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How to make a wreath with your own hands: base, frame and decoration


Very often, to decorate the room, to create a festive mood, needlewomen create wreaths. A decorative wreath can be made for any holiday. But sometimes when creating it, difficulty arises at the very beginning of the creative process - there is no basis for a wreath. Today I will tell you about 10 ways to make the basis for a wreath with my own hands.

How to make the basis and frame for a wreath with your own hands from branches, twigs and other materials

Before you make the basis for a wreath with your own hands, you should decide what materials are within walking distance and do not belong to the category of expensive. As a basis for a wreath, you can use a variety of materials.

DIY Christmas wreath

Before you make a wreath of branches with your own hands, it will be useful to find out that the most suitable material is willow, birch, oak, etc.).

DIY Easter wreath

Young flexible twigs (willow bark can be peeled off from willows) are twisted into a ring and secured with wire, fishing line or rope. The base must be left to dry for several days. Having dried, the branches will retain an annular shape. Before you make a wreath of twigs with your own hands, you can choose different diameters of the circles and form blanks of different diameters.

Further, other ways of making a frame for a wreath with your own hands are considered: among the proposed methods, there will probably be a suitable one.

Straw base.

Straw also needs to be rolled up and secured with wire or fishing line.

The basis of the wire.

For such a basis, it is desirable to use a thick wire or a wire folded in several rows.

Cardboard base.

Any thick cardboard will do. Cut a circle of the desired diameter from the cardboard with a hole in the center. For durability (especially if you use corrugated cardboard), cut 2 circles and glue them together.

Foam base.

Sold ready-made, of different diameters in stores for creativity. There is a base for bilateral wreaths (can be decorated on both sides) and a base for a wreath where only the upper part is decorated.

To create a wreath, you can use a floristic ring-shaped base made of piaflora for dried flowers or an "oasis" for living plants.

The porous structure of these materials helps to hold decorative elements on the wreath.

Wicker willow wreath.

These (different diameters) wreaths can be bought at needlework stores. These bases are beautiful in themselves, for their decoration one bright decorative element is enough.

The basis of the newspapers.

Several newspapers are rolled up and a ring is formed, everything is fixed with tape. Such a base has a “non-marketable” look, so it needs to be decorated on top with something, for example, covered with a cloth.

Draw a circle of the desired diameter on a piece of paper, then gently squeeze the foam out of the spray can and let it harden. Excess hardened foam can be cut with a sharp knife. From one balloon, several bases are obtained at once, which can be decorated with fabric, sisal or moss.

Recommendations when choosing a framework:

  • If you make a light, airy wreath, then the basis is not very heavy. Choose your wire base or twig base.
  • For a solid, heavy wreath, the foundation is chosen more durable. It is better to use a foam base or made of building foam.

How to make an artificial decorative wreath with your own hands (with video)

Before you make a decorative wreath with your own hands, you need to consider the options for its decorations, design style and overall design. Take a look around and you will see how many interesting materials around you can use to decorate the wreath. It all depends on your taste. For decoration, any materials are suitable, from the remnants of paper, wallpaper and ending with natural materials that can be found on a walk: leaves of various trees, berries, fruits, acorns, cones, herbs, cereals.

Examples of how you can make an artificial wreath with your own hands without any financial costs:

  • fresh flowers, plants, cereals, leaves, twigs with fruits,
  • dry cereals and leaves, dry meadow grasses. A variety of ornamental and wild plants lend themselves to drying. Cereals (wheat, oats, etc.), various meadow herbs look especially beautiful in wreaths. There are many different ways to preserve flowers and plants. Here are just a few of them: drying in a natural state, in limbo (herbs, grains, buttercups, roses, etc.), drying in sand, silica gel (for example, buds of some flowers are dried), drying in cotton wool, etc. . d.
  • dried flowers (lagurus, commonly called “hare tail”, ornamental yarrow, gelichrysum, statice, amaranth, etc.), poppy seeds, mature Echinacea inflorescences, ornamental onion inflorescences, dried roses, etc.,
  • sisal, coconut fiber, bast,
  • pine and spruce cones, acorns, moss, bark and various tree branches,
  • the remains of beautiful brown paper, wallpaper, corrugated paper,
  • various ribbons, braid, lace, sewing, beads, rhinestones, beads, etc.,
  • buttons of various colors and sizes, wooden, cardboard and plastic elements (they are also used in decoupage and scrapbooking),
  • artificial flowers, decorative fruits and vegetables, etc.

Key Tools You May Need to Work

Key Tools You May Need to Work

Glue gun and glue gun rods. This is a very convenient tool that greatly facilitates the work when decorating. With a gun, you can glue everything to the base: twigs, herbs, flowers, fabric, paper, wooden elements, etc.

