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Triceps exercises: how to pump the triceps at home to a man


Many people do not take into account the importance of triceps, solely caring only for biceps. Triceps are used more often than biceps, so weak triceps of the arms can be a real problem in your life. Triceps are on the other side of the arm relative to the biceps. Triceps are used to straighten your arms from a bent position. Gymnasts should have strong triceps, especially for performing some acrobatic maneuvers. For example, when performing a flask, you will need to spring your arms off the floor to return back to your feet.

Good to know

Observing all the rules below, you will not only make an increase in your muscle mass, but also highlight the triceps muscles and protect your body from injuries.

1. When doing the bench press or push-ups, try to keep your elbows as close to the body as possible, and with exercises such as extending your arms with the barbell lying down, make sure that the elbows do not move apart, since at this time the load is shifted from the triceps on the pectoral muscles, the consequence of which may not be the effectiveness of the exercise.

2. Performing a bench press with a narrow grip lying down, carefully look at the position of the hands: the distance between them should be minimal. Triceps in this case are loaded better. Do not grasp the bar or bar with too narrow a grip: this way you can only hurt the elbow joints and the nearby tendons. Experts have concluded that too narrow a grip is not able to properly load your triceps. The best distance between the elbows is about 20 .. 25 cm.

3. Your preparation of the training program must necessarily include exercises that work out the medial head of the triceps. For this, a reverse grip technique is suitable, although this muscle is of small size, but its training is associated with the development of the elbow joint. If you do extension of arms on the upper block, do the same from time to time, only with a back grip.

4. When training triceps, it is important to consider the angle of your arm. Its position can be directed to the sides (performing extension of the arms down on the upper block), perpendicular to the body (extension of the arms with the bar or bar), or the arms can be above the head (extension of the arms behind the head). In order for your muscles to contract as best as possible, the last exercise mentioned above should always be present in your workout.

5. The training of each part of the body separately, as a rule, begins with certain multi-joint exercises. This is correct, therefore it is necessary to start triceps training not with extension of arms down on the block simulator, but with exercises with a lot of weight, which will load your triceps to the maximum. Light weight training should be carried over to the end of the triceps sets.

Features of triceps training

Honestly, the usual push-ups from the floor can really surprise you. Just pushing up daily, you will not even have time to notice how the lateral head of the triceps will stand out beautifully on your body.

Most triceps exercises are technically more difficult than other muscles. Even the banal bars can easily damage your shoulders or the widest if you are not able to start them. In this article we will discuss how to build triceps and consider the top of various effective exercises that will not only help you achieve your goal, but also protect your health.

1. Dips

  1. Take a ready position on the uneven bars.
  2. Tilt the housing slightly forward.
  3. Perform the exercise in full amplitude.

Think well before doing, as you may pull the ligaments or injure your shoulder. It is not worth falling too low. Stay on top press level. Try to raise yourself exclusively with your hands, and not with the use of inertia from swaying.

2. Hannibal Pushups

  1. Approach any surface (preferably arched: pipe, ladder), which is slightly above the level of your knees.
  2. Put your hands on the surface and take your legs away.
  3. Lean forward under your arms, and then push yourself into the starting position.

At home, doing this triceps exercise will be less convenient, unless you have a Swedish wall. The narrower the grip, the more difficult it is, but you won't be able to arrange it too widely. Keep your arms slightly narrower than your shoulder width. Your legs should only fix you at one point, and not help you rise. The back should be strained all the time so as not to fall or injure itself. This is a technically and physically difficult exercise, but a wave effective for pumping triceps.

3. Standard push ups

  1. Take emphasis lying.
  2. Put your hands shoulder width apart.
  3. Press your elbows to the body as much as possible.
  4. Work at full amplitude for technique, not speed.

One of the best triceps exercises in general. The fact is that almost all types of push-ups work this muscle well. The exercise itself is absolutely uncomplicated and convenient. Always keep your back tense so as not to sag in the lower back.

4. Narrow push-ups

  1. Take emphasis lying.
  2. Put your hands under your chest, close to each other.
  3. Do not put your elbows to the side.
  4. Work at full amplitude.

Make sure you lift your whole body, not just your chest. If it’s difficult to keep control, then lean forward slightly and raise your pelvis. This is one of the easiest ways to pump triceps at home.

5. Back push-ups

  1. Go to any surface, just above your knees.
  2. Sit with your back to him.
  3. Put your hands on the surface, fingers away from you.
  4. Lift your weight with your hands up, without using your legs.

Backward push-ups are a great exercise for triceps at home. Do not use legs to help yourself.

To increase efficiency, you can throw your legs on a hill to increase the amplitude. With increasing amplitude, you can lift yourself not exactly vertically upwards, but slightly diagonally to increase the load on the hands.

6. Press from the horizontal bar

  1. Climb onto the bar using the force exit or a coup lift.
  2. Put your hands a little narrower than the width of your shoulders.
  3. Gently lower yourself to chest level and raise yourself until your arms are straightened.

This exercise may seem difficult, but it works very effectively on the triceps muscles. You can change the load with the grip width, but remember that the wide grip is for the chest.

9. Extension of one arm in an inclination with emphasis on the surface

  1. Go to the bench.
  2. Place your left knee and left hand on it to emphasize.
  3. Your body should be parallel to the bench.
  4. Press the elbow to the hip, and lower the forearm down.
  5. Extend your arm at the elbow, leading it back.

Do not rock your body. The load should lie only on the extensors of your hands, otherwise you will lose effectiveness.

10. French bench press with dumbbells

  1. Take dumbbells and lie on a sofa or bench so that your head is on the edge.
  2. Lift the weight above you, and then gently lower it behind your head.
  3. Do not lower your straight arms, but bend them at your elbows.

Do not lower your arms too low so as not to damage your muscles. Raise and lower dumbbells at the same speed.

You need to train about 3 times a week. Of course, it is advisable to dilute this set of triceps exercises with biceps exercises so as not to clog one muscle.

Between all repetitions, you need to do about a minute of rest: 1 minute or a half.

  • Bars - from 10 to 12.
  • The bench press from the horizontal bar is a difficult exercise, therefore it will be enough and 5 reps.
  • Hannibal Push-ups - from 7 to 10.
  • Standard and narrow push-ups are transitions that create less pressure on the hands due to the use of other muscles, they must be performed 12 to 15 times.
  • Backward push-ups - from 15 to 20.

If you work with heavy dumbbells, then it will be enough to do 5 times per approach, if the weights are small, then 10.

The order of the exercise is unprincipled, however, alternate between different types so as not to overstrain the triceps. For example, pull-ups, dumbbells, push-ups. If you complete the entire set, then one approach is enough, if half the exercises, then do not forget about a few laps.


Triceps is not so difficult to pump even at home, especially with simple push-ups. These exercises are of varying complexity, and will suit any level for the effective development of the triceps muscle. The main thing is not to overstrain, as during such training there is a high risk of stretching the ligaments or injuring the shoulders with the elbow joints. Thus, you can quickly pump triceps at home, but do everything technically, and not at speed.


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