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14 ways to remove chewing gum from clothes without a trace


To remove chewing gum, you will need ordinary household products

Chewing gum in the mouth is good, but bad on clothing. Landing on a sticky synthetic polymer in new jeans or getting it in your hair can end in a badly spoiled mood. Irreversible damage to clothing is not yet discussed, although improperly removing chewing gum is fraught with the appearance of spots or stretching of the fibers of the fabric. Specialists and craftsmen claim that gum can be removed completely and without a trace. At the same time, not expensive and inaccessible drugs are used in everyday life, but the most ordinary means, which are almost always at hand.


We fold the soiled clothes so that the chewing gum does not fall between the folds, put it in a plastic bag and send it to the freezer. After 1 hour, take out the package. Carefully clean the hardened gum with any sharp object. Chewing gum may move away from the tissue in one piece, or may begin to crumble. In any case, after such a manipulation, there will be no trace of it.

The second option to get rid of chewing gum is similar to the first, with the only difference being that a voluminous, bulky thing or too dense fabric is not able to fit in a freezer. In this case, it is necessary to attach ice cubes wrapped in a plastic bag to the stained area. After the gum hardens, it is carefully scraped off.

Exposure to household chemicals

The absence of cold should not cause refusal to put things in order. To solve the problem, you can resort to hair care products. So, chewing gum will easily detach from the fabric after treating the stain with regular hair spray. At the same time, it is necessary to spray the substance on both sides of the clothing: front and back.

For the next method of removing chewing gum from clothes, you will need alcohol, vodka or vinegar. Viscous polymer should literally pour one of these solvents, leave it for 3-5 minutes, then carefully separate the chewing gum from the fabric.

It is believed that any household cleaner to remove complex stains, as well as concentrated liquid laundry detergent, will help to get rid of chewing gum without a trace. The principle of operation is similar: we wet the area of ​​the soiled fabric and scrap off the lagging viscous mass.

Iron heating

The following method of removing chewing gum from textile surfaces has proven itself - ironing through paper. The iron is heated to the maximum permissible temperature and, covering a sticky spot with a clean sheet of paper, melt the chewing gum. After 1-2 minutes of ironing, only a wet spot will remain from the gum. It will evaporate in the truest sense of the word.

Chewing gum on the skin

The objects of sticking of chewing gum can be a car interior, furniture, outerwear or shoes. The polymer will adhere tightly to the skin under two conditions: high surface temperature or strong indentation.

If the chewing gum has stuck to the sole or the upper part of the shoe, we act traditionally: we use the freezing method. We place the shoe or shoe in the freezer for 30-60 minutes, after the polymer has hardened, we clean it with a shoe brush.

Here you need to be extremely careful, because freezing can cause deformation of natural material, so the process of hardening of the chewing gum and the condition of the boot should be monitored, that is, check the result every 15-20 minutes.

Should I remind you that ordinary ice cubes in a plastic bag effortlessly replace the effect of the freezer? They will come in handy when contaminating the upholstery of a passenger compartment or a leather chair.

During chewing gum scraping with scissors, a knife or other sharp object, small pieces that are difficult to remove may remain on the treated area. Craftsmen advise to wipe them with foam soap and a damp cloth or soft toothbrush. At the end of the work, the soap is wiped off, and the surface is polished with air conditioning or any other means intended for these purposes.

We clean products from suede

The initial steps to remove chewing gum from shoes or clothing from suede are to freeze it. Ice cubes are applied to the stained area and hardened large particles are scraped off. Areas where the viscous mass is firmly eaten in suede are carefully cleaned with a stationery eraser or fine-grained sandpaper. Instead of an eraser and paper, at the last stage of chewing gum, you can also use special suede cleaning products that are sold in supermarkets.

Remember that delicate suede requires careful handling. In order not to accidentally spoil the appearance of shoes or clothes made of suede, it is better to turn to dry cleaning services.

Chewing gum in hair

In a full-fledged family, there is always a chance to wake up in the morning with chewing gum on his head. Take the time to grab the scissors. There are more loyal ways to remove the corrosive polymer.

Separate the contaminated strand from the rest of the hair, place a cloth or towel under it. Lubricate your fingers with any vegetable oil, distribute it along the entire length of the strand and gently rub into the chewing gum. Pull on the oiled elastic and it will slide off the hair without difficulty. If there is no oil at hand, use petroleum jelly or hand cream. The sequence of actions is the same.

The second method is more time-consuming, but no less effective. Freeze chewing gum with pieces of ice, then break it with your hands. The first time it is impossible to completely remove the pollution, and therefore at the next stage it is necessary to soften the chewing gum with hot water or a hairdryer to make the remains flat. Upon subsequent freezing, thin pieces will be much easier to break and remove.

