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What Diva Cup or Diva Cap. How does it surpass the usual analogues of feminine hygiene products. How to use it correctly. My personal experience and a couple of useful tips.

I warn you right away that this post will be for the beautiful half of humanity and not that men are not allowed, but it is not recommended for especially delicate and vulnerable natures :)

For a very long time I was going to write such an intimate post. It’s not customary to discuss things like this in our society: how does someone go to the toilet (and after all, you can quite clearly diagnose our state of health), and of course about the periods or as I call them “period”. I like the word "period" much more than "period". Well, I admit, I borrowed this word from the English language.

I won’t go into details about the process itself, everyone knows it, just go straight to the point. All of us, girls and women, use certain hygiene products during our period. Some people prefer laying, some tampons, someone can choose for themselves an absolutely natural way - using rags, like our grandmothers :)

I want to tell you about a completely different method, which is safer, nontoxic, convenient and non-polluting.

This is a Diva Cup. I was so impressed by it that I decided to share my experience with you, because I believe that almost all of us should exchange mountains of gaskets and tampons for this very strange, it would seem, first thing!

What do I have against pads and tampons?

It seemed to be like that? What terrible can be in them?

Well, at least the remnants of chemicals aka toxins, which are used to work on tampons and pads, tend to be absorbed through our skin when it comes into contact with it. And in this area, our skin is very thin and easily passes through everything that comes into contact with it.

The most common bleaching agent for feminine hygiene products is Dioxin, a known carcinogen. Recently, this substance was finally banned and replaced with Dioxin Chloride, which still leaves a trace of this toxin on the final products. By the way, many scientists claim that it is Dioxin that should be blamed for the development of Endometriosis, from which a huge number of women suffer.

Do not forget that even tampons, which seem to be made of cotton, still contain toxins. Cotton is almost all GMO and it uses a huge amount of pesticides that remain on the cotton fibers and are then absorbed by our body when we use tampons.

What is a Diva Cup?

This device is in the form of a small cup or mug, which (just do not faint) must be inserted inside and which collects menstrual blood.

And here are a few advantages of using it:

  • Diva Cup does not feel at all inside and does not leak, of course, provided that you inserted it correctly.
  • This little thing is made of pure medical and food-grade silicone, the same one in the silicone form of which you bake your cupcakes. Silicone is famous for the fact that, unlike plastic, it does not release any toxic substances and therefore is absolutely safe, both outside and inside.
  • It comes in 2 sizes: prenatal or those who are not yet 30 years old and after the birth (even if you gave birth to a cesarean) or you are over 30.
  • This cap can be worn up to 24 hours, but I still recommend changing it 2 times a day: in the morning and before bedtime.
  • Diva Cup is much better for the environment than standard "store" hygiene products, as they do not pollute it with their waste.
  • It is much cheaper. My Diva cost me $ 25 with free shipping from EBay. At the same time, my beloved Always cost $ 5 per package, which lasts exactly one period. It turns out that my Cap will pay off to me in six months. Reading the reviews of others - many use it easily for 5-7 years, and some have already stepped over 10 years.

No. 1. Housing position

It is necessary to balance the center of gravity, distributing it evenly throughout the body. Do not lean only on the body or legs, otherwise the gait will become unnatural and heavy. Expand and lower your shoulders, straightening the chest. The abdominal muscles should be in a constant tone, which will allow more control over the position of the back. Just do not overdo it with a deflection in the lumbar, you are still not on the school march. Reach upside down. Not with the eyes and not with the chin, but with the crown, representing it as an extension of the spine. Remember that the upper body requires fixation. Do not make unnecessary movements with your shoulders, neck and body. Posture is the basis of the foundation and the key to a successful gait. Even if you still have trouble with the rest, an even body, like a lifebuoy, will pull you out of the swamp of slanting, disapproving glances.

There should be no tension in the hands. Relax them, feel the weight and fix this sensation in memory. Lightness will tell about grace and grace, and movements will set smoothness to the whole body. Meanwhile, do not turn your hands into completely lifeless lashes, dangling separately from the body. Bring the hands slightly behind the hips, palms parallel to each other. The elbows can be slightly pressed to the waist, this visually emphasizes the line of the figure. At first, combining a strict camp and softness of the hands will not be easy, however, having fallen in love with frequent practice, it will become a habit and you will not think about it anymore.

