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How to spend the weekend: 43 ideas


How to spend the weekend to relax and come on Monday with a fresh head to work? Many of us count the days until the long-awaited Saturday, dream and even make plans. But often remain disappointed. Weekends fly by quickly, chaotically and not at all as dreamed on a workplace. Do not worry, you are definitely not alone in this problem. To be able to relax is also an art, it can and should be learned.

How to spend the weekend: 6 main rules

Two days off are given to us to take a break from the working week and restore our strength. Each of us uses this time in different ways, but wants to do it for the benefit of ourselves. Indeed, if you know how to spend the weekend correctly, you can achieve significant success in professional growth, personal development, family affairs, establish a life and much more. This is what we think when we are busy with work. We would have some free time, so we roll the mountains!

But, when this time appears, we are desperately procrastinating or doing not at all what we would like. Why?

The answer is simple and not simple at the same time. Because we do not know how to relax. We either reproach ourselves for idleness, or load ourselves up with work, or try to somehow relax and do something useful.

But being productive at the weekend is real. If you follow these 6 rules, your weekend will go the way you dream.

1. Observe sleep mode

Often we try to sleep on Saturday and Sunday for the whole week. Then we feel overwhelmed and tired. The fact is that it is impossible in this way to make up for lost hours of sleep. In order for the weekend to be active, you will have to start by adjusting the sleep regimen for the whole week. This means that you will have to go to bed and wake up at the same time. On weekends, you can allow yourself a small deviation from the regime, but not more than 1 or 2 hours.

Sleep mode will give you a lot of benefits. You will get enough sleep throughout the working week, and on weekends you will have time to implement your plans.

2. Do not work on weekends

For some, this may sound like an unrealistic demand, but it will help get rid of a feeling of frustration. Leave Saturday and Sunday for other things that are just as important to you. Let family, friends, leisure, hobbies be your priority, but not work.

Disconnect from work will help you own hard decision and a couple of tips:

Plan your next work week not on Sunday, but on Friday. Make a to-do list on Friday night and set it aside until Monday.

Warn colleagues, bosses, partnersthat on weekends you do not solve work issues.

Do not rush to spend Friday evening on something extreme, in the form of trips to the club or long gatherings at the computer. Go to bed as usual. Then on Saturday morning you will wake up rested and full of energy for a perfect weekend.

Do not reproach yourself if you still have to do a little business. Sometimes there is urgent work requiring your intervention. Try to resolve work issues as quickly as possible, without prejudice to your relaxation. And this should only be an exception, but not your rule.

3. Plan your weekend

All week you are subject to a certain regime, so you think that rest is a spontaneous affair and the will of chance. We will not exclude this option, it is also successful. But more often than not, an unplanned weekend ends with going from corner to corner and thoughts, what would be so interesting to do. Simple planning will help to avoid procrastination and painful choices.

You can plan the right weekend that you want to spend alone and devote to personal care. Make a list of home spa treatments, books you want to read, and TV shows to watch.

Or let it be an active day for the whole family. Holidays with children especially require careful preparation, which will help to avoid difficult situations and enjoy your vacation.

By the way, if you're not sure exactly how you want to spend the weekend, come up with a few ideas. On Saturday, you decide which is best for this day.

4. Do not try to fit all the plans in one to two days

Usually, on weekends we try to catch up with everything that we did not have time during the week. We want to clean up the apartment, and take care of the garden, and take a walk with the children, and prepare a family dinner, and meet friends, and read an interesting book. All this can be done over the weekend. It is best to prioritize and choose the most important at the moment.

Here, planning will also help you. Part of the tasks can be postponed to the next weekend, delegate something or solve on weekdays, reduce something. For example, you have long wanted to arrange a family weekend and get out with your children to the city or the countryside. But the house requires cleaning, you need to buy food, go to the cottage. Put communication with your family in first place, reduce cleaning time to a minimum, order home delivery of food. And transfer the trip to the cottage for the next weekend.