Tips & Warnings

So that when removing chewing gum from all of the above materials, do not permanently ruin their appearance, you should adhere to these rules:

  • soft chewing gum cannot be cleaned,
  • textile sections that are difficult to apply for ice application or pieces of chewing gum that are too small for scraping are removed with alcohol, vinegar, nail polish remover without acetone, or special means for removing complex stains. Unapproved household chemicals can cause tissue discoloration or fiber damage. Their use is not recommended,
  • natural leather products cannot be treated with solvents or petroleum products. Otherwise, deformation and shading of the material cannot be avoided.

Expensive and delicate things are better not to risk it. Dry clean and live in peace. Specialists will adequately cope with the chewing problem.

Useful Tips

How to remove chewing gum from shoes? Are you worried that your shoes are ruined because you accidentally stepped on chewing gum? Well, that is not necessarily the case. Read on to learn more about how to remove chewing gum from your shoes.

Exposure to high temperatures (4 ways)

Heating methods are not suitable for surfaces with a small pile (suede, carpet, carpet).

  • iron,
  • ironing board / any hard flat surface,
  • cardboard / thick paper,
  • cotton pad / cotton rag,
  • nail polish remover without acetone.

  1. To lay out clothes on an ironing board.
  2. Place cardboard or sheet of paper on adherent chewing gum.
  3. Iron with an iron at medium temperature. Trying to hold with an iron only where chewing gum has stuck.
  4. Most chewing gum will adhere to paper when exposed to heat. The remaining small pieces can be removed by hand.
  5. On a cotton pad, apply a few drops of nail polish remover without acetone and draw it over the remaining white spot. To check the reaction of the fabric, first apply the product on an inconspicuous part of the clothing.

  • very hot water (boiling water is possible),
  • basin
  • a solid object with a length of at least 15-20 cm (ruler, knife, etc.).

  1. Submerge in a bowl of hot water only part of the clothes with adhering chewing gum.
  2. Wait until the sticky mass softens.
  3. Dip the object with a blunt end into the container and pry it.
  4. To clean the chewing gum, softened with boiling water, you need to use gentle movements so as not to smear it throughout the clothes.
  5. Wash the item manually. To dry.

Precautions: apply to fabrics that are recommended to be washed at a temperature of 90 degrees or higher. From too hot water, especially boiling water, the thing may shrink.

We need: a kettle, water, a soft-bristled toothbrush.

  1. Boil water in a kettle.
  2. Bring the soiled part of the clothes to the teapot spout so that steam through the fabric acts on the chewing gum.
  3. Keep over steam until completely softened
  4. Remove the softened mass from the tissue with a toothbrush.

We need: a hairdryer and a toothbrush with soft bristles.

  1. Turn the hair dryer on as hot as possible.
  2. Direct a hot stream of air to the adhering chewing gum and heat it until its adhesive properties are lost.
  3. Separate already softened tissue with a toothbrush.

After removal of chewing gum, tissue stains may remain similar to grease stains. Wipe off greasy stains from clothes with dishwashing gel and other products.

Do not apply the heating method to remove chewing gum from the hair, it can blur along the entire length. Smeared output will be much more difficult.

How and with what can chewing gum be removed from shoes?

Have you ever stepped on chewing gum on the street? If this happened to you, then you know that it is quite unpleasant. In addition, removing chewing gum from the sole of a shoe is not easy. However, not everything is lost, because you still have the hope of saving your favorite pair of shoes. But how to do that?

Here are some common methods to remove chewing gum from the sole:

Tools at hand

Non-standard methods can also clean clothes from adhering chewing gum.

  • Adhesive tape or tape. Stick a small piece of adhesive tape to the stained area and press it firmly to the surface. Pull off a piece of tape with a sharp movement. Repeat. This method is effective if the chewing gum did not have time to penetrate much into the fibers of the tissue.
  • Chew a new chewing gum plate. Roll it into a ball, stick it on adhering to the fabric. Unfasten a fresh lump of chewing gum from adhering to clothing with a sharp movement. Repeat several times. A sticking chewing gum will come off sticking to a fresh one.
  • The window cleaner should be applied to a gummy stain from the chewing gum and scrubbed off the fabric with something hard with an pointed edge. Wash the item in warm water with the addition of powder.
  • Spray hairspray on adhering chewing gum. Wait 3-4 minutes. Remove it with your hands or something hard with a non-sharp end (ruler, plasticine knife, etc.).
  • Pour liquid soap or liquid laundry detergent onto a piece of clothing with adhering chewing gum. Wait 5-7 minutes for the fabric to soak. Scrape off adhering mass.

Use ice to remove chewing gum from the sole.

Yes, you understood correctly, we are talking about the most ordinary ice. In this case, you will not damage the material of the shoe.

