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25 cool ways to entertain yourself without money


Shopping centers slightly larger than the store near the house have long ceased to be just a place to buy goods - they have transformed into places of leisure for residents of the city. Demand and supply here go hand in hand, changing over the years. The main change that experts observe is that entertainment has ceased to be only childish (if you do not take into account the cinemas to which "all ages are submissive"). Adults are now also ready to entertain.

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Of course, in Russia, as in other countries, the main consumers of entertainment in the shopping center are children, youth, says Marina Gordeeva, head of the department of economic and social development of A101 Group of Companies. But adults pay for them - economically active people aged 25–40 years, and they also want a holiday. “Parents and grandparents no longer want to sit on the bench while the children frolic in the children's center.

New formats are emerging related to entertainment, learning and socialization for adults. People even began to think differently: not “what I will buy”, but “what impressions / emotions / experience I will get there”. “New shopping centers compete in unique concepts, namely“ impressions ”make people spend more time and remain loyal to a particular shopping center,” says Gordeeva.

Skating rinks and slot machines go out of fashion, and zoos lose relevance. The trend includes multifunctional venues for trainings, lectures, objects of the edutainment segment, activity parks, virtual reality attractions, interactive museums and theaters, the expert lists. Bowling is crowded with quests that have gone offline from the online world. “Bowling has never been an end in itself, people came here for a leisurely time in the company of friends, complemented by a visit to the bar,” said Anton Lelyak, head of the rental department of the commercial real estate department of NDV - Real Estate Supermarket. “But as virtual reality technology becomes cheaper, team rides with VR glasses are increasingly appearing.”

An educational component is added to entertainment, this works for both children and adults. As an example of edutainment for children, the head of the rental department of the Mari shopping center, Ksenia Kotikova, calls the Lego Education Center, where master classes in robotics, design and the development of engineering thinking are popular. In "Kidburg", "Masterslavl" in the game, you can test the child's propensity for a particular profession. Vitaliy Lvov, the director general of Promotion Realty marketing agency, refers to educational entertainment for adults on knitting, needlework, and amateur dancing courses.

Pure educational courses are also being opened - mental arithmetic, speed reading, foreign languages, the programs of which are designed for several years, says Olga Letyutina, General Director of the Capital Management Management. Unlike standard entertainment, they are not addictive, they do not bother visitors, which is important for small shopping centers, the audience of which remains practically unchanged and consists mainly of surrounding residents. “Therefore, in the Stolitsa shopping centers we often work with educational concepts, rather than with pure entertainment. A developing school generates traffic in one of the shopping centers, ”says Letyutina.

Family activity parks are popular. Besides the fact that in them children are allowed to do what they are usually not allowed to do - to make noise, to jump - it is also an attempt to solve the problem of the lack of full communication both between parents and children, and between peer children. “In this new format, it turns out to combine full-fledged family leisure (parents here are also allowed to misbehave, slide down the hill with a child or jump on a trampoline), and an active format of entertainment for the child. Operators interact with customers of all ages: a restaurant, a photo studio, entertainment for teens, an area for the smallest. The family gets everything in one place: if you want a birthday - please, if you want to sit in a good restaurant with your family - here too, if you want children to learn something clever - also to us, ”says Pavel Kovsharov, the founder of Zamaniya family adventure parks .

“Often, the tenant has to invest in inseparable improvements to the building, which can reduce the economy of the project. We need ceiling heights from 5.5 m and above (depending on this we can put a rope park, a climbing wall, etc.), a certain load on the floor slab is from 450 kg. There are specific requirements for ventilation, air conditioning (2-3 times more stringent than in an ordinary store), security systems, and location. Finding a suitable place for development is not always easy. But I’m glad that developers are becoming more accommodating, as they begin to understand that centers working on the retailtainment strategy - sell and entertain - attract at least 30% more customers than their traditional competitors. ”

The most promising experts consider entertainment with VR-technologies. There are at least two reasons - this is fashionable and beneficial for the tenant, since virtual reality does not require as much real space as traditional amusement parks (although you can’t call such rooms small either). “The first VR amusement park has already opened in China,” says Ivan Tatarinov, Glincom Commercial Director. “This is safer, because the presence of a virtual reality helmet allows you to abandon real attractions of great height.” Of the relatively new formats in Moscow, the expert notes the opening of the Winstrike Arena in the TsDM on the Lubyanka for e-sports. Illusions such as “house upside down” or “house of a giant” are popular, although for them in shopping centers it can be difficult to choose the premises of the necessary parameters. As a rule, difficulties arise when an existing shopping center attracts entertainment operators to vacant areas. “The success of the tenant will directly depend on getting into the needs of the target audience,” says Letyutina. She considers a more professional approach when an entertainment or edutainment zone is planned at the stage of concept creation, based on research. Then “with proper management, tenants of this segment can achieve high financial performance,” Letyutina said: “In addition, the placement of such a tenant has a positive effect on the traffic and turnover of retailers located in close proximity to it - as a rule, this is catering and goods / services for children". “Accommodation of entertainment tenants for the mall is not directly profitable, but they increase the number of visitors and the time that people spend in the shopping center,” Tatarinov emphasizes.

