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How to add cover art for a track or album in iTunes


Many users of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are used to trembling with their music collection - monitor the spelling of tags, create thematic playlists, and more. Proper handling of music albums also implies the installation of good quality covers that will adorn the device’s screen while listening. In this tutorial, we’ll look at two different ways to set the album art for iTunes, which after syncing with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will be displayed on the device

To change the covers on tracks and albums you will need:

  • ITunes installed on your computer
  • Music added to your music library
  • Pictures in standard formats (jpg, bmp, img, etc.)

I’ll show the process of changing the cover on the example of a track. In order to change or add an image to the Album, the same actions will need to be done in the "Albums" category.

Change the cover of the music

  1. Launch the iTunes program and go to the category selection menu:

Choose a category of music:

We go to the "Songs" section, click on any song with the right button and select "Information":

Go to the "Cover" and click "Add ...":

Select a picture and click "Open":

  • Using the slider, resize the image and click “OK”:
  • Now the image that you added is attached to the song. In order for the change to take effect on the iPhone, you need to sync iPhone with iTunes.

    Ask to do it iTunes

    Not everyone knows - you can add an album cover to a song using a simple command from the iTunes menu.

    1. Open program iTunes.
    2. In the menu, select File -> Media Library -> Get album art.
    3. In the window that appears, click "Get Album Art" again. Here you can also tick off the item “Don't ask again"- then the next time the search starts automatically.

    Done - album art found.

    Sometimes, however, even powerless Apple - it may happen that the covers are missing several tracks:

    What to do?

    “Manual” adding cover art for one song

    1. Search Google for the cover you want through a search query.
    2. Save the picture to any folder on your computer.
    3. Click on the track Right mouse buttonselect Intelligencethen - Cover.
    4. In the lower left corner of the menu, click on Add cover.
    5. In the window that appears, select the location of the saved image and click on "Open».

    Done! Here's what we got (compare with the screenshot above):

    “Manual” adding cover art for several songs from an album at once

    Very smart people work at Apple - but at iTunes 12 for some reason they complicated the way to assign cover art to several songs from the same album. However, this can still be done, and this is the most important thing.

    We are still looking for cover art for songs on Google, we save it on our computer. And then everything is done a little differently:

    1. Select all desired songs from the album, click on the icon of one of them right click mice.
    2. Hold down the key Option (Alt).
    3. Select Details. Notice how different the interface has become? This is the GUI from previous versions of iTunes.
    4. Open Finder and drag and drop cover in the appropriate box.
    5. Done - cover set!