All you have to do is fill a large plastic bag with ice cubes, and then put your shoes on top of this plastic bag. It is important that the side of the shoe with chewing gum adhered is in contact with the ice pack.

However, it is important to make sure that none of the ice cubes are in contact with the surface of your shoes. Just such a way to remove chewing gum can wet your shoes. This can be a problem for a certain type of shoe and do more harm than good.
This process may take some time, therefore it is recommended to use a cooler bag to make sure that the ice does not melt before completion. Leave the shoes for a while, then the chewing gum will completely freeze and you can easily remove it.

The problem with this method, however, is that it obviously takes a considerable amount of time to manifest its magic. Therefore, if you have little time, it is recommended to try something else!

To remove chewing gum from the sole, you need to dissolve it.

Why worry about how to remove chewing gum from your shoes if you can just dissolve it? For this purpose you can use lighter fluid. A lighter usually contains gasoline or kerosene. All you have to do is soak a piece of cloth in kerosene and rub it into chewing gum. You will see how chewing gum dissolves. However, due to the combustible properties of gasoline and kerosene, there are a number of precautions that you must follow. The main one is that you need to make sure that the room is well ventilated, considering how easily gasoline can catch fire.

Also, instead of gasoline with kerosene, you can use a nail polish remover.

Soak the cloth in acetone-based nail polish remover, and then rub it into chewing gum. Similar to the results using lighter fluid, you will see that the chewing gum dissolves. However, the use of acetone based nail polish removers should also be followed with caution. Ask why? Just because acetone can ruin certain types of shoes, especially suede. Therefore, be very careful and careful when working with acetone, gasoline and other aggressive substances that can damage your shoes.

Vinegar Removal

  1. Remove large pieces of chewing gum from clothing with your hands.
  2. Pour table vinegar into a small container (you can use a plastic bottle cap).
  3. Dip a toothbrush in it with medium hard bristles and treat it with a sticky gum in a circular motion.
  4. Wait 3-5 minutes to soak the tissue.
  5. Gently pry the chewing gum with a dull, hard object (nail file, ruler, sandwich knife, etc.).
  6. Wash a thing in warm water to get rid of the smell of vinegar.

  • this method should be used with extreme caution for delicate fabrics (silk, chiffon, satin),
  • apply vinegar to chewing gum in a well-ventilated room and preferably wearing a medical mask,
  • remove gum dissolved in vinegar from the fabric with soft movements without strong pressure so as not to damage the integrity of the fabric,
  • Before applying vinegar, check its effect on the fabric in an inconspicuous area of ​​clothing.

The universal remedy WD-40 will also help remove chewing gum from the sole of the shoe.

Given that the WD-40 offers its users more than two thousand applications, it is not surprising that with this tool you can also remove chewing gum from the sole. With the WD-40, this procedure takes only a few minutes.

Handle the chewing gum on the sole well. Leave it on for a while to absorb and show your magic. Avoid getting the WD-40 on the surface of the shoe, as it may damage some surfaces. We are talking about suede and nubuck. When hit on a fabric surface, the WD-40 will leave a greasy mark. You hardly need this, therefore, applying WD-40 directly to the sole of the shoe will be enough.

After you remove the chewing gum, clean the sole of the shoe well so that there are no traces of the WD-40 and ... that's all!
So, the next time you accidentally step on chewing gum, don't be discouraged. After all, now you have a quick solution to how to quickly and safely cope with a problem using the WD-40!

Alcohol or vodka

  1. Moisten a foam sponge well with vodka or alcohol.
  2. Blot the adhering chewing gum with this sponge so that the tissue around it is well saturated.
  3. Separate the chewing gum from the clothes with a nail file, sandwich knife or ruler.
  4. Wash a thing in warm water with the addition of powder to get rid of the smell of vodka.

Limitation of liability

Information on WD-40 application methods presented on the website was provided to the WD-40 manufacturer by end users of the products. These applications have not been directly tested by WD-40. Therefore, they are not a recommendation for use by WD-40. Always follow the instructions for use and take into account the warnings printed on the product packaging.


This method is not suitable for suede and carpet surfaces. But
very good for removing chewing gum from hair. After softening it under the influence of butter, you should use a comb.

To remove from the tissue, proceed as follows:

  1. Cover the material around the adhering chewing gum with polyethylene or a cloth.
  2. Put a small piece of butter on chewing gum. Its size depends on the stained area.
  3. Wait about 2-3 minutes and with a solid object, separate the chewing gum from the tissue.
  4. To remove the remaining white spot, and if the oil gets on the uncontaminated part of the clothing, apply lemon juice.

The choice of methods to remove chewing gum from clothes, even if it is very sticky, is not so limited, and the funds used are available in almost every home. However, giving preference to a particular method, it is necessary to take into account the properties of the fabric and pre-check the reaction of the cleaners on its small inconspicuous area.