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14 psychological tricks that guys use to fall in love with us


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As a man do not love - anyway, looking at a neighbor ...

Better to sleep with a woman than to sleep with a man.

Do you know how to determine that a man has ceased to be interested in girls ?! In such men, as a rule, another man sticks out of the ass.

The big belly is a hill of glory, erected during life in memory of the fallen member.

Men would be much bolder if they knew what women had in mind, and women would be much more coquettish if they knew men more closely.

By changing, a woman is looking for the best, and a man is looking for a new one ...

Men are terrible egoists - they only love themselves in a woman, while women love men - in themselves.

Do not wake the beast in a man. A beast awakened in a man yawns all the time, itches and constantly asks for food.

A man looks for a woman who looks like a mom, but finds a mother-in-law like a dad.

Friendship between a man and a woman is an impossible thing, between them there can be passion, enmity, adoration, love, but not friendship.

A woman comes back when she sees that a peasant without her huh ... in. A man comes back when he sees that a woman without him is fucking awesome.

A guy in a fishing store: Girl, do you have silicone baits? Man! I have everything natural!

A man’s problems begin not when a woman begins to undress for his money, but then when she begins to dress for them.

3D man - house, tree, children. Man 3B - grandmother, bath, women. Man 3T - slippers, tanks, TV.

At a table in a cafe, a man says to a woman: - “Sorry, but on the dating site I didn’t represent you at all ....” - “Yes, you drink, man!”

It is easier for a man to refuse a twenty-year relationship than to refuse a connection with a twenty-year one.

The real man will not roll Vanka, and Valka forever.

A man said a man did. Silence is gold. (c) Man

A man does not have to be handsome. A man must be a man ...

A drunk man = a good man. Drunk woman = deadly fury.

1. To maintain tension in the relationship, they use a special technique

Guys use certain phrases, such as, for example: "We are too different, so we can not be together" or "You are the most crazy girl I have met in my life." All this makes the girls talk with the guy longer, because they are constantly tormented by thoughts about what will happen next.