5. Choose weekend activities that contrast with everyday activities.

We want to spend the weekend interestingly, but choose the wrong lessons for this. Try to spend the weekend in contrast to your weekdays. If you have a sedentary job, devote Saturday to sports and outdoor activities. For those who work at home, you should get out in crowded places and meet friends. Choose new and unusual activities for you that will be different from your everyday life. This will help to balance your life, gain interesting impressions and ideas, take a break from the routine.

6. Follow the rituals

Scientists say that too much choice leads us to stress and nervousness. Instead of relaxing and relaxing, we try to catch it everywhere and immediately. This applies not only to work, but also to relaxation. There are so many offers and opportunities around that we want to try everything. It bores us and does not allow us to relax.

To counter the hectic weekend you can rituals and traditions. They immerse us in a familiar and familiar environment, help us take a break from our haste. Therefore, establish the traditions of the day off: a family dinner, going to the cinema or museum, yoga in the morning.

Include these activities in your weekend plans so it’s easier to manage your time.

Productive weekend: brief instruction

Each of us has his own ideas about an ideal weekend. We tried to collect for you the most important tips that will help make your weekend more interesting and productive.

Finish your work on Friday.

Make a weekend action plan.

Set priorities and don't plan too much.

Take care of what is not enough time and opportunities on weekdays.

Establish weekend traditions.

Have a nice and productive weekend!

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How to spend a weekend

1. Walk. A walk is not only a pleasant pastime, but also a healthy event.

2. Visit the pool. Head to the sports complex for a swim.

3. Team sports. There are a sufficient number of football, volleyball, and basketball teams that you can join. Take the opportunity to meet new people during the competition, as well as have fun on the weekend.

4. Go camping. To plunge into the arms of the forest and feel the unity with nature, surrounded by close people ... What could be better?

5. Meeting with friends. Arrange a meeting with friends and spend a day off together, talking and having fun.

6. Become a volunteer. Become a volunteer or participant in an event. You can have fun, get free access to the event you are interested in, as well as meet new people.

7. Make homemade pizza. Are you not good at culinary delights? So it's time to pump your skills, as well as spend the weekend in a tasty and healthy way.

8. Drawing. All you need is pencils and paper. Give freedom to your imagination.

9. Origami. Engage in origami. On many sites on the Internet you can find interesting patterns that you can implement using plain paper.

10. Creative writing. A computer, pen and paper are all that is required to become a writer. You don’t have to be Hemingway, just start writing what comes into your head.

11. Build a house hut. Build a hut at home for yourself and your family, and enjoy childishness all day off.

12. Reading. Reading is a great way to spend the weekend profitably. Stock up on interesting books, and go to the world of new knowledge and self-development.

13. Learn a foreign language. Nothing can interfere with your desire to master English, German, French, Spanish or even Chinese.

14. Get a pet. For example, a dog or cat can provide a lot of entertainment if you do not know how to spend the weekend.

15. Visit the ice palace. Ice skating will be fun and interesting entertainment for you. Can't you skate? Well, that's the reason to learn.

16. Sleep well. Chronic lack of sleep raises the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. In the short term, lack of sleep has a negative effect on the feeling of alertness, reduces attention and impairs memory.

17. Arrange a day without obligation. You are so used to making plans, to run somewhere, to do something. Have a fasting day. Do what you want, and if you do not want, do nothing.

18. Do meditation. Meditation can help lower high blood pressure, reduce stress, and increase productivity, creativity and well-being.

19. Learn something new. Training not only provides you with new knowledge, but also increases your confidence. Determine the skill you are interested in that you want to develop, or the area of ​​knowledge that you want to explore more deeply, and engage in self-improvement.

20. Analysis and improvement. Take time to analyze the events of the past week and think about your goals and areas of life that you can improve.

21. Visit the amusement park. Eat cotton candy, ride a roller coaster, plunge into childhood.

22. Go to the cafe. Here you can relax in a pleasant company, eat something sweet and not only.

23. Bowling or billiards. Spend time combining sport, competition and relaxation.

24. Cinema. Do you like to watch movies? Then you will definitely enjoy visiting the cinema.

25. Travel. Go to another city and spend the weekend disappearing in a crowd of strangers.

26. Holiday for children. Take your children to a circus, a zoo or an entertainment center, and in the evening play family games with board games.

