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Drunkenness is a battle! ": We sober up a friend who hasn’t calculated the amount of alcohol


Every year, a large number of teenagers and young people around the world die and get into accidents due to alcohol. They think that even if you disconnected or vomited, you can just go to bed, and in the morning everything will pass, leaving only a hangover. However, this view of the situation threatens the life of a person.

If someone at a party drinks so much alcohol that he can no longer take care of himself, this person can seriously suffer. If he has mixed many different drinks, he may have alcohol poisoning, which requires immediate Interventions by doctors or others. The ability to recognize the signs of alcohol poisoning can save a person’s life, therefore, everyone who likes to spend time at evening parties needs to know how to take care of a drunk person.

The option is not for fastidious

If you are not squeamish, the best option for sobering up a very drunk person is a natural cleansing. As you might have guessed, it involves inducing vomiting in the “sufferer”. Bring your friend to the nearest toilet, squat down, and ask to freely lower your head. Insert two fingers into his throat and lightly push on the spine of the tongue.

Repeat several times until the person is sick. As soon as all the poisons along with undigested alcohol come out, make a weak solution of potassium permanganate (1 teaspoon per 1.5 liters of water) and let someone drink in one gulp. Then provoke vomiting in him again. Repeat several times until the person feels better.

Similarly, ordinary table salt affects the human body. If you are squeamish moderately, and simply do not want to get your own hands dirty in the vomit, or the person is not so close to you that you can afford it, clean his digestive tract as follows. Pour in a glass to the top of warm distilled or filtered water.

There, place 4 tbsp. salt (iodized, English, stone - it does not matter). Shake vigorously. Make a friend drink it all in one gulp, and then do the same with three glasses of plain warm boiled water.

The main thing - be in the place where you can empty the stomach. After you make sure that it no longer vomits, give the person a few tablets of activated carbon (at the rate of 1 tablet per 7 kg of body weight).

If intoxication is not strong - ammonia will help

How to sober up a person with liquid ammonia? To do this, collect a glass of purified boiled water and add 2-3 drops of concentrated ammonia to it. Give a friend a drink of this solution. If he cannot do this on his own, open his mouth and try to pour the contents of the glass there.

If a person is not too drunk, but behaves violently enough, while you bring him to feelings, try not to argue with him and not argue with him. Absolutely. Even if he sets out a frank nonsense - assent to him where necessary, agree with him. No need to argue, argue and interrupt - this may well provoke aggression in a drunk, even if in ordinary life he is a quiet and calm person. Echo him in everything that does not diverge from morality and does not pose any danger.

To instantly bring a drunk friend to consciousness, try sharply, quickly and intensively rub his ears with your palms. A rush of blood to the head will make even the most drunk person wake up, after which he can be sober by the methods already considered.

If a person is very drunk

How to sober up a very drunk person? There is nothing to be advised unequivocally. With severe alcohol poisoning with its characteristic signs and symptoms, it is better not to take any actions on your own, and call an ambulance.

You can alleviate the condition of alcohol poisoning according to the following scheme:

  • All the same gastric lavage, described in the first part of the material,
  • Holding the tongue, it is necessary to collect the accumulated mucus from the patient’s oral cavity with the help of a medical pear,
  • If the poisoned person is breathing steadily, he must be given plenty of water. This is a prerequisite for effective assistance!
  • With alcohol poisoning, your friend's vessels widen dramatically throughout the body, leading to rapid heat loss. Therefore, providing assistance, wrap your friend in a warm blanket.

If it came to delirium tremens, urgent urgent need to be called. Delirium tremens is an acute alcoholic psychosis in which the patient cannot control his own actions, emotions and actions. This process can become dangerous both for the patient himself and for others.

And if you do not take any measures to detoxify and hospitalize in time, delirium tremens may well cause the death of a drunk person. Prior to the arrival of an ambulance, it is necessary to deprive a person of the ability to move, otherwise he may harm himself and others. If the patient does not calm down, he is urgently injected with sleeping pills.

Express methods

It happens that you need to urgently sober up a person at least for a short time. How to act in this case? How to quickly sober up a moderately drunk person?

The following methods will help you:

  • Cold bath or shower
  • Toothbrushing with soda water, rinsing with it,
  • Face washing drunk with snow,
  • Pouring very cold, almost ice-cold water (the main thing is that the microclimate in the room or on the street where you are is warm!),
  • Vigorous massage of the auricles or feet (especially between the toes),
  • Chewing dried bay leaf or fresh parsley,
  • Reception of "anti-hangover" drugs like Medichronal.

Of course, we do not have to deal with godlessly drunk people every day. But if such a situation happened in your company, do not get lost! After all, it is you who can not only render a person a good service, but also save him from serious complications. The sobering up of a drunk is not always a matter of whim. Sometimes this action can save a life. Be responsible for friends and family!