Many new items require grinding in place and checking the time. Lelyak says that it’s not always possible to guess with the audience: “Quests were conceived for people aged 24 to 30, but attracted a younger group.” He calls the "logical step" the opening of a test project that will allow you to "probe" the audience and see who will be the key customer. “The most active are, as a rule, young people under 24 years of age who are passionate and ready to play the game several times,” Lelyak shares.

Some owners of shopping centers attract one company that can combine several areas under a single brand, says Polina Zhilkina, head of the retail consulting department of the JLL retail space department, while others hand over “parts” to different operators. “Franchises are used, but in most cases, our operators prefer to go to exhibitions in Asia or the USA, study foreign concepts and technologies, and then launch them on the Russian market on their own,” she says.

Where you can go without money

Reading this material, maybe you decided (a) to learn something new for yourself, or maybe you just guy without money or a girl with the same problem. Never mind. In this situation, at least once in a lifetime, each of us found himself. What happens in such situations? That's right: we are discouraged, we wind up a bad mood for ourselves, and in general life seems terrible. But in fact, everything is not so bad.

Where to go when in your pocket "roll ball"? Heck, there are millions of places where your soul will love it. Maybe you don’t experience such euphoria as in a forest glade with growing fly agarics, but really, there are hundreds of places where the soul finds peace, is saturated with the energy of nature, and a bad mood is lifted by hand.

So let's decide on the free entertainment available to everyone (we are just sure that all OFFICEPLANKTON readers will understand what is at stake and will agree with most of the points):

2 Read a book

Inspect your home library, select the book you are interested in, and read it. (One editorial staff member, at the age of 21, discovered N.V. Gogol and began to read all of Gogol’s works. It was during the upcoming New Year. And the employee did not know the contents of “Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka”). If you think that the classic is the same SHIT, then let me convince you. Among the books that are gathering dust on the shelves, something interesting will be found. Do not forget - every book contains human labor. And if the author wrote the work, he wanted to convey something to others. Want to read about sex ?: “The Decameron” - this is your choice, forbidden for consciousness - “Pit” - Kuprin as a gift.

Want to “hit the psychedelic” and feel when the piece “breaks the brain” ?: Gogolevsky “The Nose”, or “Notes of a Madman” - this is so, for example.

Detectives - Sherlock Holmes, love nature and life - Ernest Hemingway, Jack London.

The classics, in truth, are not as terrible as each of us remembered her from the school desk, when they forced Dostoevsky to read Crime and Punishment in the 6th grade.

3 Visit the museum

Look on the Internet what interesting museums are open in the city, choose the one interested and go to it. In our minds lies the matrix that museums are boring. Nothing like this.

There are thousands of interesting museums in the world. You may be surprised, but foreigners who spend a lot of money to come to the museum, which is on the street next to you.

4 Take a walk in parks, squares

Do you know where you can go with a girl without money? That's right - a walk in the parks, squares. Unity with nature, the noise of leaves, the singing of birds is a “free doctor" for the person whom nature has awarded. Sit on the grass, eat a sandwich in nature.

Here's another cool feeling - try walking barefoot on the grass. By the way, most girls will appreciate such a date more than going to the cinema or restaurant. Girls love romantics, and there is nothing more romantic than walking, especially in the evening, under street lights.

6 Write ... anything

Try to write ... anything: thoughts, feelings, problems. Write on paper (from the point of view of psychology - write experiences on paper - proven, calming therapy.) Create a blog or website (there are a lot of free hosting on the Internet). Who knows, but over time, you’ll not just get involved in this, but also earn money. Some are lucky in books, while others are lucky on personal blogs and sites. Often individuals who are not related to the craft of writing keep diaries or blogs. If you don’t know what to write about and nothing comes to mind, write simply “I don’t know what to write, I don’t know what to write” - until the thought itself comes to mind.

7 Ride a bike

If there is no bike, ask your friends. You can rent a bike, but then it will not be considered entertainment without money. As with walks, take a ride in and out of town. Go around the place where you were not. By the way, today, in almost every city, dozens, and sometimes hundreds of people, ride together along the same route.

9 Take care of yourself

Take charge. Get up in the morning and run around the area, pull yourself up on the bar, at least a couple of times. Remember - physical education is health. Do not be lazy to do physical exercises and do not be shy if you can not. "In a healthy body healthy mind". Often, during physical education in stadiums and sports fields, you can also make friends. You may be asked to insure or offer help themselves.

10 Remember the parents of the parents

Call grandparents. Take an interest in how they are doing. Take a visit to them for tea with cookies. Sooner or later, the old people will not be, and temporary lack of money - maybe just the last chance to remember the parents of your parents ?! Whatever the financial situation, anyway - remember relatives. The love and the contribution that your grandmother and grandfather gave you is invaluable in more than one wealth in the world.