27. Extreme. If you do not know how to spend the weekend, then a parachute jump or rope jumping will allow you to remember these moments for a long time.

28. Paintball. Do you have a lot of friends? Then get together and take part in a military clash. A feeling of adrenaline and muscle pain will be provided to you.

29. Theater. Have you been to this quiet cultural place for a long time? Perhaps this day will come on the upcoming weekend.

30. Hobbies. The moment has come to remember what you like and do it.

31. Football or hockey match. Are you an ardent fan and a fan of team sports? Then spend the weekend evening watching the game of your favorite team - this is what you need.

32. Quest or room of fear. For fans to participate in intellectual events, as well as tickle nerves, comments are unnecessary.

33. Acquaintance with girls. If you are not in a relationship, then go out and meet a girl.

34. Bathhouse. The weekend will not be in vain if you decide to go to the bathhouse.

35. ATVs. Take a ride on ATVs and feel the full power of these monsters.

36. Romantic date. Make your girlfriend a pleasant surprise: invite her to a romantic dinner.

37. Walking on bicycles. If you want to spend the weekend fun, interesting and useful, then go with your girlfriend on a bike ride.

38. Rest in the village. Rent a house in the countryside and arrange a grand meeting with friends.

39. Hike to the shopping center. If you have not updated your wardrobe for a long time, it will not be superfluous for you to go shopping for new clothes.

40. Water park. Become a part of this water fun, feel direct and carefree.

41. Night club. If you really have nothing to do, and the body requires rest, then why not visit a night club.

42. Concert. Does your idol come to your or neighboring city? You should definitely visit his concert, feel what a live sound and a crowd of fans.

43. Meeting with parents. Do not forget about your closest people, especially if you haven’t seen them for a long time.

What to do on a day off

It has long been past the time when on weekends people frantically engaged in household chores, trying to wash and tidy up the next work week. Those who grew up in the post-Soviet era are increasingly planning to spend their leisure time in an organized and beneficial manner. Of course, no one forbids this not to be done - you can deal with repairs on weekends. However, if you want something to remember later, you should at least once a week break out of the household routine - one or the whole family.

Holiday ideas depend on many factors. So the choice of leisure is influenced by:

  • personal qualities of a person - age, physical fitness, temperament,
  • marital status,
  • income level,
  • season and weather
  • place of residence.

According to this, people can choose active or passive rest. Parents with young children will not be able to parachute with the whole family. And not everyone will be able to sunbathe on a cloudy winter day, except for those who can afford to drive them to warm regions and distant lands for the weekend. Although in winter you can think of a lot of things:

Yes, and the rest itself can vary significantly. He can be:

  • cognitive
  • good for health
  • active
  • extreme
  • passive
  • enjoyable
  • entertaining.

Let's look at what each of these categories applies to.

Cognitive pastime

The greatest sources of knowledge about different areas of our lives are, as you might imagine:

  • modern and historical museums,
  • art galleries:
  • permanent, temporary and traveling exhibitions,
  • theaters of drama, opera and ballet, operetta and various experimental productions,
  • excursions to historical places, city or fact-finding.

Such a vacation is chosen by a smaller part of people planning their weekend, and completely in vain. Museums have a special atmosphere permeated by history. Such a trip is especially relevant for schoolchildren, who, through plots in paintings and ancient household items, will personally see that the world was not always the same as it is now, with mobile phones, computers, tablets and other amenities. Yes, and now he is far from such for everyone.

A visit to the exhibition of a contemporary avant-garde artist will help to understand that art can be different. It is not at all necessary that the artist on canvas must photographically capture what he sees. Sometimes painting is an internal vision of completely ordinary things and plots.

The theater also provides a wide choice: ballet, opera, drama - if you do not just come and look at the stage stupidly, but take an interest in the plot, creation, era that the performance reflects, you can see and learn a lot of interesting things.

An excursion is not necessarily a long trip to another city. Many different small museums dedicated to writers, poets, and artists will open their doors and will dedicate the life of these famous people into little-known details.