How to use Diva Cup?

Believe me, if I tell you that it will take time to know exactly how to use it correctly and at what angle. It took me a couple of days.

I still remember the feeling of unreality of how IT can be used internally. But, I can say for sure that if you insert it correctly, you won’t even feel inside and forget about it!

Do not forget that before each use of Diva, you need to wash your hands with soap, but not antibacterial. I also understood from my own experience that supporting the Cup under hot water makes it more docile and soft and makes it easier to use.

The instructions for use suggest 2 types of how it can be inserted inside: the first is when you simply fold it in half and the second is when you simply press one edge with your finger. I advise you to try both ways to understand which is more suitable for you. I liked the first one.

Then you need to select a position. The most desirable position is one that will relax the vaginal muscles, which will 100 times facilitate the use of the Diva Cup. Based on personal experience, I strongly advise you to try just sitting on the toilet

Comfortably sitting on the toilet, you need to carefully insert our cap where it should, somewhere in the middle. Then you need to let go and (just do not faint again) twist 2-3 turns in order to be sure that the Cup fits snugly on the machines of the vagina, creating a vacuum that ensures 100% leakage. By the way, this is one of the most common reasons why many complain that their Diva is not working and is constantly leaking - they just do not insert it correctly and do not scroll.

After you have scrolled it, you need to gently and delicately push it a little further at an angle to the coccyx. No need to push her far - this is not a swab. In addition, after this Cup itself will occupy the desired position in the body.

You need to change it 2 times a day or more often, depending on what your abundant period is. For example, the first 2 days I have a very plentiful discharge and I had to change it 4-5 times a day. And the rest of the days only in the morning and before bedtime.

To pull out the Diva Cup also sit on the toilet (do not forget to wash your hands before that) and gently pull it out by the protruding tip. It can be cut if it bothers you. Pour the contents into the toilet. Rinse it under warm water and reinsert it. If you do not have the opportunity to wash it, (you are at work or in a public toilet), then simply wipe with a napkin or toilet paper.

Do not be afraid if you suddenly can not find the tip of the Diva Cup and it seems to you that it has gone deep inside. I understood from experience that you just need to start to contract those very Kegel muscles (and they are very trained), which will advance Cap very quickly and you can easily remove it.

After your period is over, you can boil it (which will significantly reduce its service life) or what suits me more - soak it in a diluted solution of Hydrogen Peroxide. Then wipe it dry and put it in the bag that came with it in the box.

Now I completely refused tampons and pads and switched to the Diva Cup. I am attracted to the fact that it does not contain toxic components, it is very convenient to use, no need to worry that it will leak and do not pollute the environment and nature.

I know that for many this will seem like a very strange idea, but you drop all doubts, just take and try, give yourself and your body a chance and not at all the fact that after that you will return to standard feminine hygiene products.

And what means of female hygiene do you use? Have you tried using Cap? Thought to try?

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Number 3. Eye, nose and chin level

The correct position of the head is an important detail that many neglect, either lifting it too high with an arrogant gaze, or tilting it so that a second chin appears. The head should be kept straight, a slight deviation of 5-10 degrees is allowed. Direct your gaze along the horizon, define a point and do not take your eyes off it during the defile. The chin can be slightly, barely noticeably lower down. Supermodels often use this technique to make their faces appear more sculpted.

The next golden law of perfect gait is the correct movement of the hips. They need not to wag, but to take them forward in turn. When wagging, the back and shoulders begin to spin, which is categorically not acceptable. The hips should not go beyond shoulder level. When you step forward, the thigh goes first, then the knee and then the stop. The ideal role model for Natasha Poly, Isabel Fontana and Coco Rocha.

The gait should be confident, and the legs strong. Follow only one line and watch the stride distance. Too wide does not look advantageous and does not at all create the effect of endless legs. The ideal stride width is one and one half (1.5) feet long, often two feet on the podium.

Taking a step, step on the heel first, then rolling the entire foot on the floor. If the heel is very high, then distribute the load on both the heel and the cushion at the same time. Bend your knees on time. Often models sin by literally walking on bent legs, causing laughter and bewilderment of the observers. In order not to pass for a grasshopper, when your feet touch the floor, bend your knees. Not earlier. Otherwise, you will go throwing your legs.