11 Volunteering

Never thought of volunteering? You will be surprised (a), but doing good is nice. There are many guys without money or girls, but volunteers work for the benefit of other people, or animals. To do “good deeds” is not difficult, sometimes enough attention, or to devote some time. By the way, assistance programs often pay travel abroad to volunteers, where you can do a good deed, at the same time, and explore the world for free. If volunteering is not yours, you can learn how to become richer thanks to our advice.

13 Call friends

Meet a friend. Call, but do not write in the social network. The main thing is to spend time together. Perhaps there is another person with whom I did not communicate for long (because of a child’s insult). Step over grievances, take the first step. Remember - people are changing. This meeting can be an important event in life. Even if it doesn’t turn out that way, you won’t lose anything, but you can gain.

14 Sports

Play soccer, basketball, or the yard square. In the yard you can always find the boys who play for hours. Or go to the school stadium - adults and children play there constantly in the evenings. As in the case of physical education, do not be shy if you do not know how. Many who do not know how. By the way, here during sports games you can also get useful acquaintances.

15 Go camping

Go camping, albeit solitary - a proven entertainment that does not require money. From a walk in nature you get a lot of pleasure, at the same time and test yourself for strength. Climb the mountain or walk through the woods. This is not forgotten. Find a company to share your emotions with. Take the tents, the guitar, and go in search of adventure.

16 Spend the night on the pier

Spend the night on the pier in the company of your girlfriend or friends. You can even with the homeless people who came there to wash or watch the sunset. There are many places where you can be alone with your thoughts. In general, people are afraid of this. But if you are left face to face with yourself, you will find inside yourself thousands of answers to questions over which you have long been "racking your brains." But if you do not end up on the pier yourself, there will also be an unforgettable time.

17 Meet the Neighbors

Never wanted to meet your neighbors? You can talk to them while walking the dog, or just talking while sitting on a bench. You can even make a small request “You can take a stool for an hour”, after which he will talk and make friends. Perhaps a lonely grandmother or grandfather lives in the stairwell. You have no idea, but your help, which will not become difficult for you, can make life easier for retired neighbors. Ask - do not be shy.

18 Play chess in the yard

Play a chess game with your grandfather from the yard, with a neighbor, or on your smartphone. But better with a living person. In such parties, you can find out from the representative of the "older generation" many interesting Soviet stories. And as in the paragraph above, perhaps you can even help him. You know, old people are often forgotten, but they want to talk with someone, and even teach the younger generation. Show respect and become a friend to them.

20 cook something

Never burned with a desire to cook something? Decide on a future delicacy and - “zombie” your culinary masterpiece in the kitchen. The main thing is not to explode anything. Try to cook some extravagant dish, and secure a signature recipe. Surprise friends, a young man (girl) and relatives. You will get a lot of positive emotions, because everyone loves a tasty meal!

21 Take a video with you and upload it to the Internet

Take the video with you and upload it to YouTube. It is completely free. Everyone has a phone, take the plot from life. It may be a funny case, or you are on a trip, or else where. Do you know how cool it is when someone likes your video, when something that was created by your soul? And if it is beneficial, then all sorts of questions about the meaning of life instantly disappear. Despite the fact that creative activity is hard labor, it is also entertainment that does not require any financial expenses.

22 Explore your city

We do not mean yet another study of the surroundings, but a focused study of the city heritage: the history of your region, what museums there are, what monuments are dedicated to, and what was their merit. This is a damn interesting activity in which you will discover for yourself what you had no idea. And you will have a different attitude to your hometown.

24 Learn something that I have long wanted to know, but there was no time

After all, now is the time, so what's the big deal? Maybe you have long wanted to know what programming is. So what if you are already 40? Подумай для чего хотел бы программировать: для Windows, сайты делать, или игры на смартфон. И изучай. Книгу покупать не обязательно. Полным полно уроков или книг в PDF для скачивания в интернете. Как видишь, бесплатно!

25 Поубирай в комнате, и наконец выкинь ненужное барахло

Мужчины ненавидят убирать! Это в крови. Мы не видим смысла тратить свою энергию на уборку пыли, когда она появится все-равно. Кроме того, это скучно. Вот уже 2 причины, по которым мы не любим убирать. Но порой стоит, а порой и увлекаешься всерьез. So you find in the most secret places empty beer bottles, or something even stronger, a forgotten sock, and you have no idea where the second sock for this pair went, rich deposits of dust, wool, cobwebs. Sometimes money comes across. And all these artifacts are in your room.

It is also worth looking into all the cabinets, cabinets and checking these interior elements for the presence of unnecessary junk, even one that may ever come in handy to you. If you don’t think about it at all, then it’s not necessary!

The girls have a different story. You can’t even tell them about cleaning. But it doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a girl; In addition, it is even fun and exciting. Though not always, but still!