Even a sightseeing tour of the hometown can discover many new and unknown. It is one thing to simply walk past beautiful buildings and it is another to know their history. So do not neglect such opportunities to learn more about your own culture, someday this knowledge may be useful. Here's how, for example, I wrote in my report from the scene.

Recently, even some factories have hospitably opened their doors to those who want to see firsthand how they make products and things that we then use in everyday life. Whereas earlier only schoolchildren were honored with such an honor, and now anyone can sign up for such a walk.

And if you are not only curious, but also practical people, then all kinds of master classes will help you master various useful skills, from cooking to repair. Such events are often held in shopping centers to attract more buyers.

Healthy stay

Cognitive trips, of course, can also be called useful, but more for cultural development. А в данном случае под полезным я подразумеваю отдых полезный для здоровья.

It differs from active or extreme, because even a walk in the woods or a picnic in nature can be good for your health, unless, of course, indulge in gluttony and excessive libations, as I did when I fell off my scooter.

In the summer, you can combine nature trips with swimming and sunbathing in the sun, and such not-so-tiring games like badminton will allow you to spend time usefully, breathe in fresh air, and let your head and eyes relax from working at the computer in the office or even at home.

Fishing also fits the characteristics of a useful, but not too active rest: the angler sits or stands more than he moves. But since this happens in the fresh air, in silence and unity with nature, there is definitely a benefit for the psyche and brain from such a pastime. And if there is a catch, then even material.

In winter, not everyone dares to spend the whole day outdoors, especially when it comes to a family with children, because outings can be shorter and, accordingly, more mobile. Sledding, playing snowballs - this will please every lover of winter entertainment, regardless of age. I want to learn everything to ski, or rather skate.

But if you are a loyal fan of swimming, like me, then you can swim in the cold season in indoor water parks - now there are such in almost every city. Although there is no fresh air, it will be possible to warm up and swim.

A story about a healthy vacation would be incomplete without mentioning the pastime, which many women dream about, including my wife, in a spa. Masks for face and body, massage, peeling, manicure and pedicure - all these activities are designed not only to restore beauty, but also provide an opportunity to relax, surrendering to the capable hands of masters and craftswomen.

Active pastime

Such an event can be regular or timed to mass action: a marathon, cycling for lovers - these sports do not require particularly complex skills, only desire, clothes, and in the case of a bike ride - a bicycle and a helmet.

Very often, sports fans spend friendly football, basketball and volleyball matches at school or yard stadiums on weekends. However, this vacation is not suitable for everyone - it is difficult to get involved in an active sports game or competition without physical preparation. Therefore, it is better to prepare for such an event in advance, training once or twice a week.

It is quite possible to attribute a tourist outing to physically active recreation: it is usually carried out at a fast pace, since tourists aim to go as much as possible. The subsequent rest around the campfire with the obligatory songs with a guitar and porridge in a sooty bowler gives a special charm to such a trip. Often a march roll does not last one, but two days. Then you need to prepare more carefully for it: get not only a backpack, but a tent and a sleeping bag.

A one-day trip for mushrooms and berries is a cross between a healthy and active holiday. This opinion will definitely come from those who, without the habit of “bowing” to each berry or mushroom, come out of the forest in the evening, holding on to the lower back. However, in addition to a good walk and warm-up, you can collect a basket of delicious and healthy gifts of nature, which in a preserved form will for a long time remind you of this walk.

However, you can’t go to the forest without preparation either: you need to know the places or go with someone who knows them, prepare for various weather and nature surprises - rain, wind, mosquitoes and midges.

Skating and roller-skating is no longer a seasonal event, because in almost every shopping and entertainment center you can find at least a roderdrome. And in larger - and the rink, available at any time of the year. Even an hour of calm driving, if you can, and attempts to maintain balance, if not, will give you the opportunity to work hard on your leg muscles and muscle corset. Since the means for skiing are most often rented, you can safely go there with the whole family - there are skates or skates for everyone. This is about my wife - a candidate for master of sports in figure skating and a fan of sports dancing.

