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To let a whisperer or how to quietly fart?


By "bunch" is meant a certain composition of winds, which are released from the anus in a noisy or dull way, with a smell of different intensities. The Latins called it Crepitus ventris, the British - fart, the ancient Saxons - Furlin or Partin.

General information

A bunch can be defined as some wind or gas that accumulates in the lower abdomen. The reason for this, according to some doctors, is an excess of cooled mucus. With weak heating, it separates, softening, but not completely dissolving. The formation of such clusters contributes to the use of certain foods or seasonings. Also, a bunch can be defined as compressed air, which, in search of a way out, passes inside the body and, finding it, hastily flies out. In society, according to the rules of good manners, it is forbidden to emit gases in this way and somehow comment on this process.


How can I fart? There is a conditionally accepted classification. By force, several types of bunch are distinguished. It can be simple. In this case, it can be compared with a strong single and instantaneous salvo. It is formed when the gap through which the air leaves is sufficiently stretched, and the force pushing it out is powerful enough to push it out the first time. A complex bunch is fired by a burst. Volleys follow each other continuously. Some authors call them diphthongs. There is also a statement that with a strong physique, a person is capable of releasing a couple of dozen volleys in a row.

Diphthong volley mechanism

How to fart? The condition of the anus plays a key role in the mechanism of the diphthong volley. Before farting, certain conditions must be met to ensure the correct air outlet. When releasing a salvo, it is advisable to follow some recommendations. As a result, you can experience a fairly pleasant sensation from the process.

  1. It is necessary that the anus be spacious and surrounded by a sufficiently elastic and strong sphincter.
  2. There should be enough air to make a simple ordinary bunch.
  3. After the first volley is fired, the anus should be slightly covered, but not completely and not too tightly. This is necessary so that the air without difficulty can again open it, provoking a slight and pleasant irritation in it. Some people compare the sensations they experience with orgasm.
  4. After the air is released, close the hole, then open it again. And so several times.
  5. If necessary, you can hold the remaining air to release it at another time.

For those who would like such volleys to go out without effort, people with experience recommend eating foods that contribute to the accumulation of air in the intestines. These include, in particular, peas, turnips, legumes, garlic, swede.

The influence of diphthong volleys on the condition of others

It has been found practically that such a bunch can be very scary. Such a volley of people with fine mental organization can easily unbalance, scare, and even deprive the mind. This conclusion is made on the basis of frequent observations, taking into account the constituent components from which such a bunch is formed.

Since you can fart quite strongly, the gas, breaking out, quite significantly shakes the air. This, of course, attracts the attention of others. Knowing how to fart loudly, you can easily clear your way or get rid of people you don’t want to be with. Such a “weapon” is especially effective in rooms or crowded places.

How to fart quietly?

It is not always possible to let the air come out noisy. Often you have to restrain volleys at work, in crowded places. So how to fart quietly? In general, such a silent air release is called “small” or “semi-vocal”. There are people who fart always quietly. This is due to the fact that their anus is not wide enough. Most often, this feature is characteristic of young girls.

In this case, some recommend just squeezing the anus. In addition, a small supply of air contained in the intestine may also be the reason for the lack of sound. This is due to the food that was consumed.

In turn, a small bunch can be clean, medium and aspirated. In the first case, the air gently and gently passes through the outlet channel. This is accompanied by a light and quiet whistle, similar to the one that is heard when blowing in a straw. In common people, he is called a "girl's bunch." At the exit of air in this case there is no unpleasant odor irritating the nose.

The middle bunch is different in that the air comes out without any effort. The hole at this point should not be too compressed or open. How to fart without sound if you feel that the air supply is too large? You should tighten the sphincter a bit, delaying thus bursting volleys. The anus must be opened gradually. With regular training in favorable conditions, you can achieve amazing results. However, odor is not guaranteed.

Silent Farting Technology

Well, since you decided to learn to quietly fart quietly, we will certainly help you and reveal the secret of silence.

To fart quietly and completely imperceptibly, you need to know the main rule - no sudden movements. The main thing here is the gas distribution technique and regulation of the discharge pressure. You should not try to bulge out small accumulations of gases. Dig them up a bit and then start gently applying gas. You need to do this correctly. On the one hand, pressure is necessary, on the other - delay. Everything needs to be done smoothly and without straining. And so portionwise release the evil spirit into the wild. Do not try to release everything at once, this again can provoke excessive pressure, which will entail the corresponding soundtrack. Better leave the second part for later.

If you are in a sitting position, then for the correct execution of the procedure it is necessary to switch over to one roll, otherwise it will not work, or you will need more pressure, which can lead to a sound wave. You need to flip over one bun unnoticed by others, otherwise you will be burned that it was you who were going to let the whisperer.

If earlier you didn’t even try to fart noiselessly, but in order not to induce a nixie and not put yourself in an awkward position, you endured to the last, then now try to train to let out whispers and you will succeed. We believe in you.

A silent bunch does not have only sound, but this does not mean at all that it has no smell. It has a smell and, as a rule, is strong enough; you have to pay for everything.

In what situations can the ability to let the whisperer come in handy?

Now let's figure out in what situation the ability of soundless farting can literally save your skin. In fact, there are a lot of such situations. For example, imagine that you are talking company on the street and farting loudly would be somehow indecent. In this case, you can quietly relieve the need, without attracting attention to yourself. In the same bus, if you are already very strongly pinned down and there is no more strength to hold on to - a whisperer will save you.

Where and when can a whisperer be allowed, and when not?

It's time to decide on the rules of ethics and morality. In everything you need to know the measure and respect others. If you know how to quietly fart, this does not mean that you are allowed to always blow gases everywhere. Sometimes it's better to be patient. You should not let gases in the presence of strangers, if you are indoors, even if everyone will make a calm look, as if nothing happened, and no one feels anything. Put yourself in their place. Therefore, endure to the last and go to extreme measures only if you can no longer endure and you do not have the opportunity to leave the room. If you are on the street, then if possible you will be a little distant from nearby people so that they do not accidentally fall into the gas attack sector.

In conclusion, I would like to wish you a good disguise and a successful mastery of the quiet bunch technique. Relief!