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How to help people or how to defeat selfishness


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There are many things you could do to help people around you — from household chores to helping your family members to volunteering at a local homeless shelter. But even smaller things can make someone's day brighter.

How to help people or what is humanity

You walk along the street and see these poor animals who are looking for food, you look at pensioners who ask for alms and ... pass by. You go on the Internet and see a banner asking to help the orphanage, go to social networks, and there they are looking for volunteers to clean the forest. How to stop being indifferent and be able to overcome selfishness? The eternal idea that social services should work, power should help is a stereotype of millions of people.

But the truth says: "Help your neighbor, and you will be rewarded twice." How to help people without searching for excuses with a light soul? Everyone can have critical situations, so no one is safe. Particularly affected are children, whose fate brought them to orphanhood, the elderly, who live life in poverty. To some extent, everyone needs support, compassion, but not everyone sees someone else's pain.

Help is a voluntary act. Few people will pay attention to environmental problems if this is not emphasized. Few people think about people with disabilities, if not to say it on word of mouth. People always find a way to communicate, adapt, but no one canceled good deeds!

If we are experiencing joy, success, living well, then someone is crying, suffering and feeling hopeless. How to help others if you yourself did not know this feeling in your direction? Selfishness is a harmful thing. It makes a person callous, blind to society. A friend spent you on a train, lent a sum of money? And then this friend realizes that he cannot count on a conversation in a difficult moment and remains abandoned, because you do not have time. An exchange between people should always be present, even if help has not yet arrived in your direction.

The answer to the question “how to help people?” Is very simple to find - he sleeps in the person himself. The ability to see the truth, which was hidden under the mass of negativity and selfishness, is simple!

Elementary ways to help your neighbor

How to help people without leaving home? We will find everything on the Internet, where global life is constantly boiling. Learn about the problems in a neighboring country, read the news of your city, talk with the person who posted the post “I need help!”. It is enough to become interested in the topic of charity, as we immediately find hundreds of options to contribute. Why "immediately"? Now everything is freely available, and people are actively disseminating information. Why not teach English in schools for free? But what about the idea of ​​participating in landscaping, cleaning parks in your city? A person is able to direct his efforts in a positive direction. The main thing is to want to change the world around.

Helping others can be anything. The organization for the protection of animals needs food for pets, you need to create a social video, highlight the global problem - such activities stimulate the person to action. Many do not think about how helping others makes a person happy. Inside, he feels himself necessary, is introduced into the work and fills himself with great knowledge.

Want to support orphans? You can make them cute cards, buy fruit, sweets and take them to an orphanage. There is a dream to travel, but with a sense - a great option to look after elephants, feed turtles in Asian countries, help deaf people in Europe, etc. Such activity not only stimulates our consciousness, but also includes creativity. The probability of being in a negative mood and saying “I have nothing to do, I'm bored” definitely disappears!

How to help people? First of all, pay attention to the circle of loved ones. Did you manage to move from your parents, but rarely do you keep in touch with them? It is worth asking what they need, how their affairs, bestow care. It is important to sincerely want to contribute to their lives. From the outside it seems that everything is wonderful with friends, but really they have no where to turn. Are elderly neighbors living nearby? It would be worthwhile to buy food for them, help bring bags to the fifth floor. Words, deeds are needed not only by relatives, friends, but also by completely alien people. It is elementary to give up a place in transport, transfer the old woman across the road, support the door to the loader with the goods in his hands.

Every day, each of us can be a superhero who sows a grain of good. How to help people? Fill someone’s life with a meaning that will become your motivation to be active. Good deeds are possible wherever we can remember the neighbor. It is important to realize that true love is expressed not only in material values, but also in moral qualities.

Become a volunteer

You can help an unprotected layer of the population anywhere and always. For example, donate blood at transfusion stations and help hospitals do the same. It is possible to be Santa Claus or the Snow Maiden in orphanages, and give sweets to orphans. Sell ​​handmade products, and give the proceeds to public organizations. Volunteer is a calling for everyone who is ready to donate a little of their time, efforts for the benefit of others. Volunteering is an activity that is not associated with self-interest and profit.