Not infrequently, especially western models, counting on admiring glances, practice leg sweeping. According to some, such a walk is much more photogenic than usual. The same, for example, explains the slight inclination of the back to the back. But we will argue about universality, since a lot depends on other factors: the outfit displayed, the rhythm of the music and, in fact, the legs themselves. In the event that you are wearing an evening dress, then making an overlap, you will become entangled either in your legs or in the dress. Voluminous calves will seem even larger, and legs with knees inward will remind of galloping roe deer in the Kulunda steppe. In everyday life, such a walk is obviously vulgar. For these reasons, we advise you to experiment at home, taking pictures of all the options in trousers, in a dress, and without a camera. It's okay if, after seeing the material, you wake up all the neighbors with a laugh, in the end, Da Vinci also painted Mona Lisa for 14 years.

What not to do

  • Waving hands. Often, when walking fast, our body by inertia connects even greater activity of the hands, which is scientifically explained and normal. But after too much, the wide amplitude of the range of the limbs looks rather comical. On the podium, by the way, this mistake is one of the most common.
  • Copy Merlin Monroe. Such a walk was attractive only in the performance of the movie star. Usually, all attempts to repeat such movements with the hips fail. Of course, you can pay attention to the street, but people’s thoughts will be something from the series “a little bit more and one of the sides will outweigh and the girl will surely fall down”. Excessive sexuality is vulgar. This is not the place on the podium.

  • Raising the chin high is also a bad idea. No matter how beautiful the queen you feel, but the visual arrogance and arrogance (and this is perceived that way) will not decorate you and even less will say about you as a professional model. And the point is not even the presence of modesty, but the most advantageous presentation of your face for cameras.
  • Be a heron. We have no idea what this is connected with, but not only girls starting a modeling career raise their knees high. The eye now and then clings to the catwalk models, arrogantly pacing in this way. Fortunately, such a walk of approval from others does not cause.
  • To throw forward legs like soldiers. Either the girls misinterpret the recommendations on leg extension during a walk, or they try to add grace in this way, but this is not a rare phenomenon.


Flexibility and muscle strength directly affect your movements, their plasticity and grace. Therefore, to improve gait, we recommend not to neglect the exercises. The main rule for their implementation and the subsequent result is regularity.

The grasshopper phenomenon we mentioned above. So, in order to get rid of the urgent problem of the impossibility of leg extension, it does not interfere with the development of calf muscles. Running, swimming, a bicycle, a ladder or just lifting your feet on tiptoe, leaning on a ledge, will strengthen your legs.

Static yoga exercises will help improve concentration and, as a result, coordination. Three exercises daily, and in two weeks you will maneuver with easy ease through all the obstacles and puddles on the street with the highest heels.

Eight exercises and a bicycle will accustom your hips to smooth circular movements at every step. Devote this lesson two minutes a day and after a while you yourself will not notice how you stop vulgarly wagging booty and change your gait.

By rolling the bottle with your feet, you will quickly develop step elasticity and thus be able to easily relieve fatigue after long workouts!

You know about the use of the method with books. But we recall. Exercises with balancing books on the head will help get rid of unnecessary gestures, swaying, drooping chin and teach you how to fix the position of the upper part of the body.

It is not strange, but work on a beautiful posture begins with the study of the muscles of the press, as they bring the lower part of the spine to the correct position. To strengthen the back muscles and smooth out the intervertebral discs, there are many effective complexes, resorting to which, you will soon appreciate their effectiveness.

Fashion show details

Smile, hold hands, exact stride length and expression on the show depend on the brand ideology. If the designer adheres to traditions, such as Yves Sain Laurent or Louis Vuitton, then models will be asked for restraint in movements and emotions.

Donatella Versace, meanwhile, on the contrary, at his show demands dramatization: steps with overwhelming, active swaying of the hips and a smile from ear to ear. It’s just as difficult to remain a pessimist in costumes selected from children in the form of fruits from juice advertisements, like designer Charlotte Olympia.

Whatever it was, remember that Kate Moss did not immediately conquer the podium. Everyone has mistakes, and funny situations, and falls. An ideal gait is not one month's work. Therefore, the ability to adequately evaluate yourself and your shortcomings is important here. Work on them, constantly practice skills and improve them.