If suddenly you are out of luck and there is no such center near you, then you can arrange such a training yourself. True, then you have to catch the right weather: on roller skates you can arrange a race in dry and warm weather, and skates will come up on cold winter days - if there is an ice rink or frozen ponds nearby.

Thrill-seekers who want to pattern the icy expanses of lakes and rivers should remember that there are safety rules that should not be neglected if you plan to celebrate your next birthday in good health.

  1. If the minus temperature lasts only a few days or mainly at night, the ice will be too thin to withstand a person and not crack under his weight.
  2. The fishermen, the first to refresh the ice open spaces, are not at all an example to follow: every year the news is full of reports of incidents with these ice fishing lovers. Therefore, nevertheless, check the weather forecast before deciding to get to these daredevils through the ice surface.
  3. In any case, you should not go skating alone, or you risk being in ice water without any help.
  4. If you have a company, it is better not to go in a tight group or one after another - even if the immature ice can withstand the weight of one or two people, it is not a fact that several people will become a burden for him.
  5. In case you want to make sure that the ice is strong, and check it with good hits, it is better to do it from the shore, and not in the center of the reservoir, where an unsuccessful check can lead to a sad result.
  6. It is advisable to have a long, strong stick with you, which, if caught in wormwood, will help you stay on the surface.
  7. Such a beloved and comfortable backpack can play a fatal role if it is on the back of a person who has failed in the wormwood: it will quickly fill up with water and become so heavy that it will pull even those who can swim to the bottom.

But I am sure that you all are well aware of the rules of conduct on ice and have taught your children that.

However, let us return to active and not so risky types of recreation. Organized excursions, which include a short hike on foot, bike or horseback, can also appeal to outdoor enthusiasts.

Another active leisure activity is water activities: surfing, windsurfing, kiting, kayaking. However, this hobby is far from accessible to everyone - only to those who live near the sea, lake and river, where there are places for renting the necessary equipment. Well, it’s clear that these are seasonal activities that you can indulge in in our latitudes only in the warm season.

If you do not want to leave the city, and the fresh air is filled with rain and snow, then you can go bowling. A specially equipped room, everything is done for the convenience of customers, and you will wave your hands with a heavy ball so that on Monday it will not work. I knock out an average of 110-130 points. And you?

It is still not too common, but very funny attraction - a trampoline for adults. Everyone can remember how they rode in childhood on beds and sofas to formidable shouts of parents. In fact, it is useful to everyone, regardless of age.

Extreme entertainment

If life began to seem too boring and predictable to you, introduce an element of surprise and risk into it. Now you can find a lot of options to tickle your nerves almost safe for life.

Such events can be divided by:

  • durations - one-time, session or until the result,
  • preparedness - which require or do not require special skills.

If we talk about events that do not require special training and equipment, then you can do jumping - various free jumps - on a rope, on an elastic band, downhill on a special cableway - a wide choice. For these classes, you need only a moral resolve to do this - the equipment and insurance are provided by those who service this attraction. Since there is still a certain risk in these jumps, a person must be an adult and have a certain weight: not less than 45 and not more than 115 kg. And it is advisable to make sure that the attraction of your choice acts on a permanent basis and is allowed for operation, and does not constitute a dubious rope tied with a bow to the railing of the bridge.

For these measures, at least elementary physical training is necessary, because with untrained muscles there is a risk of getting sprain and injury from a sharp jerk.

Skydiving is another way to see that the world is much larger than it seems to us from the earth. For beginners, such jumps are carried out together with the instructor - it costs more, but also safer, as there is an experienced person nearby who knows the procedure thoroughly and will not panic if something goes wrong.

A good option for those who want to stay in the sky longer is a balloon ride. Although such a flight from the ground seems very pleasant, it is felt quite differently in a tiny, swaying basket, lost among the clouds and flying at the whim of the wind.

For lovers of underwater beauty, diving is suitable - scuba diving. However, again, it is available in the warm season and only to residents or guests of sea resorts. It is unlikely that anyone will like to dive into rivers and lakes near industrial drains.