Attention! Observe precautions when working with the glue gun.

Wire. A stiffer wire is used to create the base, softer (wire used in beadwork or floristic) - for attaching decorative elements to the base.

Floral teip tape in various colors. This is a thin elastic tape in a reel with a light adhesive effect. The ribbon is used in various types of creativity: in quilling (paper rolling), in the manufacture of flowers on wire, candy trees, bead jewelry, etc. When using floral tape should be pulled a little to better stick to the stem. Under the influence of the heat of the hands, the tape exhibits adhesive properties, it seems to stick to the surface. With its help, it is convenient to bind grass, cereals, flowers, etc. into bundles.

Fishing line. It can be used to bind twigs into a wreath, in which case it will hardly be visible, respectively, the wreath will look more aesthetically pleasing.

Household superglue for gluing small elements, such as rhinestones or beads.

Wire cutter.

Christmas wreath in the photo

See how to make a wreath with your own hands in the photo, which illustrate this process step by step:

Adding an article to a new collection

The New Year is just around the corner, and it is time to think about decorating the house. Let's talk about how to make a wreath for Christmas and New Year from improvised products with your own hands to create a festive mood right now.

Blanks for Christmas wreaths are sold in specialized stores. The most popular are wire frames and foam molds. If desired, the foundation can be made from almost anything. You can cut a circle from thick cardboard or round plastic packaging from the cake and wrap it with cloth or paper tape. Another option is to twist the frame from wire or cable.

And now for your attention - the idea of ​​New Year's wreaths. Get inspired and do it!

1. New Year's wreath of newspaper tubes

Newsprint weaving has not lost its relevance for several years. From this simple material, needlewomen make not only small decor items, but also whole chests! To make a wreath, cut newspapers into longitudinal strips 10 cm wide. Using a knitting needle, twist the tight tubes by rolling the paper obliquely. Lubricate the end of the paper with PVA glue so that the workpiece does not unwind. The number of tubes depends on the desired wreath size.

Paint each tube with stain (if you want them to look like a vine) and let dry. If desired, use white acrylic paint slightly diluted with water instead of stain.

Next, fold a few tubes together (the ends can be fixed with tape) and weave the braid. If you have other weaving techniques, go ahead! You can also take the base for the wreath and wrap it beautifully with tubes.

2. Christmas wreath from photos or cards

Such a wreath will decorate your home not only on Christmas holidays, but also on other days. You will need a frame for the Christmas wreath. You can buy it in a needlework store or make it yourself by making several turns of durable wire and holding them together in several places.

Attach photos of your loved ones to the finished frame using thermoplastic glue (usually applied with a glue gun). A selection of black and white shots will look especially impressive. For composition, you can also use bright Christmas cards.

3. Christmas felt wreath

That's where imagination can be unleashed! Think over the composition and cut out various shapes from colored felt. It can be leaves, flowers, gingerbread cookies in the form of a house or a heart, a snowman, a tree, - whatever your heart desires! Figures can be single-layer or consist of several layers (for this they are sewn together). When the details of the application are ready, wrap the base for the wreath with knitting threads and fix the decorative elements with glue.

6. New Year's wreath of cones

One of the classic options for festive home decoration - spruce and pine cones. Remember the school years: what crafts did not make from this popular natural material! It's time to "return to nature" and take advantage of its gifts. And here is our master class on how to make a Christmas wreath of cones with your own hands:

7. New Year's wreath from foamiran

Foamiran is a material familiar to many needlewomen. It is a soft foamy thin sheets that feel suede to the touch. From the sheets of foamiran beautiful flowers are obtained, very similar to living ones. It is very convenient to work with this material: it is plastic, it is easy to cut and stitch it. Decorate the base for the wreath with foamiran details and admire this beauty at least all year round!

8. New Year's wreath crocheted or knitting

Surely needlewomen who know how to knit, thought that almost anything can be done in this technique. To your attention - knitted Christmas wreaths. Look how cozy and homely they look! The wreath can be decorated with knitted details or be fully connected. First, the base of the wreath is tied, then "to taste" the elements of the composition are added.

9. New Year's wreath of grapevines

If you have a vineyard, then after pruning a lot of unnecessary vines will probably remain. Try to make a Christmas decoration for your home from this natural material. To make a Christmas wreath from a vine, weave the base and decorate to your taste.

The vine needs to be soaked in warm water for a couple of hours, otherwise the dry shoots will break and bend badly.

The wreath can be coated with gold, white or silver paint, depending on how much this corresponds to the interior of the house.

10. New Year's wreath of beads and beads

For those who know firsthand the beadwork, it will not be difficult to weave a Christmas wreath of beads. The beauty of this product is its miniature. Such a wreath can be used as a brooch or decoration for a small composition. Another “lazy” option is to cover the base for the wreath with glue or epoxy, and then sprinkle with beads and beads.

