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List of what to take for a night to a friend


More and more people prefer to spend their weekends on outdoor activities, rather than mindlessly spend them sitting in front of the TV. Different types of hiking are becoming more and more popular. However, few beginner tourists are responsible for collecting the necessary things for travel.

Even if the hiking route is thought out to the smallest detail, and is only 1 day, the backpack of a tourist should still be assembled in accordance with all the rules. This is the key to a good outdoor recreation. A big mistake tourists - newcomers is overload. In this article we will try to figure out what you need to take with you on a hike, what requirements there are for tourist’s clothes, whether a first-aid kit is needed, and how to assemble it yourself.

A complete list of possible things to go is available on the download button after the article.

Camping preparations

What to take on a hike

Fees will depend on many factors. First you need to decide on the route. What terrain it will go through (forest, taiga, mountains), estimated duration in days, whether you will spend the night outdoors or plan to settle in the hotels for the night. You should take into account the time of year, the age of the participants and their number.

Be sure to check out the information:

Registration of tourist groups

When solving the dilemma that on a hiking list, keep in mind that the maximum weight of a backpack for a man is 30 kg, but for a woman it is limited to 15 kg.

The required minimum of things can usually be divided into 3 categories:

  1. For movement. This includes all navigation items (map, compass), comfortable clothes, shoes. In addition, for active actions in nature, you will need any auxiliary items (a lamp, a whistle, a magnifying glass, a rope) and a first-aid kit.
  2. For relax. For a one-day trip, a plaid or a tourist rug will be enough. If the plans include spending the night in the forest, then you need to think about a tent and sleeping bags. Campfire facilities will be needed (matches, lighter, paper or newspaper).
  3. Food. The minimum set for a picnic, consisting of metal kitchen utensils, a knife and a dry ration. For long trips, it makes sense to purchase a gas burner.

Many are concerned about the question of what to take with a child on a camping trip. All of the above, but do not forget about sports equipment, which will help pass the time on vacation. It can be a ball, tennis rackets, badminton.

Clothes and shoes

Tourist cutaway

The most important rule for choosing clothes for a hike: it should cover and protect the skin from various dangers in nature. It can be insects, stones, branches of trees and shrubs, poisonous plants. The material should pass air well, be light and quickly dry in the sun. Almost all modern suits designed for outdoor activities meet this requirement.

Socks and underwear are best used from the "thermo" category. There are special sports models. It is recommended to choose shirts without seams so that the straps of a tourist backpack do not cause discomfort.

Going to the mountains, pay attention to the fact that outerwear should provide full protection not only from the winds, but also from rainfall. For hiking in the winter, it is better to take ski suits marked - tex. They have a lighter weight, retain heat due to a special membrane structure and do not impede movement.

In the hot season, it is not recommended to go camping in light and open clothes. The sun, various blood-sucking insects, as well as damage from stinging plants will only spoil your vacation. Mandatory trousers tucked into socks, as well as a jacket with a long sleeve and a collar.

What to take with you on a one-day hike, including a climb to a mountain peak and a walk through the forest more often?

The best option would be trekking sneakers. They have a good degree of amortization, which reduces the load on the spine during long walks. This is especially important when behind a heavy backpack. In addition, a special sole pattern provides firm grip on any surface.

Shoes should be athletic, suitable in size and with a stable sole. High-heeled shoes or any open shoes are completely unsuitable for camping. This choice can be fraught with various injuries, including injuries and dislocations.

Overnight camping items

Overnight camping items

A tent is the best option if you decide to spend the night in nature. However, it must also be chosen according to the rules. It should be made of high quality and waterproof material, seams glued.

Pay attention to the waterproof index (PU). For demi-season hikes, it is better to use a tent with an index above 3000. Cheap models usually have PU 1500. They get wet quickly enough with a long and heavy rainfall.

Sleeping bags come in many varieties. For summer holidays and for a large company, bags - blankets are preferable. Having unzipped, you can get a wide blanket that will hide several people.