Flying in a wind tunnel - for those who believe that a person knows how to fly. However, a wonderful way to not only feel like a bird, but also learn to control your body in the air, if you do not risk doing it, soaring in the open sky. My sister went to Moscow - she liked it.

A relatively new type of active entertainment is zorbing: free descent in a special spherical and transparent capsule. An elastic zorb made of durable polyurethane or polyvinyl chloride protects the inside from shock, however, it rolls along a free trajectory, quickly turning a person in all directions. So if there are problems with the vestibular apparatus, then it is better not to risk it.

Rope town - an attraction accessible to mountaineering lovers or those who are preparing to do it. Often such places for climbing are arranged by enthusiasts in city parks.

Fans of various races also have something to choose. Karting - races on small, but very fast and nimble cars, are practically safe, because the low posada map prevents it from turning over, and on steep bends of riders, mountains of tires standing along a specially equipped track protect it. Speed ​​lovers are limited only by the fact that:

  • not everywhere there are kartodromes,
  • even if there is, not everyone will want to go to the other end of the city for a half-hour check-in.

But do not worry: you can try your hand at ATV racing. Arrivals of extreme drive lovers take place over the natural landscape, which makes it possible to carry them out in different places. It remains only to find a rental car.

In winter and in the foothills, such rides do not stop at all, since they can be carried out on snowmobiles. The icy wind in your face will not stop speed lovers, however, you need to get warm clothes that are impervious to cold.

And here is another way to tickle your nerves and test your dexterity, attentiveness and ability to win - this is paintball. What can give more adrenaline than the need to "kill and not be killed yourself," even if instead of real bullets you have a paint rifle in your rifle? But if the paint bothers you, then you might like laser fights (laser tag).

Do you think that urban civilization makes a person too effeminate and unsuitable for real life? Then you can increase your survival by going to extreme tours - survival courses in the forest. The ability to make a fire in the rain, without a compass, determine where north or south is, find edible plants, provide first aid is a great addition to the skills for those who already know how to put up a tent, navigate the map and compass. Find a group of “survivors” who share their skills with those who wish for a moderate fee - and the charms of wild life are provided for you.

Extreme for experienced

Next, we will consider classes that require not only courage, but also skills, training and equipment. Although many indulge in these hobbies with real passion. Maybe you will find in this description what will become your hobby in the coming years?

Rafting - rafting on a mountain river. Anyone who is not afraid of water may well enjoy rafting on a rapidly running river in a rubber boat. The ability to curb the rebellious element and to lead your boat without falling and drowning in water is not given to everyone, and certainly not immediately. Restriction: seasonality and the presence of mountain rivers nearby the place of residence. Otherwise, such entertainment will be able to indulge only on vacation, but not on the weekend.

Alpine skiing and surfing are another way to conquer the elements, this time the snowy slopes. Quite a popular occupation, requiring dexterity and skill. Limitation: again, seasonality and the presence of mountains with equipped tracks in the immediate vicinity. For example, in Moscow there is a Snezhkom center where you can learn the basics:

Mountain climbing is a skill that needs regular training. Climbing enthusiasts are quite numerous, therefore it is not surprising that they are looking for the opportunity to conduct regular training even where there are no suitable mountains. And with pleasure they teach those who wish. Therefore, invitations to training of varying degrees of difficulty can be found in many cities.

Speleology - if you are not afraid of enclosed space and bats, then traveling by underground passages made by nature itself can make an indelible impression. For such a trip you will need the skills of a climber, the ability to swim and even dive, and the ability to navigate well. Although most of the excursions take place along the long-known, tried and relatively safe routes, who knows, maybe, having gained experience, you will join a group of pioneers. The limitation of this pastime is the presence of caves nearby.

Well, are you already tired of one reading about entertainment for risky people? Relax, now we move on to relaxation for the lazy.

The advantage of such a vacation is that it does not need to be planned. Although you have to prepare to stock up on everything you need.

Corporate recipe: on Friday night, go to the grocery store and stock up on sweets. Preferably harmful, which at normal times you do not allow yourself to eat. Better different, because something in one in two days can be boring. Do not forget about drinks. And on Sunday evening this article is for you.

