arrange an interrogation, but thank him for calling and did not make you worry. Of course, the value of gratitude lies in its sincerity. A grateful man who feels his worth, need and significance for you and in bed will be good - this is how male psychophysiology works, and it works without fail.

Distance games

From time to time, play games with your beloved at a distance - yes, all these ambiguous sms, a little note with a hint that you can put where he is guaranteed to see her, in the end, sometimes just phone sex (I hope no one fell to faint?).

Many believe that all these "little things" - for the "candy-bouquet" period of relations, and not for married life. This is far from the case! It is in our female hands to extend or resurrect this beautiful period of romantic and sexual flirting. Of course, you need to know the time and place of what is called. If he is in the midst of an important meeting, calling on his cell phone with a story about how you "take pictures slowly there ... something there" would not be a very successful idea.

Bystrosex is not always bad

Often women need a longer prelude than men - after all, a woman is excited in a completely different way. Among other things, women do not really like “quick sex”, because deep down they believe that at this moment the man uses them as a sexual object. But for men, often sex is almost the only way to express your love to you! And by the way, being a “sexual object” is not so bad if you think about it. From time to time, allow yourself not only long and sensual sex with mutual caresses, but also “quick”, as if in a hurry. This will add variety to your intimate life, open up new facets of sensuality and sexuality in yourself, and, of course, give pleasure to your beloved.

Tactile sensations

Touch it several times a day - and now I'm not talking about sex itself. Just take a hand, grab it, stroke it on the cheek, caress it somehow - daily touches of each other bring people together at a subtle energy level, they begin to be drawn to each other - this is our nature. Among other things, it greatly develops mutual sensuality, improves the sensory perception of the world - these are the sensations of touching the warm skin of a loved one.

Surprise matters

And of course, sex does not always have to be planned - moreover, if we want to revive our former passion and romance, it should be as if completely and not planned. A man will always appreciate and respond to an unexpected sexual game. Anywhere - you can, for example, sitting at a party or even with relatives at the table, quietly say something to your beloved’s ear ... that will instantly arouse his imagination. Believe me, upon returning home you will find a completely unforgettable night!

Take the initiative, for example, in the morning yourself - in the morning, when the man is full of strength. Let your beloved wake up from your affection, from your desire. And please, leave your head “empty” at this moment - do not think about children, nor about school, nor about breakfast or work ... nothing at all, except what is happening between you here and now! Do something in the end what you used to be never did not. Men actually really like it when a woman herself takes the initiative.

Of course, everything must be done correctly, taking into account the peculiarities of male psychology and physiology. If a wife in a “nurse's costume” meets a coiled up, bewildered at work and hungry man who is to take the project tomorrow at the door without any preparation, the effect can be exactly the opposite.


  • Use condoms to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. You should always use a condom if you are sleeping with someone for the first time. Do not convince the girl that sex will be better without a condom - this is dangerous, and you can catch a serious virus from her.
  • Never force a woman to have sex with you. Let her make this decision on her own. She should never regret spending the night with you.

Make her think of you. The benevolent perseverance and constant courtship of a person who, in principle, has no chance, always flatters and surprises. She will definitely give up sooner or later, and the later, the more passionate her return will be. Resistance is broken, desire is on the limit, passions are heated by themselves.

Such behavioral features as arrogance and sexuality act magically on the opposite sex and, undoubtedly, provoke a response passion . A vivid impression of non-standard defiant behavior is associated at a subconscious level in the head with memorable stormy sex.

Money and passion - brother and. The smell is very exciting. Not necessarily a relationship should look like a bargain, it can be expensive gifts, unexpected surprises, pleasant, but luxurious little things. You will certainly notice how violent passion You are given a partner who received, for example, a gold watch.

Romance is the perfect way to provoke passion . This is a visualization of love, beautiful, impulses of the soul in the form of endless flowers, bath foam, restaurant dinners and red wine. But passion - not feelings, and romance may be far away. And if you fake this love for the sake of passion, then it is sophisticated. For a sample of behavior, take any beautiful melodrama such as "Beauty."

Jealousy in relationships, some people regard it as a sure sign of great love. To some extent, this seems to be true, because jealousy is a manifestation of a sense of ownership. However, this feeling can both destroy and refresh fading love relationships. How to cause jealousy in your own husband ?

Sociologists note that a woman does not seek to provoke jealousy out of revenge, but to check the depth of feelings of a man. Often the desire to cause jealousy arises in those whose husbands climbed the social ladder, while they began to deprive their spouses of attention and love.

How is female passion manifested?

Belinsky V.G. noted that a woman thinks with her heart. As a romantic and impressionable nature, a woman is passionate. For the sake of this feeling, she will do everything so that the other half is happy. Features of female passion:

the ability to turn into love and back,
a sense of passion lasts longer than for men.

Intuition allows you to feel the differences in male mood. Thanks to this, a woman determines “cooling” in time and applies little tricks to restore former feelings.

Women pay more attention to men, remind of themselves. At such moments, women forget about friends, their interests and completely surrender to the man. Female passion can breathe new strength into relationships and feelings, reviving them from the ashes.