Imaginary friend

By pretending to be an “imaginary friend,” you will help yourself protect your borders, stop doing too much for others, or go headlong into a strange world.

Reflect: If you were an imaginary friend for someone, you could do very little.

For example, you cannot take a phone and make a call on behalf of your friend.

  • An imaginary object has neither hands nor fingers.
  • You do not physically exist, which means that you cannot bring them a bag from the store, take them to a meeting or do household chores for them.

The imaginary object does not have its own mind, therefore, you would not have ideas on how to save them or improve their situation.

  • Your hands would be mostly tied.
  • Too bound to do something beyond what is needed.

Make a material contribution

It’s hard to imagine the construction of rehabilitation centers, animal shelters, and the treatment of diseases today without financing. Sometimes there may simply be no time for self-help. It is optimal to allocate a certain amount for the purchase of books, clothes for orphans, the purchase of food in zoos, the distribution of food to the poor in heating centers. Sometimes you can refuse to buy another fashionable thing, and think about your neighbor.

A true friend

When actually solving someone’s problems is not an option (because you don’t exist!), You are limited in the ways in which you can express support. What can you do as an imaginary friend?

1. Let the person feel that he is not alone. You do this simply by being near him. Yes it is. If you are close, you are already doing something important for him. This is a necessary and useful work.

2. Listen carefully. If you are a product of imagination, you are limited only by thoughts and feelings of the person himself. You cannot change or correct them in any way, but you can pay close attention to them.

3. Become a mirror. All you have to do is reflect the person to yourself. The mirror cannot add anything. For example, if a person tells you, “I want to do this, but I'm afraid,” you can nod and say, “Yes. This does not mean that you do not want to do this, you are simply afraid. ”

4. Recognize his feelings. Do not become an “imaginary judge” or an “imaginary critic” or even an “imaginary observer”. BE ANOTHER.

Express your sympathy, kindness and acceptance of all the emotions of another person, whatever they may be. Use your facial expressions and tone of voice to do this.

  • If you are near your friends when they feel bad,
  • if you listen carefully to them and reflect their feelings,
  • if you acknowledge their feelings and express compassion for them,
  • you do not violate anyone’s borders - neither yours nor others’s -

You become an exceptional and very real friend.

An important nuance to which you should pay attention: “Imaginary Friend” is a technique, not a way of life. published by

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Do charity work

How to help others, if not interested in global, social problems? Charity is a broader concept than volunteering. It covers simultaneously all areas of life where funding is required. The key role here, of course, is material support. There are whole charity exchanges where anyone can choose a project and help him.


How can you do nothing, but give a person pleasant feelings? Enough to carry a positive, reflecting it in their behavior. There is no need to build a sour face, which seems to say "do not come near, so I have, so, my problems." A slightly perceptible smile, calm movements, affability - all this attracts the attention of the gray mass, which needs such an energetic recharge.

There is nothing secret about helping people and staying on their own. It’s never too late to start good things, it’s even useful. When you yourself feel loneliness, anger, breakdown, you should look at the problems of others and understand "yes, I am happy, I have everything." Reach the heights, share experiences and give opportunities to those who need it. Do you like the article? Share it with your friends in the social. networks.

Be selfless

When a person begins to help relatives or strangers, he expects some kind of return from them. Everyone is pleased to hear how kind and generous they are. But when a person in trouble shouts: “Help!”, This suggests that he needs support, and does not buy someone else’s services.

Selflessness is manifested not only in the refusal of a monetary reward for helping a person. It says that you are not aiming to benefit from the one you have supported. Don’t be outraged that the person who received the help did not praise you and thank you for your efforts. Undoubtedly, it’s unpleasant not to receive any return after your efforts, but you should be pleased with the fact that someone has become better, because the whole point of the revenue was precisely that.

Remember, help another - help yourself. By supporting other people, you make the world and yourself better and kinder. Do not expect other people to reward your support and soon notice that your attitude will change and your own problems will begin to be solved faster and more efficiently.