This will allow you to take a smaller number of sleeping bags, which will facilitate the load. In addition, if necessary, it can easily replace a mat or picnic bedspread.

When planning a trip in the hot summer days, you can take a tent tent with you. It will protect from the sun and wind, and make halts more comfortable.

Food and cooking utensils

Cooking is one of the most important issues when planning a hiking trip. You can use a bonfire. To do this, put in a backpack matches packed in waterproof material or a lighter. It is recommended to put means for kindling fire in different places.

A shovel may be needed to prepare a safe bonfire site. An excellent assistant will be a pocket chain saw for camping trips or a folding knife. A large group of tourists can take an ax with them. Going to places where to find firewood it will be problematic to take a gas burner. Do not forget about gas cylinders for refueling.

From the dishes you should definitely take:

  • Ladle or small bucket.
  • Metal mug, bowl and cutlery.
  • One pan is enough for a company of no more than 4 people. There are models in which the lid can be used as a bowl.
  • Cutting board.
  • Set of disposable plastic dishes. They are light in weight.

In addition, wipes, garbage bags, antibacterial sprays will definitely be needed during the trip. Most of the food set should be made up of drinking water, especially if you go camping in the summer.

If you take perishable products, then use a cooler bag, but it is better to refuse them. A typical camping food package includes: canned food, cereals, vegetables, instant meals, salt, seasonings, tea, herbs.

How to assemble a first-aid kit

In nature, while away from settlements, you should be prepared for any troubles. The first-aid kit of the tourist is an obligatory component. Its composition will depend on the time spent traveling, the presence of certain health problems among the group members.

Camping travel kit

Traveler First Aid Kit

When collecting a first-aid kit, consider the following rules:

  1. Injuries, sprains, cuts and dislocations happen quite often. Disinfectants and dressings should be taken in the calculation of 2-3 injuries.
  2. Sorbents need to be taken in larger quantities than other medicines. Approximately 1 pack per person.
  3. Painkillers, antihistamines with a specified shelf life.
  4. Remedies for insect bites.
  5. Individual medicines that must be taken as prescribed by a doctor to any of their tourists.
  6. Sunscreens and ointments for burns.

For a first-aid kit, it is better to choose a container with different compartments. Pack in waterproof material.

Specifically, about how to put together a travel kit read in the article:

It’s not so difficult to pack a tourist backpack correctly. It is only necessary to make a list of the necessary minimum of things in advance, which can not be avoided in the campaign.

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  • 1. Preparing for the trip
  • 2. Clothing and shoes
  • 3. Overnight camping items
  • 4. Food and cooking utensils
  • 5. How to assemble a first-aid kit

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What to take with your friend for the night

First things first, we must remember that such gatherings here - primarily for the soul. Girlfriends always have something to do - to watch their favorite movie, to wash the bones to everyone - familiar and not so good, to take care of the skin and apply war paint, to enjoy various goodies. And have endless conversations about everything.

What to bring with you? So, the little things:

  1. Pajamas nightgown.
  2. Towel.
  3. A toothbrush.
  4. Comb.
  5. Makeup
  6. Clean linen.
  7. Fresh clothes in the morning.
  8. A variety of goodies - from sweets and cookies to pizza.
  9. A bottle of good wine, aged brandy or even your favorite beer.

For overnight

One of the most necessary things in a camping trip is a tent. It must also be selected wisely, the cost of tents depends not only on its size, but also on water resistance. There are tents that will not get wet even under a shower, but there are those that are already starting to get wet from drops.

Warm clothes will also be needed, because at night, the temperature can drop significantly from the daytime temperature, and a tent, especially a large one, will not help keep the heat inside.
In the evening, insects begin to appear on the banks of ponds, and often there are so many of them that it is even impossible to leave the tent. Here you will receive insect repellent in the form of a spray for people and in the form of spirals for tents.
Do not forget about the flashlight, without it in the evening it will be difficult to find all your things.
You also need to take sleeping bags or an air mattress with blankets with you. Sleeping on a mattress is warmer than in a sleeping bag on the ground.