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How to convert a gallon to liters


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Volume is a quantitative characteristic of the space occupied by a body, structure or substance.

1 gallon = 4.5461 liters

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History reference

Initially, a gallon arose when determining the volume of eight pounds of wheat. Later, other varieties of volume units appeared, such as a pint. In 1707, America began to use the British wine gallon, which is equal to 231 cubic inches. It was recognized as the main one for measuring liquid substances.. Soon a British dry gallon and an American liquid pint arose. It has become the unit for measuring bulk solids and is called the American Dry Pint.

Reform and unification was approved by the British Parliament about two centuries ago, namely in 1824. As a result, all species were replaced by one unit: the imperial gallon. Ten pounds of distilled waterhaving a temperature of 62 degrees Fahrenheit - this is its real value. This amounts to 277.42 cubic meters. inches.

What is a gallon?

This is a unit of volume of liquid or loose and liquid bodies.. It operates primarily in the United States and Great Britain.

  • American liquid gal is equal to 3,785 liters,
  • English dry gal - 4.5461 l,
  • imperial gal - 4.546099 l,
  • proof gallon is considered a measure of alcohol capacity. In the United States, it is 1.89 liters, while in the UK the same unit is 2.594 liters.

In countries with an English system of measures taken liquid and bulk products to measure this unit.

What other volume units are there?

In Russia, it is customary to measure liquids in liters. A volume equal to one cubic decimeter is a liter. If you take a liter jar of water and weigh, then this liquid will have a mass of about a thousand grams or one kilogram.

A pint is a value derived from a gallon, it's an octopus from a gallon.

Forty-two US gallons make up a barrel of 159 liters. In connection with some tax nuances, another variety arose, called the beer barrel. U.S. citizens are familiar with a standard beer barrel with a size equal to 31 US gallons. If converted to liters, it will be 117.3 liters.

  • the unit of volume for Argentina, equal to 3,785 liters, is called fraco,
  • and in Venezuela, Honduras, Colombia, Peru, and other countries in Latin America, volume is measured in bottels. Moreover, their value is slightly different from each other.

The conclusion suggests itself: gallons, quarts and pints vary, this difference is geographically dependent. That is, in different parts of the world there is a measure of liquids. The imperial measurement system assumes that one gallon is 4.55 liters. The American system of measures indicates that a unit with the same name is 3.79 liters. There is also a quarter, equal to a quarter of a gallon, which will accommodate 1.1 liters, following the American system, for the imperial system the same value will be 1.14 liters.

Pints ​​also vary. An imperial pint in translation to our liters will have a volume equal to 568.2 milliliters, an American pint - 473.2 milliliters.

In perfumes, standard volumes of tubes are used, they are measured in ounces. Typically, a standard tube with liquid cream has a capacity of 8 ounces, which in the metric system will be 235 milliliters.

The imperial ounce is much smaller than the American ounce and makes up 96% of it. After simple calculations, we can say that the imperial ounce contains about 28.4 milliliters of liquid, and in the American ounce - a little more (29.6 milliliters). If you measure this with cutlery well known to us, then you can find out how many spoons are in an American ounce: it will be equal to six teaspoons or two tablespoons.

Canada, Ireland and some other countries use the English version. And, for example, Colombia or Nicaragua measure the amount of fluid according to the American system. There are many other variations of volume measurements. How many gallons does one barrel hold? It is known that it is equal to 37 gallons, this value is equal to one hundred sixty six liters.

How to find body volume

This value is found by displacing the liquid. This method was invented by Archimedes. His famous "Eureka" is familiar to any student. To find the body volume, it must be immersed in a liquid, having previously measured its volume, then a new value should be calculated, knowing the geometry of the vessel and simple formulas. Further, by subtracting two quantities (obtained and known), the desired can be calculated. for example, you need to lower the object into a jar that contains one liter of water, while the liquid level will increase to some value, suppose that the new volume will take two liters, which means that this object has a capacity of one liter.

This method is suitable for calculating the volume of substances or objects that do not absorb liquid. Otherwise, the calculation by a similar method of dates is distortion and will be inaccurate.

From the video you will find out how many quarts, pints or glasses a gallon can hold.

Liters to US Gallons (liquids) table

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Value in different countries

A gallon was originally defined as a volume of 8 pounds of wheat. A pint is a derivative of a gallon - one eighth of it. Later, other gallon varieties were introduced for other products and, accordingly, new options for pints appeared. America adopted the British wine a gallon, defined in 1707 as 231 cubic inches, as the primary measure of fluid volume. The American liquid pint. British was also adopted corn gallon (268.8 cubic inches) as a measure of the volume of bulk solids. From here came the American dry pint. In 1824, the British Parliament replaced all gallon variants with one imperial a gallon, defined as 10 pounds of distilled water at 62 ° F (277.42 cubic inches). [ source not specified 2544 days ]

Value in different countries

American gallon and English gallon are different:

  • American liquid gallon = 3.78541 liters,
  • English gallon = 4.5461 liters.

In the USA, a standard barrel for liquid is 42 US gallons, i.e. 1 American barrel = 42 US gallons = 159 liters = 1/2 hogshead. However, when measuring the volume of beer (due to tax restrictions) in the United States, the so-called standard beer barrel is used, which is equal to 31 American gallons (117.3 liters).

Translation to the metric system:

  • Argentina: 3.80 L
  • United Kingdom
    • imperial or ordinary 4,5461 l
    • proof gallon, for measuring alcohol 2,594 l
    • old, for measuring wine and liquids 3,78533 l
    • loose bodies 4.405 L
  • Cuba 3,785 L
  • USA
    • loose bodies 4.405 L
    • ordinary small, for measuring wine and oil 3,785411784 l
    • proof gallon 1.89 L