11. New Year's wreath of yarn

To make such a wreath, cut a circle of the required diameter from thick cardboard. Wrap the cardboard base tightly with yarn so that there are no gaps. Then connect your imagination and boldly decorate the wreath with details. Another option: a wreath decorated with balls of yarn of different sizes looks especially original. You can add spokes here.

14. New Year's wreath of branches

Making a Christmas wreath of branches is not at all difficult. Flexible branches of birch and willow are well suited. Soak them in warm water for several hours. After this, proceed to manufacture. The rods can be twisted into a circle and bandaged, or can be fixed on a wire frame, leaving the ends of the branches carelessly stick out.

16. Christmas wreath of cardboard sleeves

Cardboard bushings for toilet paper and paper towels are an environmentally friendly and rather unexpected material for a New Year’s wreath. Cut the cardboard cylinders across and glue the rings together to make an interesting composition. Use bushings of different diameters, paint them if desired.

19. New Year's wreath of little things

The basis for the Christmas wreath in this case should be quite durable to support the weight of the unusual decor. Glue several layers of cardboard into one or use a plastic blank. Glue everything that is “bad” on the base: small toys, stationery, watches, various trinkets.

21. New Year's wreath of gift boxes

To make this Christmas wreath with your own hands, you will have to spend a lot of time. First you need to make a few "gift boxes" of small size. To do this, cut cubes of different sizes from foam or foam and wrap them with colored packaging paper. Then glue the boxes to the base for the wreath.

30. New Year's wreath from the tubes for cocktail

Use cocktail straws to decorate your home. Glue tubes of different lengths to the base for the wreath, add a couple of details, for example, a bright ribbon bow. Straws of the same color look good, but you can take two types of tubes, so that the wreath is more colorful.

Making Christmas wreaths is only a small part of the process of preparing your home for the New Year holidays. We offer not to stop there and continue to create:

DIY Christmas wreath of pine cones

Pine cone - is the most affordable type of decor in the Urals and Siberia. So we have several city parks where pine and spruce trees are planted, so there are plenty of cones.

They can be used in its original form, or it can be coated with glue or colorless varnish and sprinkled with sparkles.

By the way, children will also like the job of creating a wreath.

Any Christmas decoration, like a wreath, consists of two parts: the base and decor. The basics are very different: foam, paper, wire, fabric.

You can buy them in the store, or you can make them at home with your own hands.

Consider two options for the framework:

  1. We make a round substrate for a wreath of paper. We take newspaper spreads or any other paper and fold it across, then wrap it with another spread of the same type, connect it with masking tape.

Try to grow the ring so that it is thicker.
Wrap the entire workpiece with masking tape to get a white base.

  1. Also use cardboard as the basis. Cut a circle of the selected diameter from a cardboard sheet.

To make it voluminous, glue the crumpled paper to the base and glue it with masking tape.

Make a loop on the basis of a strong thread to hang a wreath.

We glue the wreath with cones with a hot gun, you can paint them or glue them with sparkles. And you can spray on top of the "snow" from the aerosol.

Leave a place among the cones for the balls, otherwise they will look ugly. Glue the Christmas balls between the cones on the base with hot glue or Crystal glue.

Decorate the wrong side with a tinsel tape.

This will remove the artisanal appearance of the product.

How to make a Christmas wreath with your own hands on the door?

The front side of the door meets your guests, and when they are already decorated, then the guests will have a desire to consider your masterpiece closer and create such beauty themselves. Well, of course, the mood will rise.

The decor in the form of a wreath on the door should hold well, so we make a loop of thick thread, for which you hang your masterpiece.
One of the easy options for a wreath on the door is from Christmas balls.

  • Thicker wire
  • 2 packs of small balls.

From the wire we make a ring.

Therefore, you need to take a thick wire so that it does not deform under the weight of the balls.

We put the end of the wire into a skirt with a hole and string the balls, turning them in different directions.

Twist the ends of the wire.

DIY felt crown: many ideas

Felt allows you to create very realistic shapes. It also perfectly adheres to both fabric and paper backing.

The base can be braided from a voluminous fabric in the form of pigtails, but it can be decorated with figures of deer, balls, Santa Claus and felt snowmen.

You can make New Year's shoes, Christmas trees, flowers and other attributes of the New Year.

Привожу несколько вариантов идей украшения венка фетровыми поделками.

Даже из тканевых тесемок можно создать красоту.

Венок на новый год из шариков и живых еловых веток

Ветку необходимо разделить на небольшие веточки.

Каждую последующую кладем на предыдущую сверху и часто обматываем ниткой или веревкой.

Now we connect the ends of the branches and wrap them also in a spiral thread. The result was a circle.