If you are a book lover, then save a book that you have long wanted to read. If you like movies and TV shows more, then it's easier for you. Add value to this lesson by viewing the original foreign film production. It is advisable that this be the language you want to learn, otherwise it makes no sense to look at the suffering of the slave Isaur in Portuguese, and the biography of the Sultans in Turkish.

On Saturday or Sunday, do not get out of bed until 12 o’clock. Try not to wake up too much, because in a peppy state it will be harder to do.

Getting up at noon, do not wash, grab your sweets, place them at arm's length. Take out a book or turn on the computer with the movie you’d intended to view. If it’s really lazy, then grab the TV remote with you and search for something you like to watch while eating. Do this until the evening.

Ok, you say, a lazy vacation really sucks. You can’t even tell your friends about this. And you will be right! Therefore, now we will consider options for a pleasant stay, which you can remember, tell colleagues and even show photos. Such events are good for one person, but it’s much more interesting to spend time with someone like that. For the ladies, not to wonder what to do with my husband on the weekend.

A sauna or a Russian bath is not just a pleasant, but also a useful pastime. Steaming well, you can improve the body, because the pores on the skin open, toxins are excreted, temperature contrast activates the immune system. And the situation contributes to relaxation, release from nervous tension. The main thing is not to get carried away with alcohol, we all know how trips to the bathhouse end before the New Year.

Recently, I go to the city sauna, there you can drink beer with friends and there is everything you need for me. If I need to think about anything, carefully work on a new task or just turn my attention, then I take a laptop and go to the sauna alone. About four hours there I bathe, drink tea in the jacuzzi and work.

Going to a restaurant is another way to get out to the people for the weekend. In any, even the smallest city, there are cozy or solemn places where you can try original and exquisite dishes that you can’t cook at home. And in some places there are even a lot of them. Возможность спокойно посидеть за тарелкой деликатеса с бокалом вина может стать хорошим семейным вечером, когда супруги вспомнят о том, что свело их вместе. Мы предпочитаем суши.

Ну а жители большого города могут устроить для себя целый гастротур, пройдясь по заведениям, которые специализируются на кухнях разных народов мира — иногда это можно сделать с семьей, даже не выходя из одного торгово-развлекательного центра. So you can discover many interesting secrets, which then apply to homemade dishes.

You don’t know that the Georgian dish with the mysteriously beautiful name lobio is a simple stewed bean seasoned with various spices, and the hops-suneli and cilantro greens give it an unusual taste? Then go to a Georgian restaurant and see for yourself!

Such an informative and entertaining event as a gastro tour is often arranged on various tourist trips. This is one way to learn the traditions and characteristics of a foreign country through their taste preferences. But let's be honest: this is actually a good opportunity to have a tasty meal.

Another event that is familiar to everyone who has ever visited a place where winemaking or brewing is developed: a visit to the place of production. There you can not only see how the drinks that are loved by many are collected, squeezed, and aged, but also try the finished product, as they say, from the vat.

The tradition of gatherings with a glass of beer in a pleasant company did not come to us with the advent of pubs. But they brought their English charm to such a pastime. Some of these establishments specialize in sports broadcasts, while others hold thematic music nights. Enjoy a pleasant drink with live music - someone will definitely find this weekend weekend the most optimal.

Well, if you are not fond of drinking beer, but appreciate the pleasant, sincere atmosphere, then you should visit the lounge bar: soft music, comfortable sofas, soft dim light - the very design of these establishments is conducive to relaxation and pleasant communication in the evening on the weekend. Often they put a hookah in them - and then you can at least indulge in this activity all night with the company. I love hookah, I often go to the hookah with a laptop-book - I sit, smoke, think, work.

Do you like to cook on your own and dream to take part in the program "Master Chef"? Then arrange for your loved ones a home gastro tour, adopting several original recipes from different countries. This is a pleasant, but rather troublesome event, it will be useful for those who are engaged in cooking. The rest will simply enjoy the treats. I hope that they will receive - depending on the culinary abilities of the enthusiast. The last thing I cooked was mushroom risotto. And you?

