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Registration of a non-bank credit organization, Bank


The procedure for registering a credit company includes several stages:

  1. Submission of a package of documents to the tax authorities

The creation of this kind of organization is no different from any other legal entity registration procedure. So within 5 working days after payment of the state duty, the Federal Tax Service is ready to issue a certificate and other documents.

The current list of securities can always be requested from the tax authorities at the place of the legal address of the company or look at the official website.

The list of documents at the beginning of 2017 included the following papers:

  • 2 copies of the charter. You need to understand that a standard document is not suitable in this case, so it’s worth working on an individual option, taking into account the specifics of the law on banking operations and the provisions on certain legal forms of legal entities,
  • Copies of passports and TIN of owners and founders, business leaders (directors),
  • Registered address papers,
  • An application for opening a company of a standard form, signed by all the founders of the company,
  • A copy of the protocol on the establishment of an institution with a specific legal form.
  • Receipt of payment of state duty in the amount of 4 thousand rubles.
  1. Print order.
  2. Opening an account with a bank. To do this, study the conditions and proposals of financial institutions, sign a service agreement. A card of signatures of the main persons is left, prints of the seal are notarized or immediately verified at the bank branch. By the way, managers will also need to provide a copy of the charter.
  3. Organization of the company in extra-budgetary funds: Pension Fund and Social Insurance Fund and statistics authorities.
  4. Development and publication of universal access to internal control rules for AML / CFT purposes. These data are received by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation within 3 days from the date of registration of the company with the Federal Tax Service. Information should be published on the official website of the enterprise or posted on a third-party resource.
  5. The next important step in opening your own credit organization (hereinafter - KO) is the submission of documents to the Department of admission to the financial market of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which will allow you to obtain a license and status of a credit institution. The Bank of Russia, within 3 days from the receipt of information from the Federal Tax Service, notifies the managers about this, opens an account for depositing funds into the authorized capital (hereinafter referred to as the Criminal Code), sends a notification to the legal address of the KO for payment.

    From the moment you receive a license to operate, CO can carry out banking operations. The entire procedure for registering a credit institution takes six months from the date of submission of the documentation to the Bank of Russia.

    This applies to the license, but if owners need permission to transfer funds without opening a current account for non-banking companies, then the procedure takes 3 months.

    Procedure for registering a credit organization

    Credit organizations are created in the form of LLC and joint-stock companies of AO and must contain in their name an indication of the nature of the activity by reflecting in the name the words "non-bank credit organization" or "bank".

    The charter of a credit organization, regardless of its OPF, is its only constituent document. When registering the Bank, the authorized capital (UK) must be formed in the amount of at least 300 million rubles, and when registering a non-bank credit institution, the minimum authorized capital is 90 million rubles. If necessary, the lawyers of the International Law Firm will help you determine what the minimum size of the Criminal Code is required to register your NPO. Only the founders ’own funds, but not attracted in any way, can be used to form the credit organization’s MC.

    The decision on state registration of a credit organization is made by the Bank of Russia; it is issued by the Bank of Russia within 6 months from the date of sending documents for state registration of a credit organization. For a credit institution that transfers money without opening a bank account, this period will be 3 months. The tax inspectorate authorized to maintain the state registry (USRLE) of the legal entity directly brings information about the registered credit organization to the state registry. persons, on the basis of a decision made by the Bank of Russia within 5 working days. Further, the Bank of Russia not later than 3 working days notifies the founders of the accomplished fact of entering information about the credit institution in the state registry. From this moment, the declared authorized capital of 100% must be paid within 1 month.

    After state registration of a credit institution (entering information about it in the state register) and full payment of the authorized capital, a license is issued to such a credit organization within 3 days without an expiration date by which it can carry out banking operations. Carrying out banking operations without a license by a credit institution is unacceptable and is punishable by a fine at the request of a prosecutor in court. Including citizens who carry out banking operations illegally, administrative, civil and criminal liability is imposed.

    Documents required for registration of a non-bank credit organization, Bank

    For state registration of a non-bank credit organization or the Bank, the following set of documents is required:

    an application for state registration of a non-bank credit organization or the Bank with a request for the issuance of a license for banking operations,

    the charter in the original or a notarized copy,

    a business plan approved by the founders at the constituent assembly of KO,

    minutes of the constituent assembly on the establishment of a non-bank credit organization or Bank,

    documents confirming the payment of state fees for state registration of a credit institution (KO) and for the provision of a license for banking operations,

    Auditor's opinion on the accounting (financial) statements of founders who are legal entities,

    documents confirming the sources of origin of the funds contributed to the charter capital of KO by founders - individuals,

    questionnaires filled in with one’s own hand, candidates for the positions of the head of the company, chief accountant, including deputy chief accountants of the company

    documents allowing to evaluate the business reputation of the founders of the joint stock company, as well as candidates for members of the board of directors of the joint stock company and other persons in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

    On the KO's own initiative, information (documentation) on the state registration of its founders may be provided - jur. persons, including information on the fulfillment by them of all obligations to the budget over the past 3 years.