If there are bald spots somewhere, then report to these places small branches, wrapping them with thread to the base.

Now decorate with balls and other decor.

Balls can also be tied with fishing line to pine branches, or you can glue them with hot glue.

So that the needles do not crumble quickly, it is advised to put the branches for a week in glycerin, which preserves moisture and pigment inside the branches.

You can make a base from thick wire by gluing non-fir ​​branches to it, you can also connect the branches together with a ring-shaped wire.

If you use dried twigs or a vine, then it is better to twist it in a spiral.

And you need to take branches of shrubs that do not prick.

Simple crown for the new year from tinsel

Tinsel is present in every home. This shaggy ribbon is an indispensable attribute of the New Year. It is decorated with walls, windows, Christmas tree. But it is interesting to use it for a wreath. Only tinsel is better to take bright, lush and well-kept on the base, so that there are no bald spots.

You can make a wreath of silver, gold or red elements, picking the right tone of tinsel.

  • Wire
  • Masking tape
  • Paper
  • Green colors
  • 3 tinsels of 2 m
  • Decor

From a thick wire we form a ring so that it is durable.

We take any paper, tighten it around the wire and wrap it with masking tape.

We paint the workpiece in green and let it dry.

Now glue the tinsel to the base. Fix the edge with hot glue.

In some places, already wound tinsel can be glued with hot glue.

You can wrap the wreath with Christmas beads, ribbon or braid.

Cones are best painted in white, golden colors or sprinkled with shimmer or grains of sparkles.

DIY Christmas wreath from burlap

Now comes the idea of ​​everything natural. Therefore, you can take the wreath of burlap as a highlight. It is sold in hardware stores. And you can buy the bag itself and cut it onto ribbons of the desired width and length.

Beautiful texture and deliberate roughness of the fabric will only add aesthetics to the decoration, especially if you also decorate it with natural materials: dry twigs, peach seeds, cones, tow or dried orange or lemon circles.

  • Paper wreath backing covered with tape or wire backing
  • Burlap Sections
  • Cones, balls, candles and other decor
  • Hot glue gun

You can twist the wreath substrate from three wire rings of different diameters, but it is easier to replace it with a lightweight paper circle. A ring is formed from the newspapers and wrapped in simple or masking tape. Paint it white or glue it with white paper.

Sacking can be put in bleach, then it will have a more interesting color, you can paint it with acrylic paint.

Wrapped in burlap, glue glues all the folds and beautiful bends. Try to add more volume and creases.

Decor is already glued on it: cones, painted apricot kernels or avocado seeds, beads, braid and more.

Paper and Napkin Wreath Ideas

A lot of ideas come up using only paper and its derivatives in creativity.

It will be nice if you make stars out of paper and stick them on the base.

And you can take a frame from toilet paper, they are solid in order to maintain their shape and give the desired composition to the wreath.

We use toilet paper bushings

  • 5 bushings
  • Green paint or spray
  • Glue gun
  • Beads

Bushes are needed not ecological, which dissolve in water, but ordinary, because we will paint them with green paint on both sides.

As soon as it dries, we mark the lines along the entire length of 1.5 cm and cut it.

By the way, you can first cut the parts, and then paint them, but so there will be a lot of them and the process will be more time-consuming.

Now we form a flower of five petals and glue them.

We add the resulting flowers in the shape of a circle and also glue all the particles.

Glue beads or buttons of scarlet or burgundy colors into the center, as an attribute of the new year.

Try sticking ribbons, tinsel or gold braid.

Napkin wreath

Napkins are quite cheap and sold in different sizes and colors. It is better to take solid colors.

  • The basis for the wreath
  • Pack of napkins
  • Hot glue
  • Decor

We make the backing by folding newspaper spreads in a circle and wrapping them with masking tape.

Now we cut the packaging of monophonic napkins into four parts.

We take a square of 3-4 layers, put a pencil in the middle so that the square seems to rest on it, but does not make a hole, and we glue the outer end with hot glue to the base.

So we do everything on an entire basis.

Now we glue the beads, light balls, shiny ribbons.

Did you find something interesting for yourself from all of the above? There are many more interesting reviews on how to create a wreath of candied fruits, a variety of small toys, using candles and garlands.

Have you seen circles decorated with tangerines or sweets?

The main thing is that the composition and the ratio of the elements relative to each other are respected.

You can also make not only the classic round shape, but also square or star-shaped.

The compositional point itself can be above, below, or from the side.

And also evenly divided throughout the circle.

By the way, in this article about New Year’s crafts, I gave an example of an interesting wreath from the bottoms of plastic bottles that are connected by a thread. Every detail is painted in advance.

Agree, doesn’t look cheap at all? Quite the contrary!