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How to Get Rid of Home Clutter: Secrets of Organized People


In our century of universal consumerism, we can increasingly come across the most incredible examples of rampant accumulation. People accumulate reserves of fat on their sides, not watched movies on their computers and a huge amount of things in their homes. As a result, instead of pleasure and wealth, they get chaos and clutter of unnecessary trash in their home and throughout their lives. Getting rid of him is not so easy, but you can still. You should start with small, well, at least with putting things in order in the house. How to do this, our new infographic will tell.

Start by storing food

An organized person never hurries, laying out purchased products - rush will lead to the fact that something will be out of place. The little things are easy to lose on the back of the shelf, and as a result you won’t even notice that you already have three identical packages of crackers, and they are all open. Sort and store similar products next to others of the same. Use the same system as in the store, laying out products accordingly. This will help you easily make a shopping list. Close open bags, collect different packages of similar products into one, if you have a little product left in a large package, move it to a small container to save space. Place the boxes and rotate the cans so that you can read the labels without any effort. Collect small packages like spices in one basket or common container. Using a quality storage system also helps protect against parasites, so you should definitely think about organization.

Organize refrigerated storage

It's time to deal with the shelves of the refrigerator, rearrange everything and throw away products that cannot be identified. Take one shelf for leftovers to make them easy to spot and eat before they go bad. Use a simple trick to prevent the problem of wilted greens - change storage locations in drawers and shelves! Let the greens and vegetables lie on the shelves, and the bottles and cans are stored in a box. So you will see fresh products right in front of your eyes and you will not forget about them. Arrange sauces and marinades directly, store jam on foil to prevent sticky stains. Use small baskets to store things that you use together, such as sandwich ingredients. Then you will need to take out only one basket, and not get a lot of things from different shelves. Remember that you need to trash the space around the refrigerator - remove the boxes or packages standing on top, and disassemble the pieces of paper attached to the doors.

Deal with drawers

It is not surprising that among the old checks, wires and packages you cannot find anything in your mailboxes. Disassemble all the papers that you have, store the wires in a separate box, properly folded so that they do not tangled. Add organizers to the shelves that will help to separate all sorts of little things separately (lids from cans or plastic containers are suitable as an organizer). Small containers fit perfectly, but small bowls or even egg packages can be convenient. Make sure that all items have a specific place — all batteries, erasers, candles, and small tools should be stored separately. In this case, there will be no clutter in the boxes.

View bag contents

Get rid of notes that you no longer need, disassemble the extra detail so that there is no more clutter in the bag. Throw away all the trash, read the old checks and save the ones you need. Take away everything that you don’t need to constantly carry with you, get rid of cosmetics that you don’t use, or pens without ink. Determine which compartment is why, and arrange things accordingly. Then it will be easier for you to always leave objects in the right places. If your bag has little storage space, use cosmetic bags or transparent zippered bags to store small items like pens, notepad, glasses, and keys. Finally, deal with the money in your wallet and carefully lay out the cards in the compartments.

Put your laundry in order

Try to carefully organize everything in a closet with linen, so that it is easier for you to find sets of suitable pillowcases and sheets. Keep the whole set in one pillowcase - this is the most convenient way. Fold all the blankets and towels neatly. Separately place the bedding and towels for guests so that they are convenient to take if necessary. A small folding chair will help you cope with the mess - you can easily reach the upper shelves. Keep lotions, shampoos, body cleansers, and soap in a plastic basket so that nothing spills. Save space by eliminating bulky packages. Open gift sets that you should use - similar boxes with cosmetics also take up a lot of space.

Cope with the trash in the hallway

With all the coats, umbrellas and packages, it’s quite clear that the closet door in the hallway closes with difficulty. Put things in order and get rid of the trash by disassembling all the clothes. Leave only clothing that is suitable for the season, and put aside all that you don’t wear now. Make pairs of shoes and check its condition, and then put everything in a special shoe organizer. Keep several umbrellas on hand, but spread out part in other places - for example, one should be left in the car. Fold small fabric bags inside one larger one. Do not leave torn or dirty, get rid of uncomfortable. If the cabinet door allows, use a storage space on it by hanging an organizer for things like scarves. This will help you even more competently use the space in the hallway.

Get rid of untidy shelves

Guessing how to organize a space that always does not look the best? Take time to purposefully arrange jewelry, figures and frames. Arrange books in stacks that look neat and won't collect dust. Try to never place anything behind books, so as not to accumulate clutter on the shelves.

Lighten the coffee table

Remove various remotes and other unnecessary little things. To always look neat, place a tray on which you will store the things you need. Gently stack magazines and get rid of the mess, putting everything that should not be on the coffee table in place.

Organize bedside tables

Because of the mess, it can be difficult to relax. Stop sleeping next to tall piles of excess items, clean up your bedside tables. If you notice that you do not always have time to read before bedtime, transfer the stack of planned books to the living room, where you can read on the couch. If you do not have space for storage, you can put all sorts of little things in a basket under a table or bedside table. Place a decorative box in which you can put hand creams and similar trifles on top. This is a convenient and aesthetic way of organizing space.

Cope with a cluttered bathtub

If the shelves of the cabinet in your bathroom are filled with various trifles, try to pay attention to this and remove all unnecessary things. Use extra cosmetic bags for storage. Fold separately makeup for neutral makeup and separately - more dramatic options that you use less often. Remove the hair from the combs, clean the hair dryer, sort the styling products. Putting in order does not require much effort - just put everything you use in place. In this case, you will not form a mess, which requires too long cleaning.

So, how to deal with the diagnosis of "mess" quickly and effectively?

1. Always complete the work you have begun to the end. This is a very important rule. Unfinished business negatively affects the daily routine, as well as our emotional state. For example, you decided to read an interesting article in a newspaper, but suddenly you got distracted by a phone call. As a result, the article was not read out, but a feeling of incompleteness remained in the soul and consciousness. Always try to finish what you have already begun.

2. Before buying important and expensive items, do a “trial run”. Have you decided to buy a new phone of the latest model, but are not sure about the expediency of your purchase? Borrow a phone of this model from a friend and “test” it. Just one day is enough to understand whether a future purchase is right for you or not. This habit will allow you not only to save a significant amount of money, but also to understand what things you really need.

3. If you have unnecessary things, give them to your friends or acquaintances. In every house there are always things that are absolutely useless, but it is a pity to throw them away. Have a party to “exchange unnecessary things” and present a cute trinket to your friend or acquaintance.

4. Forget about spring cleaning. Clean every day, not on a large scale, but in the smallest quantities. Make a list of household chores you need to do. For example, on Monday, you wash your curtains, on Tuesday, sort your wardrobe, on Wednesday get rid of unnecessary things, etc. This cleaning method will significantly reduce the loss of time and effort.

5. Tell spontaneous purchases - no! Learn to make only informed purchases. Do not buy fifth boots, a tenth tube of cream, etc. In order not to make rash purchases, carry a limited amount of money with you.