Do not impose your help

Sometimes people so much want to show their kindness that they don’t even ask about whether others need it. Help with advice to someone who asks for it, and he will be happier and happier. But imposing your help on someone who does not want this, you will not only not help him out, but also ruin your relationship.

If you offered someone support, but he refused, do not insist. There are people who want to solve all the problems themselves, or those who are uncomfortable asking for help. If you know a person well and see that he himself can’t do it, you can unobtrusively offer your help again, but don’t be too persistent in wanting to do good, as it annoys others.

Find out if help is needed.

If you are eager to help others, but do not know where your efforts could be useful, start the search. How to help a person if you do not know about his problems? Chat with your loved ones about their concerns. It is not at all necessary to immediately offer your help without even knowing what is required of you. Listen carefully to what people are saying, do not be distracted or interrupt. Then they will understand that you can be trusted, talk about their problems and, perhaps, they themselves will ask for support.

A call for help can be received not only from relatives, but also from completely strangers. To find out who needs support, you can contact specialized groups on the Internet. This can be a forum where people ask for advice, or groups whose members are involved in charity.

Offer your support

It seems that could be easier? If you see a problem - help. It only at first glance looks like an easy task. But if you do not know how to offer your help correctly, people are unlikely to trust you to solve their problems.

Never judge a person who is telling you about a difficult situation he has been in. Even if you see that the trouble was his fault, do not try to convict him of this. If you want to help, help. This will improve a person’s life, and he will be grateful to you for not reproaching him.

Do not try to find out about all the most difficult tasks that a person cannot cope without outside help. Offer him some support, help with everyday activities or with shopping in the store. Perhaps in the future he will devote you to his affairs, and you can help him in many ways.

Start small

Do not think about how to help a person solve all the problems in his life or make many people happy at once. This is a good goal, but do not hope that you can immediately save the whole world.

Start small. Help your child complete homework, rehearse a role for a school performance, or do a craft. Talk with your loved ones about his problems and listen carefully, showing understanding and sympathy. These small things will do more good than if you tried to immediately become the best person for everyone.

If you are thinking of helping someone you don’t know, watch outsiders on the street. You can help carry heavy bags, show the way or drive home if someone needs it.

If you have things that you don’t wear, you can collect them and take them to a shelter or where they take things for families in need. You will not make a feat, but you will contribute to improving the lives of people.


Volunteering is a good way to help people in difficult situations. Its principle is free assistance to those in need. Volunteering is good because it will be easier for you to find the one who needs your support, at the expense of the organization, which requires such initiative people like you.

If you are a creative person, help the children by arranging a workshop on drawing, modeling or other art in a shelter. This can be arranged by contacting the administration of the orphanage. You will not need much effort, but you can please the children and show your concern. You could also become a tutor for children whose parents cannot pay for the expensive services of professionals. The main thing is a sincere desire to help and try for the sake of others disinterestedly. As a result, you will get great experience and pleasure from making at least one person happier.

Volunteer in the canteens for the poor or in the trauma survivor care center. There are many ways to help others by volunteering. It is enough to go around a few organizations that help people, and offer them their feasible support.

Make donations

If you make good money or simply know that you can spend some money to help others, do it. There are many foundations that raise money at charity events or simply ask for material help from others. Check out the program of these organizations and decide which one you would like to help and whether you can do it.

If you do not have a lot of money or you can not afford to spend now, you will be able to help with other things. Review your old clothes and choose the one that you have not worn for a long time, but do not forget that it should be in good condition. If you give away the unnecessary part of your wardrobe to a shelter or hospital, these things will gain new life and help people, instead of gathering dust in your closet.

The same applies to toys that children have not used for a long time. A child from the orphanage will be happy to receive a doll or a teddy bear, while in your house it would not be useful.

You can collect a basket with gifts for needy children by putting toys and sweets there. You can familiarize yourself with the list of allowed donations by asking him at the administration of the organization you want to help.

Do not grasp what you cannot do

Do not promise yourself or others to save the whole world at once. Do not undertake a business that you cannot complete due to lack of time or money. Start with the little things and move in the direction you need. With each step, you will make the world a little better, and the lives of people who need your support will be happier.