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How to create a photographer’s website


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A photo site can serve as an online portfolio to showcase your professional work, and also contain image galleries for viewing by visitors. However, to publish photos on the site does not have to be a professional photographer. Today, to create a photo site, there are free and paid services and templates. To choose the most suitable option, you should take into account factors such as the purpose of creating the site, your budget, time limits, as well as your desire or unwillingness to spend time learning how to create and maintain your own site. Our tips will help you create your own photo site.

The site is the best business card for the photographer

Photography is a separate art form that deserves special attention from connoisseurs, and true professionalism from the photographer. To create a high-quality image, you need not only a sense of taste, but also good equipment.

It is simply impossible to convince clients of such a profession in ordinary words, and they need to be constantly reinforced with practical examples. The most effective way is to create your own website containing all the necessary materials and a list of services provided. You can do this from scratch by hiring programmers, layout designers and designers, or you can create using special designers.

The option of ordering a site on the side is not quite suitable for private and novice photographers, since even the smallest adjustments can incur quite large costs.

Independent creation is less costly and does not require any specific knowledge from you. In addition, modern designers provide a lot of opportunities, possessing which you can create a unique Internet resource that characterizes you as a true professional.

Details about the cost of creating a site can be found in this study.

1. uKit - the most convenient designer for the photographer’s site

uKit is a functional constructor designed to create business sites. It has a high level of accessibility, a large number of ready-made templates and the ability to fully customize to your preferences.

Of the main advantages of the service I want to note:

  • the presence of an intuitive editor,
  • a large number of ready-made templates,
  • the ability to create an individual design,
  • fine-tuning of each element (sliders, galleries, etc.),
  • more than a modest cost,
  • the possibility of parking your own domain,
  • initial optimization for search engines (micro-layout, auto-add maps and mobile versions),
  • the possibility of expanding the functionality by adding your own code.

uKit is a professional and affordable tool that you can easily use without having specific knowledge of layout, programming and optimization. The service itself is paid, but reasonable price ($ 3 / month) even for photographers who are just starting out. In addition, you can independently evaluate all the possibilities of the designer for 2 weeks for free.

2. Wix - one of the most popular foreign designers

Wix - universal visual site builder. The library contains ready-made templates for almost every taste, users will need to make minimal changes, and the site will be able to receive visitors as soon as possible.

Key benefits of Wix:

  • fully visual constructor, where the user will receive full control over the template and will be able to put each element in the right place with an accuracy of 1 pixel,
  • high level of optimization of ready-made templates even for mobile devices,
  • premium support for paid accounts,
  • the ability to install your own favicon and use Yandex.Direct,
  • the user can not only create a unique portfolio, but also raise a whole online store,
  • free hosting for file storage,
  • Google’s fully customized analytics
  • SSL encryption support even at free rates.

Wix service can be used completely free of charge, but third-party advertising will be present on your sites. Therefore, dTo get the most out of your experience, a premium subscription is recommended..

What should be on the photographer’s website?

A photographer’s site should perform several basic functions: demonstrate your capabilities, sell services and provide the quickest contact with a potential user. Based on these points, each Internet resource should contain:

  • portfolio - your best works that have undergone high-quality processing should be presented here,
  • section with services and prices - here you must leave information about all types of services provided (photography, processing, travel, etc.),
  • Contact details - contain all the means of communication with you, it is better if there is a feedback form and the location of your studio, if any,
  • blog and general information - the more your client knows about you, the easier it will be for him to trust you and work with you, so do not be shy to lead a thematic block, talking about professional and personal achievements.

The site of the photographer is your second person, with the skillful use of which you will ensure a constant flow of customers without undue effort.

Technical component

Now let's go through the functionality.

Adaptive layout - to look normal on mobile phones and tablets. In current realities, this is the standard. There was an option to make a separate mobile template so that it was loaded when entering from the mobile OS, but decided to abandon this option.

Thumbnail headings. I did not write how to do this before, but on the net you will find a solution without problems. This thing was needed in the template for the Main page (we see the screen above the layout to simplify navigation through the photo categories). In addition, the second rubric thumbnail and the second rubric name are displayed here:

These are the nuances of this particular site and its usability.

Due to the fact that there are no regular entries on the site (this is one of the chips about which below), the rubrics for this article are optimized. Those. traffic is collected precisely thanks to the rubrics and their optimization. Separate articles will appear later.

Because site with a photo, it is logical to attract social traffic! Such a thing was done to encourage sharing of records. Only the subscription form was not set, but these buttons of social networks were displayed. Accordingly, in its design.

  • Image Watermark - we put an identification mark on each photo, from where the photo is "stiff". There are not many settings and everything is very simple. Just add your photo with the name of the site.

  • Responsive Lightbox - pop-up photo with a darkened background. At first I wanted to install this script, but more flexible settings from the admin panel were required. Here are the default settings. Further, each for himself can choose an effect from those presented.
  • WP Smush - to optimize uploaded photos. Peter wrote about the plugin and its settings.
  • WP-PostRatings - for the rating of each photo. On the first screen you could see stars. Exactly they are displayed by this plugin under WordPress. The main thing is do not forget to check the Enable Google Rich Snippets?

Other plugins are standard:

  • Akismet - antispam for comments.
  • RusToLat - automatic transliteration of links.
  • Yoast SEO - optimization of site pages, including rubrics, as you could read above.

Site feature

Due to the features of the site (many photos), it’s not logical to create a record for each photo, and the gallery’s output does not allow you to give each record a rating, which can then be sorted by filters (or I still don’t know how to do it), it’s done so!

For each heading, an N-number of photos is collected (in this case 100+) and downloaded by a bundle through Media files:

And so that this “bundle of pictures” would fall automatically into the desired category - a code was written that allowed you to choose which rubric to load the next “bundle”:

Under the arrow is a drop-down list with the name of the headings. We select in which to "fill in" and automatically entries are created under this heading. At the same time, on the rubric page, photos are presented in thumbnails, and on a click pop up in a lightbox, i.e. no transition to recording. They can be rated with asterisks.

Those. no need to invent text for each photo, optimize. It is enough to fill in the right section and that's it.

Search Engine Indexing

Here, in fact, everything is simple.

Clear business, we do not need that records from a photo were indexed by search engines, since there is no text and meta seo fields. So just cover them with an index.

This can be done So (uncomment is_single ()) or So (the name of the heading in the CNC will be a sign).

Due to the fact that this is not a site with an art photo, where quality is important, this hack was not used.

And about the filling site photos

This was the first time I had to do this - fill out a photo. Find the pictures themselves is not a problem - google to help. The parser is longer to configure in this case, and one-time work.

The free program AntiDupl.NET came in handy. With it, it is easy to find duplicate pictures / photos. Minimum settings - maximum benefits!

Share your experience creating a photo site. I will be glad to know what I lost sight of.