    To form a set of documents for state registration of a non-bank credit institution or the Bank, you need to:

    the desired name of the credit institution (KO): full and abbreviated, in a foreign language,

    information about the address (location) of the governing bodies of the KO,

    the list of banking operations and transactions carried out by KO,

    information on the size of the authorized capital of KO,

    information about the system of all governing bodies of the KO, including the procedure for their formation and a list of their powers,

    information on the number of founders of KOs, their shares in the Criminal Code, as well as ordinary copies of civil passports, personal TINs and contact phone numbers of founders - individuals,

    copies of extracts from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, constituent documents and documents confirming the state registration of founders - legal entities KO,

    copies of the civil passport of citizens who are members of the executive bodies of the KO, copies of their personal TIN and information about their contact phone numbers,

    documents confirming official sources of origin of funds of founders of KO.

    The specified list of information and documents is the minimum necessary, more detailed necessary documentation and information will be requested by our specialists in the field of registration of a non-bank credit organization at the time of signing the contract for the provision of legal services or immediately before signing the specified contract.

    The most profitable area for banks is lending.

    Microfinance organizations, of all types of banking activities, are engaged in just the most profitable, that is, lending. Small credit organizations set rather high interest rates for their borrowers and receive huge incomes even with small volumes of activity.

    Many entrepreneurs who have a certain capital and would like to increase it in a short time have a desire to open a credit organization. Nevertheless, opening a credit institution by private individuals or small companies is a rather complicated undertaking, requiring strict observance of legislation and accurate calculation of risks.

    When starting to create a microfinance organization, it should be understood that this is a special form of legal entity that differs significantly from a banking organization or a non-banking credit organization. It has been extremely difficult to create a bank or open a non-bank credit organization in recent years. The point is not even the huge authorized capital required to create a new lending institution, but the Central Bank’s reluctance to produce new small banks, which can subsequently become problematic.

    Obtaining a license from the Central Bank of a new credit institution is very difficult.

    Microfinance organizations in this regard are a simpler option. However, the possibilities of a microfinance organization are much less than that of a banking or non-banking credit institution. First of all, this concerns the size of loans issued, to which a certain limit is imposed.

    For example, a microfinance organization does not have the right to issue a loan of more than one million rubles. The amount of funds raised from one individual also cannot be more than 1.5 million rubles.

    That is, the opportunities for the development of their activities at microfinance credit organizations are quite limited. It should be remembered about the high risks of the microfinance organization. Indeed, the most reliable borrowers with sufficiently high incomes and the ability to provide collateral to repay loans are usually attracted by banks, which can always verify the financial reliability of the borrower.

    A microfinance organization does not have such opportunities, therefore it provides loans almost blindly, which entails high risks of default.

    Indeed, a very large percentage of microfinance institution clients do not repay loans on time. These losses of a microfinance organization are covered by higher interest when issuing loans, so in their activities such small credit organizations usually give a large number of very small loans at very high interest rates.

    In order to open a small microfinance lending institution, you must register an enterprise and obtain the status of an MFI (microfinance institution).

    No license is required, but the MFI must obtain its own number in the Unified Register of the Central Bank.

    To issue loans, a microfinance organization must have clear rules published for customers, be connected to the state system of financial monitoring, and also report to the Central Bank in its activities. It takes quite a long time for registration procedures and the organization of work of a credit organization, and all this time you need to invest money without receiving any income. Since the MFI provides small loans, it is only possible to obtain decent incomes if you create a wide network of loan issuing centers that you need to maintain, finance, equip with office equipment, telephones and computers. And all these expenses will be covered by income only after some time.

    It is easy to calculate that the opening of one point of sale of services of a microfinance organization can cost about 100,000 rubles, and current monthly expenses will be at least 50 thousand rubles, depending on the cost of the rent.

    Accordingly, the opening of a dozen credit points increases these costs by 10 times. Not to mention the need to maintain the office of a microfinance organization, security services, programmers, and accounting. Such a complex system requires appropriate software, as well as collector services that work with unscrupulous borrowers.

    Therefore, the opening of a credit institution is associated not only with large initial costs, but also requires large volumes of loans, about 1.5 million rubles per month at one point of issue. In order to ensure a sufficient volume of loans, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary marketing research on the study of demand and competition, as well as develop a detailed and tough business plan for the creation and development of MFIs.

    On our website you can order a business plan of a credit organization with all the necessary calculations.