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How to increase self-confidence?


How to increase self-confidence

In a previous article, a list of common obstacles to the goal was given. Since psychological factors are invisible “barriers” of success, when writing this publication, I conducted my research on the topic of “Confidence in myself” as a key factor in success in development intrinsic motivation.

What is Confidence? And why is it so important for personal effectiveness in any area of ​​life: Work, Career, Business, Money, Relations, Self-realization, Creativity.

Here I found a description of this term on one of the public resources:

From this, it can be assumed that there is basic confidence (not affecting the personality itself - beliefs and beliefs) and personal confidence.

Self confidence - a mental state is a belief in oneself and one’s abilities, in one’s talents and abilities and a set of personal beliefs.

What are the benefits of a state of "self-confidence":

In my opinion, a self-confident person confidently expresses his thoughts, feelings and desires.

A confident person knows more what he wants and expresses his requests more boldly.

A confident person is easier to get to know and is often the soul of the company, and a valuable staff for the company.

A confident person is better to learn and receives more bonuses from life.

A confident person has a high self-esteem - his personal “mirror” in which he sees the one whom he accepts or does not accept, depending on the state of his soul.

What are the external signs of uncertainty:

  • Doubts in oneself, in one’s abilities, achievements, talents
  • States of tension, excitement, anxiety, when you need to do something important and responsible
  • Helplessness, despondency, frustration, self-irritation, negative (condemning) attitude towards oneself after an event that caused awkwardness, shame, shame
  • Fear of expressing oneself, expressing one’s emotions and feelings, being in the spotlight
  • Inability or difficulty to say NO to other people
  • Feeling embarrassed when someone praises or thanks
  • Deliberately or unconsciously seeking approval in the form of praise, admiration, awards
  • Comparing and matching yourself with others, acquaintances, colleagues, friends, neighbors
  • Your opinion of yourself directly depends on what others are saying about you
  • Faith is the belief that you are unworthy of what you want
  • Appearance is like a reflection. How much do you like your appearance.
  • Delay and deferment of urgent tasks, laziness, inaction

There is some good news. Comparing two similar states regarding "self-belief", similar words with one root, but with different meanings and directions:

Uncertainty and self-confidence. Behind self-confidence is a mask covering insecurity. Therefore, the recognition of self-doubt is the first step towards resolving this issue.

How to work with uncertainty:

  1. Talking to yourself contrary to the usual algorithm, positive beliefs about yourself - i.e. enter into a confrontation with their usual negative automatic thoughts about themselves.
  2. Understand why and why you stopped believing in yourself. It may be some kind of event, or children's resentment. Or maybe this event is connected with the teenage period, or it leads in recollections to a recent stage in life.
  3. Determine the type of your self-doubt: in what areas of your life this phenomenon manifests itself most intensively, and which significantly spoils your mood, well-being and affects your self-esteem - the mirror of your self-esteem.
  4. Work with uncertainty affects several layers of the psyche, and to find subconscious NEGATIVE beliefs, and even more so to open the pain of the soul, having worked them out independently, will be difficult.

That is why it takes time, patience and the desire to deal with all this.

In this article, I expressed my opinion about the state of "self-doubt." Your point of view may differ from mine, and this is your truth. You are free in your conclusions. In the comments to this article, if you have questions, additions, or your opinion - write. It will be interesting to reflect and expand the area of ​​knowledge on this aspect.

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