The first stage: try on the image of the ideal man

Even the most strict business woman is waiting for her Gray, who will at least take her to a fabulous country at least for a while. She wants to see next to a self-sufficient, respectable man who holds and behaves with dignity.
Get ready for the meeting in advance: the clothes should be neat and well-groomed. Well-chosen wardrobe elements will emphasize the maturity of the person and success. If you want to interest a woman, learn to think the same way. Women try to disguise their shortcomings with the help of cosmetics, conveniently tailored clothes.
As the luminaries of psychology say, individuals with the same views find common themes. Therefore, prepare yourself carefully: pick up clothes, follow cosmetic procedures. You are sure to attract attention. During the conversation, hold your posture and look in the eye. Take the first step to show your interest. Adhere to these rules, and the woman will make efforts to get closer to you.

The first step is passion. Leave love and devotion for the second stage.

Second stage: become a friend

It’s easier for a woman’s heart to pick up the keys, becoming a friend. Maintaining friendly, trusting relationships is the best way to fuel passion. This strategy is beneficial for shy, insecure men.
Try to start communication with the girl, and you will not notice how you begin to communicate with her friends. This is a great way to overcome the fear of the female sex. You will learn to understand their desires and the development of thought.

Women value male friends, as they can give good advice based not on emotions, but on common sense.

You can trust secrets to your friend. Become a friend and you will find a way to restrain even the most obstinate beauty. Friendship is easy to translate into passion, as you already know its character and preferences.

How to arouse passion: types of feelings

It is important to remember that for any man, passion and love are completely different things, and the first does not always mean the second. Let's try to highlight several types of passion:

Feeling, regardless of its depth, most likely will not be expressed. It can be a passion addressed to the wife of a best friend, to the boss. Then a woman provokes passion in a man and appears as someone like a goddess, and any hint of a possible development of relations, and even more so, of love, is rejected by him immediately and in the bud.

This time the man is drawn to the woman bodily, at the level of instincts. It causes animal passion in a man. He may analyze her mental abilities, or may not spend at all on this, as he probably thinks, nonsense. Her presence makes the hormones of the man react violently, and the blood boils, which often manifests itself in a change in the color of the skin of the face - pallor and redness, twitching of the eyelids and nervous tic of the jaw

It is expressed in the fact that the presence of a woman in the vicinity provokes vigorous activity in a man not only of the sex glands and organs, but also of brain cells. A man actively acts not only in bed, but also far from her.

All the passions indicated here (except, perhaps, the very first) are finite and can end as soon as they begin, although the opposite is also possible - they can last for months and years. True passion over time can develop into something much more, but if it is superficial, and is determined only by a carnal feeling, then you can almost forget about it - after its satisfaction, passion can fade away, and interest can weaken, or even completely abyss.

Which of these three species is more suitable for you, you can tell only yourself - we don’t know your “victim”. Accordingly, the ways of calling a man’s passion are darkness. If you are not deprived of beauty, mind, or both.

Stage Three: Verbal Attack

Men light up from a passion for the picture, and women are susceptible to imaginary images. Be sure to compliment, emphasize its merits. Just use the correct intonation and eliminate falsehood.
Intrigue with conversations. To do this, start making compliments, ambiguous hints, and immediately start a conversation on a neutral topic. In order for the woman to fully develop an image, maintain eye contact, inadvertently touch her during a conversation. If you don’t know how to arouse a woman’s passion, think about which aspects of it really attract you. Hint about it. Try to speak with a slight smile and respect.

How to cause passion in a man - recommendations

Passion is a quivering feeling, impulse or desire that plays, of great importance in the life of every person. Despite the fact that many experts consider this feeling to be a very important element of any relationship between a man and a woman, it has nothing to do with love, since it is aimed solely at achieving the desired result.

Despite this, women who have the ability to arouse a feeling of passion in a man remain in their memory for a long time, it is they who incinerate and excite the male soul.

That is why many women around the world are interested in the question: how to cause passion in a man in order to win his heart?

Many have heard that “women love with ears,” but at the same time, not everyone knows that for men, voice is also very important.

A velvet-tender female voice can bring any man to a state of slight madness. That is why many experts recommend girls and women to work a little on their voice.

In the event that you regularly hone your skill in managing your voice, you can easily learn to cling to a man for life.

One of the main conditions that will help to cause passion in any man is the appropriate wardrobe. Мужчины сходят сума от обуви на каблуках, чулок, коротких юбок, блуз с глубоким декольте, которые непроизвольно притягивают мужские взгляды.

At the same time, one should carefully select a wardrobe and not overdo it, because excessive frankness can cause the opposite effect - defiantly dressed girls are associated with easy-going girls in the subconscious of a man.

Without fail, any woman who wants to please a man, and even more so arouse a sense of passion in him, should take good care of herself. The fact is that men are intrigued by women who manage to do everything around the house, and at the same time look great. Moreover, many men say that they respect such women.

In order to conquer the male heart and arouse passion in it, you can use various flavors. The reason is that many men are very susceptible to odors, and given the fact that some aromas can cause excitement, their use can be the key to your success in seducing a desired man.