Although lovers of this activity will not agree with me, I will nevertheless classify billiards as a pleasant pastime. Yes, I am aware that an accurate blow and a good eye are needed for the game, and negotiations for the inclusion of this sport in the Olympic Games have been going on for several years. Nevertheless, for those who do not make billiards their business of life, it may well be an easy and enjoyable vacation that does not require too much effort.

A nightclub can not always be called passive relaxation - it all depends on what to do in it. If you jump all night to the music, then yes, it can be very tiring. But if you alternate dancing with relaxation at the bar and sipping cocktails, then a trip to the club will be just a pleasant evening. In my student days, this was my frequent pastime.


Entertaining pastime can be pleasant, a little active and a little informative. Not too much to become completely boring. Let's look at what goes into this category.

Going to various concerts of contemporary music is not a very useful event, according to many intellectuals. However, the opportunity to listen to good music or watch high-quality pop dances will definitely please fans of these types of modern art. Even if the music is poppy, and the dances will not carry elements of high art, the main thing is that you like it. Recently, my wife and I went to a BI-2 concert.

Visiting the rides can pretty tickle your nerves - of course, if you do not ride on the carousel for the smallest. Lovers of heights can enjoy an unhurried climb to the Ferris wheel, and those who want to recharge a little with adrenaline will enjoy the sharp turns of the roller coaster. The main thing is to make sure that the rides are safe on their own and not to try to violate safety rules for a greater effect.

The quest room is great fun for puzzle lovers. During its passage, you will have to pretty brain strain, solving puzzles of varying complexity. A good reason to expand the boundaries of consciousness, trying to think outside the box.

Karaoke in a cafe or at home with friends is ideal for lovers of singing. The main thing is to sing loudly and sincerely, and whether you get into the notes or not, it does not matter. Who knows, maybe Luciano Pavarotti may be hiding deep in your soul or Lady Gaga is hiding.

Weekend activities at home

You know, but I still return to the topic of how to spend a weekend at home. Although many will think that I am campaigning for a lazy pastime, this is not so. Even a home holiday can be interesting, informative, as well as enjoyable.

You don’t want to go anywhere, and the weather doesn’t make you walk in the fall or winter? It does not matter, you can always arrange an interesting and memorable day without going out the door.

Depending on marital status, it can be:

Family vacations, if the family has a child or children of different ages, we will examine in more detail a little later, but here we will pay more attention to the last two.

To have a good rest and have fun, you don’t have to go out at all. Cozy gatherings can be enjoyed by many, the main thing is to take care of everything in advance.

Even a married couple with a considerable experience can arrange a romantic evening together. Typically, the required attributes of such an event are:

  • light, gourmet dinner,
  • good wine,
  • gatherings by the fireplace / watching a romantic movie.

Of course, if only one person takes care of all the preparations, it is better to do this as a surprise for the second. Then all efforts will justify his surprise and joy. But it’s not bad at all, if both are involved in the preparation - this will increase the value of the event for everyone.

A lightweight option for men or too busy women is to order food from a restaurant. Then the preparation time is significantly reduced.

If it seems that the routine of everyday life has turned relationships into everyday life, you can thus breathe new feelings and recall those magical feelings that you felt towards each other at the very beginning of the acquaintance.

And for a new relationship, such an evening will be completely unforgettable.

However, one does not always want to spend time only together. Friends are an important part of our lives. And you can collect them not only about some anniversary: ​​birthday, wedding anniversary or promotion.

It is not necessary to have a plentiful feast - this tradition is increasingly becoming a thing of the past. Light snacks and an interesting joint pastime - this is what will make a Saturday or Sunday meeting fun and memorable.

In the USA, people often organize such events, the occasion is sports competitions, for which whole companies gather who spend time cheering on the local team, talking and having fun.

It can also be karaoke: even those who are not particularly keen on singing can feel the pleasure of singing long-known songs. Just do not drag out the evening until night: firstly, the neighbors will not be delighted to listen to your roulades, and secondly, the next day your guests can feel the unpleasant consequences of excessive tension of the vocal cords.

As you can see, the answer to the question of what to do at the weekend also provides enough options.