Among other things, one should also not forget that the path to the heart of any man lies primarily through the stomach. That is why, in order to conquer a man, you need to feed him well and tasty, after which he will be completely yours.

Of course, it is clear that we did not give instructions from A to Z in this article on how to arouse passion in a man, but we sincerely hope that this material can help you achieve your goal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The fourth stage: touch, as a way to cause passion

Create a bodily contact. If you see a woman enjoying your touch, use this. Gradually move from small to large:

when meeting, kiss your hand,
when serving outer clothing, take
take your hand while walking.

These unobtrusive touches can cause strong passion and wake a sensual volcano. See that woman is passionate? Do not rush to enter into an intimate relationship. Give the opportunity to enjoy this pleasure. Play the seducer, take your time and you will get 100% return.

How to evoke feelings in a man

To begin with, in order to arouse feelings and passion in a man, it is necessary to determine how dear you are to a young man. For what purpose do you pursue it? For a short flirt or for a strong and serious relationship. It is also necessary to understand whether the guy is worthy of you to spend your precious time on him.

If you have decided on the candidacy and goals, then the time has come to look at yourself from the side. How can you attract your chosen one? In any girl should be what she will stand out from all, the so-called "zest", which will give you beauty and irresistibility.

You should take good care of yourself, remain fashionable and stylish in any circumstances, if you decide to evoke feelings and passion in a man. You need to be sweet, cheerful, cheerful, smile more often and not be ashamed of the attention of a man. A smile is very attractive to men.

If the stage of dating, in your opinion, has already passed, and you both were satisfied with the conversation, then the time has come for you to take the initiative in communication and arouse passion. Let the chosen one become attached to you. Try to write small messages every day for several days, then stop writing and say that you have something with the phone. Look - his reaction to such actions on your part will not go unnoticed.

Finally, you got a little tie it to yourself. But do not go too far, do not impose yourself and do not bother him. Give a man the opportunity to conquer himself, because only in this way can you evoke feelings and passion in a man. Since by nature all men are hunters, they are not at all interested in “easy prey”. Let him look after you: gives flowers, invites you to restaurants or somewhere else.

If you feel quite strong feelings for your chosen one, do not show them to him, since he himself should fall in love with you, and not you with him. Let him know that you are a strong girl whose love you need to seek. And only a worthy man will be near you.

If you want to arouse passion so that your boyfriend has a crush on you, then you need to find sexuality in yourself. And the more you reveal yourself, the more beautiful you will look from the side. A pretty woman can leave an imprint in the soul of a man. We hope that our advice has helped you answer the question: "how to arouse feelings and passion in a man."

Fifth stage: make a woman look for meetings

Modern women like to play "cat and mouse." Straightforwardness and banality do not appeal to them, so do not try to please all the ladies' whims. Make the woman herself take the initiative. All means are good for this: laid-back courtship, easy flirtation, understatement. It hits female pride and makes a woman accelerate the development of relationships.

How to stir up passion?

Ahead is a romantic date, and you don’t know how to rekindle a woman’s passion, use proven methods:

Creating a romantic atmosphere - soft lighting, pleasant scents of scented candles or sticks, romantic music will create a suitable mood.
Sexy surroundings - prepare red and white wine, sweets, berries, fruits. Put a clean towel and fragrant soap in advance.
Before the girls arrive, clean the house, prepare clean dishes and remove photos from the former.

Passion is a feeling based on lust, so create an atmosphere that is conducive to the emergence of this desire.

How to evoke a feeling of love in a man?

Love is such a feeling that it is simply impossible to make experiencing, while increasing the likelihood that men will begin to experience increased attention and strong feelings for your person is quite possible.

In order to arouse feelings and passion in a man, it is enough to master a number of fairly simple techniques that will not require you much time and cost. It should be noted that not everyone knows the principles of this technique, and, therefore, for many women it remains a mystery how to evoke feelings in men.

In order to arouse passion in a man, it is necessary to have a number of joint vivid memories with him. For these purposes, riding a roller coaster or going to the cinema for a session of terrible horror films that can make your blood run cold may well come up.

The fact is that during such an adventure, it is highly likely that you will hold hands in the most critical moments, which is an indicator of confidence and some proximity.

At such moments, a woman becomes more attractive to a man, because he has a feeling that he can protect you. The main advice is that in order to cause a feeling in a man, first of all, you need to show a fantasy that will enable you to become a little closer.

A very important point that arouses in men an interest and feelings for a woman is emotional dependence. In order to evoke feelings and passion in a man, you need to be interesting to a man.

It is advisable to be in a good mood, as well as entertain your partner with interesting conversations on topics of interest to him. Thus, you must force the man to constantly search for your society, and also by all means think about you.

A fairly effective way to arouse passion and feelings in a man is to create a situation in which a man would feel himself a significant personality or a hero - a savior.

To do this, you can ask a man to perform simple services, and after that to extol his real virtues to heaven, especially with outsiders. In this case, a very important point is the praise of his virtues in public, since for most men, the opinions of others, especially males, are of key importance.

In that case, if you follow these rules, you will not only be able to arouse strong feelings in a man, but it is quite possible to find happiness with him for many years to come.